How to remove Tremor Totem with a macro

I finally found what iv'e been looking for, i seached for this macro for weeks, and i don't want anybody to do what i did to get this god damm tremor totem macro. So here it is:

#showtooltip Tremor Totem
/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton
/cast Tremor Totem

And for earth grab totem

#showtooltip Earthgrab Totem
/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton
/cast Earthgrab Totem

Its only for the new Shaman Talent called "Totemic Restoration." It reduce the cooldown on your tremor totem by almost 30 seconds, so you have it every 30 sec instead of every 1 min, its really good if you play resto shaman in PVP. I prefer using Earth grab totem destroy macro, because if i use it there, i can root melees every 15 sec, its really amazing. I hope you found this helpful.
took me an hour to find out 2.
doesn't work with all unitframes btw, some voodoo magic might be required.
i think its quite useful to use with spirit link as well. not all enemies are aware of that talent so they will freak out if you use a spirit link every 1 min 35s instead of 3 mins.
what a weird necro, what's up with this stuff
To be able to use "/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton " macros you ll need that minor glyph that produces 4 totems.That way if u drop any totems, it will always drop 4 and you can just destory any element you want via number in macro.I don't know which number is which element but that's the best way to use this macro cause when you have more than 1 totem on the floor and use"/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton " it will destroy the first totem in totembar and i think it is earth, so lets say you want to use Healing Tide for 2 seconds while your searing totem is on the floor.This macro will destroy the first totem in line, aka Searing Totem.
Works good with me, tried this macro for all of my totems and it worked without problem.
Works good with me, tried this macro for all of my totems and it worked without problem.

It will work when there is 1 totem on the ground.Having more than 1 totems will create more Totem Frames but the macro will always destoy the first in the line, so it may not destroy the one you want.
Thanks for this post! :)
Guys, this has been on my channel for months =[


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