29th December 2012 Connect Issues Summary (read first)

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I'm sick of all these new threads being made about it. So I'm making one with a summary so people don't need to search or flood the forums. This is an unofficial thread of most of the official and unofficial information so far.

I'd like to ask the forum moderators lock this thread to stop people spamming or flooding it.

If you cannot connect to the servers, this MAY be the problem...

Right, for those of you who do not want to search through about 400 pages of idiot moaning on the main thread about this issue:

1.) A problem occurred on the night between the 28th-29th of December 2012 where individuals all of a sudden kept losing connection. This was followed by a complete connection failure.

2.) The problem has been described as an inability to access azeroth/outlands (or the main gaming worlds) itself but people possess the ability to log on to the character selection screen. Most people have reported they choose their character, try to get into the gaming world and the loading screen halts at 90%.

3.) Blizzard have said this is an external issue of which they are co-ordinating with the relevant people to resolve this. This comment is, somewhat, true. Blizzard do not host the world servers internally, but with a separate company. From what I can tell, when you connect to the game, you initially connect to blizzard who verifies you and you go through to a character selection (or accounts) server. After you have chosen your character and realm, you are then connected to the main games servers that are hosted externally by a separate company (perhaps in a different country). Blizzard does this to reduce costs (which is understandable... imagine if everyone decided to quit the game one month. Blizzard would be in trouble if it weren't for actions such as low month costs).

4.) One user has reported the possibility that there are internet connection issues in several areas of Europe (mainly Eastern Europe) according to a "Internet Status" Website which monitors active servers on the internet. This may be part of the problem and would definitely be out of Blizzard's control.

5.) Overall, it is accepted that connecting to the externally run servers is the issue (hosted by the company telia.net) as proven by a pingback to their servers which several players have attempted. All Blizzard really can do is sit back and monitor what is going on. They are doing everything they can so please appreciate it and maintain your respect for Blizzard! Their technicians are not at fault for this!


Other information & compensation

A.) You only pay about 25p/30c a DAY for using WoW. Due to the small amount of money involved so far, you are unlikely to be compensated for the loss.

B.) Sending tickets or emails to Blizzard asking what is wrong will not work as they are keeping us updated on these forums on a "Sticky" Thread at the top of the technical support forums.


What can you do?

i.) Accept it:- Things happen like this in life, do not get worked up over it but just accept it has happened and will eventually be resolved

ii.) Keep Updated:- Check the forums on the hour and attempt to log on once every 30 minutes-1hour. Keep yourself updated.

iii.) Find an Alternative:- If you need a WoW fix, try youtube videos or going onto the US WoW servers. Why not clean and tidy your room/desk? Exercise? Eat, shower or do something to look after yourself and your environment. DO NOT SIT AND DWELL OVER IT, STAY BUSY AND THE TIME WILL FLY BY MUCH QUICKER.

Feel free to read the other areas of these forums, trade with users on your server for items and discuss tactics or techniques for Raids or BGs.

I'll see you on Ragnaros once they're back up :)
loved it :)
Excellent, helpful post.
So very helpful, thank you for putting this up here. Just the summary I was looking for.
Thanks for the info, at least someone is being useful!:)
I agree, just take the time to do something else. It IS a Saturday, which is a weekend for most people AFAIK. (some regions have different weekends, FYI)

I wanted to leave this lab report I had for later, but I guess I'll just work on it now...
It's nice you took time to write this, but let's be honest here. This is going to do anything. We'll still see another 500 posts about this before it gets fixed. The amount of stupid people on these forums is insane.
Sticky please! :-)
You are the man bro, good job
The OP asked us not to spam this thread with qq, so let's ignore it and spam it with thanks instead.
At last, a sensible post. You, my friend, are a STAR.
can't explain how helpful this post is... you, sir, deserve a medal!
Thanks m8
server back up - get online
Soo... we need to wait couple days until we can play?
I'm sick of all these new threads being made about it.... Their technicians are not at fault for this!...

Even though many of OP's thoughts are true, still there are things I disagree.

1) Moaning threads help to understand that it's not our problem, but whole community problem. You can't make so comprehensive thread as you did, every time there is some community-wide problem. At least so fast as whining threads are being done.

2) This IS Blizzard problem. Not relating connection issues, but relating the fact that YOU wrote such detailed post, and not THEY did it.

Every time the community has connection problems, we get standard blue replies which suggest to restart computer, router, delete WTF folder, etc. This would be understandable if it would happen for 1 person. But when there is thread with dozens / thousands posters (yes, such cases happened in the past), we still get the same answers.

In short, I accuse Blizzard not for technical issues, but for PR reaction when such issues happen.
All agreed with the post but also i have a question.

I play since day one (7 years?) if i calculate all problems together it would be more than two months. First year of gaming bliz would reimburse ppl with game time if servers were off. then they outshored their business and cleaned their hands off..no argument they need telia to reduce their costs. I am not a telia customer tho am a bliz customer.

I buy monthly bus ticket and because bank holidays over xmas theres no run for busses they gave me 3 days extra without me asking for it..

That is customer service. Whats happening here isnt.
Please refer to the first post on the following thread for PR related official updates on the matter...


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