Best Heirloom weapon for a Feral druid?

Hey all,

With the introduction of the Burnished Warden Staff Ive been comparing that to the Repurposed Lava Dredger.

Both pretty much identical, with the exception of a few things:

+15 fire resistance
Weapon damage
Weapon speed
Weapon type.

I *think*, but am uncertain, that with this new heirloom the Staff is the best choice between the two since it has higher weapon dmg than the Dredger.

Is my assumption correct?
Kittyclaws have their own, set speed I believe and uses the weapon damage from the weapon you wield right?

I would love to have this confirmed before I spend 3500 JP by the more experienced Druid players out there.

Many thanks in advance.

the weapons have the same dps. therefore it doesnt matter for feral which weapon you take.

the only real difference is fire resistance vs an staff usuable by monks and hunters too.
Alright, I was under the assumption that DPS didnt matter since that is generated by weapon dmg with weapon speed.
Since kittyclaws have their own speedmodifier, weaponspeed doesnt matter, so only the flat dmg a weapon does is important - or so ive been told.

i appreciate your fast feedback, but I would still like to have more responses if possible.
Just to know for certain if my personal assumption is flawed and yours is truly correct.

After browsing up and down I can confirm you are correct and my assumption is indeed, not.

Weapon DPS - Directly scales white damage, Swipe, Ravage, Mangle and Shred. Weapon damage is normalized to 1.0 second attack speed, so weapon speed and damage range are irrelevant - only Weapon DPS matters. Weapon upgrades generally provides us with our largest DPS increase.

Taken from what appears to be a very reliable source.

I found my answer - thanks Agrocantho.

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