Isn't it about time for purchase orders on the AH!?

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I think if implemented this would change the AH quite a bit. currently if you have an item wich you wont know will sell you often wind up vendoring it rather than risk loosing the ah deposit.

If you KNOW you can sell the item you would not need to do that, or could even craft the item on the spot to fulfill the order. (nice rpg elements there) (maybe be able to put a lock for one hour on a crafted item you wish to make by depositing 10% of the worth of the contract as bond, but ensuring you are the one that can fullfill it before you craft it, so you wont get stuck with an item that is useless for you just because someone else crafted it a few seconds earlier )

I think this Ah change would result in lower average prices (since if a person knows he is going to make a profit he will often sell below the max of what he would like to get).
the classic auction house would then become the place where people try to get high prices for rare items in high demand that have no high offers at that time, hoping for an impulse buyer (or someone who does not want the money tied up unless he can be sure to buy something)

Obviously there should be a bottom price for listing items you want to buy, similar to the standard price the AH thinks you should sell something for (whats it about 1.5 times the vendor price? I forgot) to prevent people from clogging up the lists with trying to buy things below vendor price.
Also a nice option would be to be able to list only stacks of a specific amount or above. This would help to reduce the clog someone would have to go through if they want to sell a large amount of mats. This option would also be a boon on the buying part of the AH, allowing you to skip the 5 pages of single pieces of leather or cloth.
On low pop realms, really good idea
Am waiting on this forever!

Ask some advice to the people of Arenanet. They have this thing in their GW2 'trade post' and this over ALL servers. Together with the market from EvE, imo, the best AH's ever!!
This is so good that they just MUST do it.
+1 to this one

This is like a real life stock/commodity market and works best in liquid markets. And it wont prevent people from trying to play the markets (look at the stock markets in real life) - but for example in ore and herb markets the price would reflect the real supply and demand. We will probably see some of the AH players do the market making (posting both buy and sell orders) which is only good for everyone, as long as there is more than one person doing this (and even if it's only one it's hard to manipulate prices as too high or too low prices would attract more sellers or buyers).
For the reasons mentioned above it might not work too well on low population realms where the liquidity is low and competition non-existant (well - it works as it will always reflect the supply and demand, but the prices will be rather unstable and easier to manipulate - the same as it is now).
And AH 5% cut should be removed as that would only create and artificial distance between buy and sell orders - where otherwise I would expect for example sell and buy orders for ore to be only few s (or may be even c) from each other.
And one more thing - stacks of items should be removed for AH purposes - all posts should be single item to make sure everyone can buy/sell the amount they need/have at the best available price (it would be nice if that ore got stacked in the mailbox though - would take ages to open 1000 mails with 1 ore in).
Not sure if it's already being said, but Runescape has a system just like OP described and it works flawlessly. You put up an order and instantly it will be sold and vice versa.

Keep in mind this will only work if you combine realms into 1 big AH, say a battlegroup AH. It only works if there are plenty of demand and offer.

This would also prevent gold sellers using the auction house as transfer tool, because you never know who will buy your auctions.
I too like this idea - it means you can actually sell/craft/farm items that are needed, rather than just hope to sell.
1 big AH Connected through all servers?
To combine all ah into one is a bit much isnt it?? It would be great for the lower pop servers (Like cross realm) But All into one would totally overload wouldnt it? there would be infinite undercuts and The ah would be full, how would the world cope with 10000+ stacks of ghost iron ore on the ah at once? It would collapse the economy altogether? Please correct me if im wrong. (Yes, 10000+ may be a bit of an exaggeration, but w/e)

EDIT: Still like the idea though.
This would only make the gold obtaining even easier, as you are now guaranteed the gold if set to a decent specific price, instead of the competition between others and the wait.

Keep it as it is and go farm the items yourself, if on a low-populated server.
This is a super idea.

I sit on a lot of niche mats that I would be happy to sell to people that want/need them. I never put these types of items on the AH as I would rather post items that I know will sell, rather than keep re-posting only to concede defeat and send them back to my bank alt.

I personally think that the benefits out-weigh any negatives to this system.
21/12/2012 15:43Posted by Samára
This would only make the gold obtaining even easier, as you are now guaranteed the gold if set to a decent specific price, instead of the competition between others and the wait.

This sounds like a positive to me. It frustrates a lot of people to be undercut 24/7 by manipulators resulting in not being able to sell your mats/items on the AH.. Or your mats/items do sell, but after a manipulator has forced your prices down only to buy out all your stock to flip it!

After all, players need gold to buy other mats/items they want/need within the game.

21/12/2012 15:43Posted by Samára
Keep it as it is and go farm the items yourself, if on a low-populated server.

So then I don't understand why you would want to keep the situation the same as it is now? Implementing Purchase Orders would put in place at least some way of combating AH manipulators and guaranteeing some gold income from the AH for many players!
20/12/2012 13:41Posted by Taepsilum
Also City of Heroes had a system similar to this.
Only that each character had a limited number of AH slots to sell or buy.

Usually you'll always check if anyone is selling your wanted item for a reasonable price (in your opinion) before you place an order. Your gold is reserved for this order as you place it. If your buy goes through you will always pay the price you set for the items, no matter what the seller is offering to sell for. If you cancel you trade the gold is returned to you minus a fee. Sellers has to pay a fee to put things up for sale as we do today.

So for the Ghost Iron:
BuyerX wants to buy 50 ore for 2g/each. You can see this when you make AH search for trades.
You also find SellerC is selling 100 ore for 3g/each.
You want to buy 40 ore, but 3g/each is too much.

Option 1:
You place the order for 2g/each as that is what you want pay.

SellerA wants to sell 30 ore and searches for trades. He is willing to sell for 2g/each.
BuyerX gets them because he placed his order before you did. His order will now be for 20 ore.
SellerB wants to sell 80 ore and thinks 2g/each is ok. BuyerB gets his last 20, you get your 40 and SellerB will have 20 ore left on his offer to other buyers.

Option 2:
You place the order for 2g10s/each since you want them more than BuyerB.

SellerA will be happy to get the extra 10s/each ore.
Your order will be left with 10 ore more to buy.
SellerB gets 10s/each extra for the 10 ore you buy, and 2g/each for the ones BuyerX gets. And he has 20 ore left to sell for 2g/each.
SellerC can still sit there with his overpriced ore...

Option 3:
SellerC pulled his ore from the AH. No one else is selling! And you have to go to school, no time to spam /trade or level a miner. But you really need that ore for when you come home. So you place and order for 60 ore paying 5g/each!
MinerA is looking for work, and finds you order - and heads out to mine for you, in hope no one else does the same. Result still is that when you come back online, you got 60 ore sitting in the mail!
Very good suggestion, it would also really help low pop servers
Good suggestion, though it has probably come to the developers many times before.
Buy orders are better for small markets, and the current system works well on large markets.

Both system can drive the prices up, as well as down.

On Terenas-Horde the market is pretty much weird. According to Auctioneer, you can achieve a 40x profit by disenchanting some greens. Great, I did so. Then came the problems. I keep posting my auctions each day, I'm always undercut, the prices are going down, yet I don't sell! Gave it some thought and decided to do a rather strong (50%) undercut wave myself, soon logging to see the results.

On this market, having buy orders would show the demand side of the market. Which materials are needed, so I could go and farm some of those. If the orders are low, nobody will fulfill them, and they will increase. If I'm expecting the wrong prices, I'll be corrected. If the orders are high, they'll be quickly fulfilled for great profits, and THE BUYERS LOSE. This is the key, for which I believe, buy orders are NOT dangerous. :) Why would you buy expensive materials? To drive up prices on Auctioneer, and then? All the people will be happy with the prices and keep undercutting you.
Sure thing, the odd speculation-misunderstanding may happen, and there may be a small window while you can use such a situation to your advantage. Still, much less than with listing high.

Great idea, I really like it. Nice to see people thinking creatively and putting forward ideas for discussion and development.

AH in MOP is a complete joke. Even commonly available items are prohibitively high. it just looks like an attempt to create a monopoly - with all the price consequences that brings. And as for the guys selling low / mid level green items for 200g you what??
I'm not really sure I get, you want to prevent the price for items to drop? As a buyer I am always looking for the cheapest, if it's too expensive imo I will wait until someone else puts it out cheaper, and would this mean you have to search for the items you want or can you still browse on everything?

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