[Conflict] Ashes of Draenor - II - It begins!

Argent Dawn
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The second thread of the four week long campaign taking place in Draenor.


Alliance: 10

Horde: 10

An introduction:

The current war on Pandaria has had an adverse affect on everyone and everything that dwells in Azeroth. From those who struggle in the cold winds in the North to the few remaining tribal folk the barren wastelands of Silithus and Tanaris; all have been affected by the continuous, never ending struggle between the two factions bent on total war.

A location can only be drained of resources to a certain point before a new location must be secured. With galleons and frigates being build in extreme amounts by the Alliance dockworkers, with metal being hammered in the fabled mountain city of Ironforge - weapons produced by the thousand per day. Where goblins lurk in their workshops constructing new inventions and siege weaponry for the orcish war machine, where the forsaken bubble and brew and mix and test a whole range of ghastly creations in their abominable 'undercity.' Every member of both Horde and Alliance are required to do their part in the war.

A new problem has arisen, however. The resources begin to wear thin, with the great second sundering destroying forests and mines by the dozen, a new source must be found at some point, surely.

An idea circulates in both Horde Councils and Alliance Summits, of the use of the now desolate land beyond the Dark Portal. Forests where trees grow in abundance, magical mines where pure metal is found, to expansive lakes full of crystal to marshlands with oil at the plenty. The planet which was once under such threat from opposing forces will now once more become a land with war on all corners. From the ragged peaks of Blade's Edge to the green lands of Nagrand and to the demonic region where the Black Temple once defiled; the land will be scavenged for any possible resources that can aid in the eventual victory over the opposing faction. All available units will be requested to support this mission, if they are not currently serving in Pandaria.

The veins of the land which was once a place of so much turmoil will coarse with blood again, as war and conquest returns to Draenor.

Salutations, after the excitement for a campaign set in Draenor following the post of a previous thread, I am proud to present you the result: The Ashes of Draenor Campaign!

1a. WHAT?
Set place in Outland, 'Ashes of Draenor' is a campaign set over around four-six weeks. The main idea of the campaign is to promote roleplay between guilds, and encourage tactial thinking in a somewhat realistic scenario. Like the Borderlands Campaign, the Ashes of Draenor campaign will run under a set of rules which will you will be informed of shortly.

1b. WHY?
Draenor, having been abandoned entirely with threats such as the Lich King, Deathwing, and the new content of Pandaria has been left alone for years now. No conflict has taken place there, save for the few minor skirmishes between intrepid adventurers and 'free companies' alike. With the war in Pandaria heating up, the Horde and the Alliance High Commands sends all companies and warbands currently not serving actively in Pandaria to head to the barren planet of Draenor to secure the land's remaining resources.

A resource campaign, if you like.

1c. HOW?
To secure 'victory' in the campaign would mean that the resources have been 'secured' and successfuly retrieved, with a possible hinderence to the opposition's forces. Participation in the campaign does require you to recognise that one team WILL win, and remember some sportsmanship and dignity even if you do lose. We don't want tears and tantrums now, do we? It's a known fact that even magic beer can't mend the shattered heart of one who fails to accept defeat.

1d. VICTORY, you say?
To achieve glorious victory and riches beyond your imagination one faction must acquire a total of 100 VICTORY POINTS.

Starting on 0 victory points, the guilds must earn them to win, as noted. These are gained through MISSIONS (you'll see about that later, if you don't already know) and can be lost through various means. Some of these means are: unexpected circumstances, repetetive failure of a mission, hinderence of supplies from a certain mission, and even victory of a mission (in some occasions).

Missions are dungeon mastered events that have some sort of objective. The entire outcome of the mission will be based on two things: the participant's choices, and, primarily, the rolling system. Consequences such as an INJURY are given out if some players low particularly low, and there will be a certain threshhold that the players have to roll on average to complete the missions. Some missions award more victory points, and these missions are generally the more trickier to complete, with a higher average required roll to succeed.

Bonus missions are possible.

Due to my own convinience (and of the other storytellers, when they're appointed or come forth to apply) missions will be played out on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS.

Consult the upcoming LIST OF MISSIONS node to see what you could be doing!

1g. TURNS.
Each week will essentially become a 'turn' for the UNIT. They will have the opportunity to MOVE ONE ZONE as well as taking a MISSION. To verify each turn the unit will have to send a DEPLOYMENT REPORT. (see section 2.)

Each week, a unit will have the option to move. Units can move up to a maximum of one zone, and no more. A mission can also be taken in the region moving into.
For example, a unit could move from Shadowmoon Valley into Terokkar Forest, but not into Nagrand. They could also take the mission 'Assisting the Arakkoa' - present in Terokkar.

1i. A TURN
It's a somewhat technical way that the campaign works, so I'll conclude the main points here:
THE WEEKS BEFORE THE CAMPAIGN: Units sign up and declare a place they will be deployed.(see 2.) This can be done by contacting me or posting in the thread.
Units will begin to filter into their respective deployment zones.
The Campaign will begin on MONDAY 28TH JANUARY - Units will be required to send a deployment report stating where they wish to move to, and what mission they will take before 22.00 on SUNDAY 27TH JANUARY.
The first week of the campaign commences: Missions take place, victory points are earned and/or (possibly) lost.
Before the end of the week (the Sunday) units send their deployment reports in once more, and then the second week commences.

Elementary, right?
This section will address the PARTICIPANTS of the Campaign.

2a. UNITS.
Signing up is really easy. You simply have to contact me (via the thread, mail, or whisper in game) and I'll put your name down! Each guild (or group of members) will become a 'UNIT' for the A.O.D. campaign.

Unlike the Borderlands Campaign, there are NO UNIT TYPES OR SUPPLIES.

Every SUNDAY, (before 10.30pm server time), each guild will have to submit a DEPLOYMENT REPORT. This report should look as follows:

Unit name: The Diamond Fist (Anvilmar Iron Brigade)
Current Location: Wildhammer Stronghold
Moving to: Allerian Stronghold
Mission taking: 'Assisting the Arakkoa'

Due to the very nature of the Campaign, it's tricky to shoehorn neutral guilds into an event focused on the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. I'm afraid there's only the opportunity for roleplay, and no missions or practical elements available.

While the Campaign is all about units, individuals still matter! All are welcome to join in the roleplay and head to the various newly-made, temporary 'hubs.' Also, they are able to join an already created unit as a temporary member. The unit needs to include this in their deployment report, note.

2e. It's YOUR campaign, too.
Myself and the other storytellers cannot provide you, the participants will all the roleplay. The primary focus of the events are the Victory Points, and the main roleplay comes from the preparation and aftermath of the event.

You are encouraged to CREATE YOUR OWN EVENTS, too. Please, do not complain about it being boring if you're not willing to meet in middle ground by providing YOUR OWN roleplay. I cannot stress this enough, hence the capital letters and fancy utilisation of underlining and boldness.

--- REMOVED --

To win the campaign, some sense of strategy will have to be employed. To do this, you'll have to be speaking to other units (on your side, of course) to discuss what each unit is thinking of doing and what would be more beneficial for the benefit of the Faction! I would also encourage things like weekly councils or summits between units both during and prior to the campaign.

2h. Have fun!
We wouldn't be roleplaying if we didn't enjoy it. The main idea about the campaign is to have fun, so enjoy it!


Anvilmar Iron Brigade - Brigadier-General Grannd Thunderbraid - Honor Hold
Stormwind Infantry - Captain Arthedun Averheim - Honor Hold
Unit Fourteen - Knight-Captain Dargeus Wal (Santern) - Honor Hold
The Ashenleaf Offensive - Captain Kayris Wintermist - Sylvanaar
Third Strike Company - Captain Blackravèn - Honor Hold
The Iron Hawk Command - Knight-Captain Akrus Torvan - Honor Hold
Eclipse Vanguard - Tellenia Andersson - Honor Hold
The Northern Bastion (with Northern Watch - Lord Christopher Thondrim - Honor Hold
Onyx Vanguard - High Constable Testaros Silvertouch - Honor Hold
Darnassian Conclave - Warden Captain Kemos Moonshadow - Sylvanaar
G.T.U. - Grand Tinker Cogster Cogspin - Honor Hold
The Free Company - Raven - Honor Hold
The Steelfists - Sergeant Major Alarík Steelgut - Honor Hold
Triumvirate of Oros - Harbinger Khónsu - Temple of Telhamat
Crusaders of Turalyon - Commander Yazoo Blacklake - Honor Hold
The Western Flame - Grand Mistress Salindre Forgen - Honor Hold
Arathi Honour Guard - Earl Cathán Felian - Honor Hold
The Quillfeather Wilderstone Academy - Headmaster Drowon Quillfeather - Honor Hold
Lordaeron's Resolve - Ateltion G. Lask - Honor Hold
Royal Loreseeking Society of Ironforge (Twilight Hammer)- Feranos Nottheim - Honor Hold
Lakeshire Foot Regiment - Sergeant Marcus Lutorius - Honor Hold

The Sovereign Guard - Marshal Jaccon Wright - Thrallmar
Ashborne Vanguard - Commander 'Bluyth' Dawnrunner - Falcon Watch
Reavers of Wolfbane - Warlord Razkul Wolfbane - Mok'nathal Village
The Bloodied Talons - Arrisian Bloodborn - Falcon Watch
The Sanguine Eye - Overseer Tal'enthiel Sunshard - Falcon Watch
The Ashtalon Conclave - Executor Edwich Alderman - Thrallmar
The Crimson Concord - Arbiter Saphitia Sunfeather - Falcon Watch
The 23rd Division (Blood Knight Guard) - Knight-Lady Amythia Ashfall - Falcon Watch
Bloodbound Reapers - Sarekaena Lore'Farel - Thrallmar
The Collective - Lord Belanaris Starfall - Falcon Watch
Sun Thieves -Thalerin - Falcon Watch
The Stalwart Gauntlet Expedition - Miltall Voidheart - Thrallmar
Farstriders Ashes - Lord Kaltaroth Truestrike - Falcon Watch
The Hand of Agony - Grand Apothecary Akru Deathblade - Thrallmar
Mok'lohn Command - Horgram - Thrallmar
Huo Shao'din - Shodo-pan Sanjo Brewclaw - Thrallmar
Loa Atal Ai - Jin Marca'zhu - Mok'nathal Village
The Ashen Company - Commander Arindir Firebrow - Falcon Watch
Gearfist IBS - Hoisil Cogzwhirl - Thrallmar
Circle of the Ashanndi - Lady Sylmarien Ilthoriel - Thrallmar
The Blackguard- Gillawyn Halfear - Thrallmar
Sunblade Sovereignty -Warden Centurion Melthyra L. Sunblade - Falcon Watch
The Dawnherald Order - Aurothir Phoenixborne - Falcon Watch

Other Guilds
The Dowager's Promise - Alliance trading company.
Light's Verdict - Acting as the Infirmary.
The Ermine Mantle - Acting as part of the chain of command.


-Grelind (Leading Storyteller and organiser.)


Orras/Safli (possible storyteller and idea generator)
Rakthoras (reserve storyteller and helper)


Date decided on:

Monday 28th January, 2013.


(All races): Honor Hold
(Night Elves and worgen): Sylvanaar
(Draenei): Temple of Telhamat

(All races): Thrallmar
(Orcs, trolls and goblins): Mok'nathal Village
(Blood Elves): Falcon Watch

Useful links:
Argent Archives Event: http://www.argentarchives.org/node/122098
Mission List: SEE NEXT POST
Old thread: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5940064084

All my thanks to Waywatcher, for allowing me to use his already created template, used for the Borderlands!


January 16th - Alliance Officer's Muster

January 24th - Alliance march from Lakeshire to Nethergarde Keep - 19.00 gathering.

January 25th - Alliance march through the Dark Portal - 19.00 gathering.

January 27th - All deployment reports required before 22.00 (server time).

January 28th - The first day of the Campaign officially kicks off.

January 29th - First day of missions, guilds will be notified of their missions beforehand.

January 31st - Second day of missions for week 1, " "

February 2nd - Deployment reports required before 22.00 (server time) for Week 2's actions.

February 3rd - Week 3 commences.

So on and so forth.


ONGOING PLOT THROUGHOUT HELLFIRE: The Peninsula was once rife with demon activity, and still, various pit lords and other favoured demons of the Legion lurk in the region, or so it is believed; their hunger to pour hordes back through the Dark Portal unending.

Each week, a rain of infernals is possible over the whole of Hellfire Peninsula. When taking missions, an initial roll will have to be taken by each unit. If luck is against them, then the units could face another obstacle in their mission.

If less than 35 in these rolls, the average threshhold roll will be increased by 5.

N 'Finder's Keepers'
During the war on Outland, King Magni ordered a dozen grand steam engines built to be used against the Black Temple and other various strongholds. These engines never made it past prototype stage, though, and they currently remain unused in the remnants of the Peninsula. Each faction has the opportunity to escort a platoon of engineers that will attempt to start up these engines.

Boon: +10 Victory Points, and the opposing faction cannot take the mission 'Looting the fallen' or 'Under Thrallmar' due to the positioning of the siege weaponry, until the weaponry is retaken.
Bane: If unsuccessful, it cannot be retaken again by EITHER faction.

A 'Looting the fallen'
The war on Draenor caused many casualties, on every side. Some of these casualties were more tragic than others, however. The tale of the Expedition Armoury is one of the more tragic tales. After being slain and having to haunt the armoury, many were put to rest. Yet some, namely the more stronger willed of the forces, were left in unrest. These poor souls still haunt the Armoury, and have prohibited either side from retrieving the hefty supply of arms that has remained untouched and unbroken in the vaults.

However, the Alliance forgets that there are no supplies in the Armoury in the open, but there have been secret deposits and stashes of weapons, created shortly before the unfortunate events of the Armoury.

Boon: The Alliance gains access to the supplies in the Armoury. +10 victory points.
Bane: None.

H 'Under Thrallmar'
Rumours circulate around Thrallmar, that the mines beneath the fortress lays dormant. For good reason, as those who lurk in the inn believe that strange magical portals keep appearing in the mines. These are no ordinary portals, though. For instead of creating a waygate to another destination, they create objects and creatures from the minds of anything present. If you have recently been thinking of a fish, a fish will appear. But then an odd occurance will happen and the fish will likely turn hostile - which is the main problem within the mines. It is said that the foreman of the mines requires the tunnel rich in fel iron be cleared of the portals and the source eliminated before the Horde can continue extracting this precious ore.

Boon: The mines are restored, +10 Victory Points.
Bane: The portals worsen, making the mission more difficult next time it is attempted.

A 'Spirit of Lastraxion'
During the Second War, many dragons were used by the orcish Horde. Many were killed, but their remains were never disposed of. The Horde happens to have located the remains of Lastraxion, a powerful red dragon (so it is believed, at least) who dared to venture through the Dark Portal. The Warchief has demanded that the dragon, in the great fissure, be reanimated, providing a powerful undead beast to rain havoc upon Honor Hold. The Horde must not be allowed to reanimate Lastraxion. The gryphon wing and stables are at the unit's disposal should they desire it.

Boon: The Horde are stopped, providing +10 victory points.
Bane: Lastraxion gets closer to reanimation, giving the Horde spellcasters reanimating the dragon increased potency for their spells, making the mission more difficult the next time attempted.

N 'Maggorath'
A Pit Lord Commander has taken refuge in the fel orcish settlement of Zeth'gor, using the remaining fel orcs to fuel his obsession with gaining through the Dark Portal. It is favourable for both the Horde and the Alliance to put an end to Maggorath and his foul demon lieutenants. In addition to his presence, these lieutenants have begun the crafting of fel canons and other foul contraptions, managing to sustain a barrier around the main stronghold - where Maggorath lies. Slay his lieutenants, then slay him.

Boon: +10 victory points.
Bane: None.

H 'Defending the Mag'har!'
One of the spiritual guides of the Mag'har clan, Elder Rok'nak, has requested the immediate aid of whatever Horde forces there are in the region. He declares that they have been suffering from a series of attacks from abominations caused by the Pools of Aggonar. If the Horde doesn't give aid in some way, the village will fall!

Boon: The attacks stop, providing +10 victory points.
Bane: The attacks worsen, proving the mission more difficult the next time attempted.


ONGOING PLOTLINE throughout Zangarmarsh:

Recently, the spores and funguses of Zangarmarsh have become more volatile. They have developed into spores that latch onto any life that they can, causing a dire problem for our units. These spores create a terrible itch, and the more it is itched at, the worser it gets, to the extent where the skin cracks and breaks, causing bleeding and the appearance of these strange mushrooms. These mushrooms then spontaneously explode creating more spores, and as a result of this, infections are

If a unit is infected by the 'feral fungus' - as it is now dubbed by the Royal Apothecary Society - then they will be hindered by having the threshold roll for the completion of missions increased by 5. In addition to this, if they enter a camp where units are present without the infection, then the camp should be treated as if it was Zangarmarsh, where the units have to roll to avoid having the fungus spread to their unit.

The roll: 35+ and the unit avoids catching 'feral fungus.'

H 'Shakiriki's Promise'
The trolls of Zangarmarsh have been contacted by a lesser loa God, Shakiriki, the loa of sharks, states one of the witch doctors of the trollish settlement.. He claims that the ring of one of his mates was stolen long ago. If the Horde brings the ceremonial ring back, he will provide them with his children, half shark, half trollish beings.

Boon: +10 Victory Points.
Bane: -5 Victory Points.

A 'Telredor's Plea'
An urgent message comes from Telredor: it is under attack! The 'mushroom fortress' of Zangarmarsh is being assaulted aerially, with trollish batriders, forsaken blight-catapults, orcish windriders and sin'dorei dragonhawk riders! Commander Tavuun there states he has an ingenious idea to keep Telredor safe, though. Report to him as soon as possible before casulties occur, and structures are damaged!

Boon: 'The Sporelings' is available for the Alliance to take, and Telredor is defended, providing +10 victory points.
Bane: Telredor has a major blow as the Horde continues the siege unbroken. -5 victory points, and 'The Sporelings' remain still unavailable!

A 'The Sporelings'
The sporelings of Zangarmarsh have always been peaceful people. However, an even darker time for their race has befallen them, as the Horde have begun slaving them to meet the demands of Garrosh. It is the duty of the Alliance to prevent the Horde from slaving these creatures. (There might be some gold and mushrooms in it for us, too.)

Boon: The Sporelings are saved, and they provide the Alliance with a hefty supply of mushrooms, gold, and sporecaps. Huzzah, +10 victory points!
Bane: The Horde continues to use the sporelings for slavery as that supply of mushrooms grows further away. (No Bane.)

H 'What the Warchief wants, the Warchief gets.'
Deep in Zangarmarsh, in a place known as 'the Spawning Glen' are the creatures that carried out a long conflict against the sporelings of the region. They are the Fungal Giants, and the Warchief has demanded that their 'spawning tree' or whatever they grow from is retrieved so that they may be used for war against the Alliance and their precious sporelings.

Boon: Said 'thing' is retrieved, providing the Horde with at least one Fungal Giant. +10 Victory Points!
Bane: If failed, the fungal giants (in their stupidity, if you like) still aren't aware of what the Horde are trying to do. (No Bane.)
Terokkar Forest

H11 'Firewing Point's Secret'
Firewing Point, a Sunfury hold, has become somewhat of a refuge for some of what remains of the blood elves loyal to Kael'thas still. Unknown about his demise, they continue their mission. However, a most fruitful occasion has occured, as the Sunfurys have somehow come across a 'lesser' mana bomb. Perhaps, if the odds are in the favour of the sin'dorei, the mana bomb can be secured... and then used against the Alliance's forces within the region.

Boon: +5 Victory Points.
Bane: None.

A12 'Assisting the Arakkoa'
The Horde have attempted to slay the Arakkoa whom we have been trying to ally with for months! Luckily, they have failed. But, we must reinforce them and create stability for their way of life! The Horde Commander responsible for the attempted genocide must be slain! Kill General Cliffgrin! Ally the remaining Arakkoa, and use them to defend Allerian Stronghold from the Horde!

Boon: +5 victory points.
Bane: None.

N13 'Securing Tuurem'
Possibly the most fought over place in Draenor currently, Tuurem, lies in Terokkar forest. Both factions use the once broken-one village as a trade route, as supplies travel to Stonebreaker and Allerian directly from Thrallmar and Honor Hold. If it is taken, the faction controlling it has the capability of laying siege to the opposing Hold!

Boon: 'Breaking Stonebreaker' or 'Sieging Allerian Stronghold' +5 Victory Points.
Bane: The Alliance are more likely to complete this mission upon the failure of the Horde.
Additional Information: This mission can be retaken at any time. In fact, if forces from outside the besieged Hold secure it, the siege is broken!

A14 'Breaking Stonebreaker'
Upon securing Tuurem, the Alliance can lay siege to Stonebreaker Hold!

Boon: The Alliance begins a siege upon Stonebreaker Hold. +10 Victory Points for each week the siege remains unbroken, and Horde units within Stonebreaker cannot move or take any missions. However, they can send messages to their fellow units around Outland for aid.
Bane: There is no Bane to this mission.
Additional Information: This mission cannot be failed or lost, and is, in essence, a 'Boon' of 'Securing Tuurem.' However, this mission can be stopped if the Horde gains control of Tuurem, but units not held down by the siege must complete 'Securing Tuurem' in their stead.

H15 'Sieging Allerian Stronghold'
Upon securing Tuurem, the Horde can lay siege to Allerian Stronghold!

Boon: The Horde begins a siege upon Stonebreaker Hold. +10 Victory Points for each week the siege remains unbroken, and Alliance units within Allerian cannot move or take any missions. However, they can send messages to their fellow units around Outland for aid.
Bane: There is no Bane to this mission.
Additional Information: This mission cannot be failed or lost, and is, in essence, a 'Boon' of 'Securing Tuurem.' However, this mission can be stopped if the Alliance gains control of Tuurem, but units not held down by the siege must complete 'Securing Tuurem' in their stead.

Shadowmoon Valley

H16 'Saving Shadowmoon Village'
With some of the Horde forces off plundering Nagrand and the surrounding areas of Terokkar, and with the majority of Shadowmoon's Vanguard besieging the stronghold of the Wildhammer Dwarves, Shadowmoon Village has been left defenseless. Assistance has been sent from Allerian Hold by Lieutenant Gravelhammer, and they currently besiege Shadowmoon Village - instead of destroying the Horde siege, seemingly! Assistance is required from units in the region of Terokkar that can spare their grunts.

Boon: +10 Victory Points.
Bane: None.
Additional Information: Units cannot be deployed into Shadowmoon Village in the same week as taking this mission - they must remain in Terokkar until the mission is completed (regardless of success or not), where they then automatically are stationed in Shadowmoon Village.

A17 'Wild, wild, Wildhammer'
A large proportion of the Horde forces from Stonebreaker and Shadowmoon Village have amassed, and have begun besieging Wildhammer Hold. While the forces garrisoned in the Stronghold are holding their own, it's not long before their rations run out. A force has been rapidly deployed from Ironforge, consisting of one steam tank, a squad of Wildhammer gryphon riders, and a Dark Iron Golem. The units participating in this mission will be in charge of the force - leaving it entirely up to them how the siege is broken.

Boon: +10 Victory Points.
Bane: None.
Additional Information: Units cannot be deployed to Shadowmoon Village in the same week as taking this mission - they must remain in Terokkar until the mission is completed (regardless of success or not), where they then automatically are stationed in Wildhammer Stronghold.

Blade's Edge Mountains.

H18 'Sylvanaar in flames!'
The Night Elven basecamp located in the forest across the chasm never really proved to be much of a nuisance. Until now, that is. They have been recently launching hippogryph mounted attacks on Thunderlord Stronghold and Mok'nathal Village. The Overlord demands that the only way forward is to set fire to their sacred forest! Burn it, burn it to the ground! And take those troublesome giant walking trees with it, too!

Boon: +10 Victory Points.
Bane: None.

A19 'Damsel's in Distress!'
Commander Jennifer Damsel, an envoy to Stormwind and deemed a figure of importance within Honor Hold has recently gone missing along with her entourage whilst supposedly visiting her elven allies in Sylvanaar.. This is worsened by rumours that the Horde have been trying to ally themselves with the Ogres of the region, much like they did with those of Brackenwall. Alliance units in the region are requested to find Commander Damsel and, if they can, put an end to the Horde talks with the Ogres.

Boon: +5 Victory Points or +10 Victory Points, dependent on the choices of the participants.
Bane: None.

H20 'Breaking the Blockade'
The Horde forces based in Mok'nathal haven't recieved their latest shipment of wares from Area 52. They're without rope, ammunition and scrap metal to be used in the siege weapons of the war machine. One of the Horde scouts believes that the Alliance have set up a blockade to the north, preventing trade carts from Area 52 from reaching the village - hence the lack of supplies. Head north, break the blockade, and smash some Alliance skulls!

Boon: Depends on the participant's choices: +5 Victory Points or +10 Victory Points.
Bane: None.

A21 'On a Blade's Edge'
Despite the current success of the blockade, the Horde forces still manage to send contingencies of orcish raiding parties out through the mountains. A number of these parties have been directed to Toshley's station - now under command of gnomish engineering whiz Gerald Loosebulb. Toshley's station has been declared in a state of lockdown, with multiple horde forces surrounding the mechanical encampment. With demolishers, batriders, and the fiercesome Mok'nathal warriors on their way - it's only a matter of time before the Station falls.

Boon: +10 Victory Points.
Bane: None.
This is looking very good so far! Ah, I do love the experience of seeing something polished and renewed.
A heads up for those among the campaigning Alliance forces, there is an "Officer's Muster" planning event come the middle of next month, when you sign up I will endevour to get in to contact with you on Warcraft and invite you to the in-game calender event.

If you are uncertain about your schedule for next month I recommend keeping a trusted subordinate in mind that can filter in to your position, there is also a schedule for the discussion.

For the King!
This sounds very interesting! I am sure I will be there with my Blood Mage :)
Orras is to speak with the Triumvirate of Oros about possible involvement in this.
Sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I will certainly bring the Ashen Company along if you would add us to the Horde list.
The Gnomish Tinkers Union will be here to provide their superior engineering, logistical and explosives expertise to the Alliance war effort.

Unit Name: G.T.U.
Leader: Grand Tinker Cogster Cogspin
Deployment: Honor Hold
The city of Darnassus will be sending a Strike force to assist with the campaign, lead by there Wardens with a backing of Enclave Druids and Worgen pack members, aswell as an entourage of support staff to assist the war effort

Unit name: Darnassian Conclave
Leader:Warden Captain Kemos Moonshadow
Deployment: Sylvanaar
Two more excellent guilds have joined the event, and neither of them are human.

This is...bootiful.

Hm, I think I'll talk to the Huo Shaodin about possibly joining this, this campaign does seem to lack a certain Pandaren energy.
Most fair day,

The Northern Bastion was already added to the list of participating Alliance units, - Which is good.
The Northern Bastion and the Northern Watch (Commander Glennah Gallagher) will work together in this Campaign and serve as ONE united unit, still going by the name : The Northern Bastion, though and instructed by Lord Christopher Thondrim. -- The Northern Watch will temporarily change their tabard into ours, during the Campaign.
This would make :

Unit : The Northern Bastion (The Northern Bastion + The Northern Watch).

Unit leader : Lord Christopher Thondrim.

Deployment : Honor Hold.


-- Question : Are the RP/PVP 'rules' already made? - Such as : Max. amount of health, - Max. damage per second of weapons... - Amount of seconds between abilities, or no abilities at all... etc etc?
16/12/2012 15:25Posted by Gaufrid
-- Question : Are the RP/PVP 'rules' already made? - Such as : Max. amount of health, - Max. damage per second of weapons... - Amount of seconds between abilities, or no abilities at all... etc etc?

Last time I checked, that is for attendees to decide.
16/12/2012 15:25Posted by Gaufrid
-- Question : Are the RP/PVP 'rules' already made? - Such as : Max. amount of health, - Max. damage per second of weapons... - Amount of seconds between abilities, or no abilities at all... etc etc?

That's for the participants to solve themselves; Grelind isn't arranging the RP-PvP, so it's between GMs to decide on what's fair and so on.
Might as well put a note down well in advance that we're going to be hoping for some chances for unrestricted rule-less RP-PvP with any willing horde players/units, in case anyone else is considering that.

edit: Alliance units too. There's not exactly a lot of us so we're cool for teaming up if it means we can do some all-out fights.
Would be interesting to hear about the rule set behind the RP-PvP, maybe as Kayris is suggesting guilds that want to go all out on one another should be welcomed to arrange it among themselves, perhaps something standardized for the rest of us.
Why should there be a standard? That only makes it more complicated for everyone involved. It's better to just organise it individually and make sure it suits the intended scenario - and it certainly is a better way to avoid drama - even if it's a little extra work.
I've always wanted to test small scale 'all-out' battles with everyone mogged to standard level 60 PvP gear or so, it'd be unbalanced but I don't know of anything PvP or RP-PvP related in this game that is balanced. However, this isn't the place to discuss it; the campaign looks good and it's nice to see Outlands being brought back to life, I'll sure try to get a character in on it!

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