interface\GlueXML\OptionPanelTemplates.lua:253: attempt

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Interface\GlueXML\OptionPanelTemplates.lua:253: attempt to call method 'SetValue' (a nil value)

Thats the error when i change my network option in system pane. Also i dont see any words at network option pane.

is it mean someting for some1 about stuck at %90 loading screen ??*
I have same problem! What should I do?
Strangely I've got the same issue whenever closing the systems options panel, although mine says:-

"Interface\GlueXML\OptionsPanelTemplates.lua:258: attempt to call method 'GetValue' (a nil value)

If I look through the options, the two check boxes in network settings have nothing next to them, and under the Sounds settings, it has no information shown relating to any of the check boxes.

Is this the same for you guys?

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