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World of warcraft: Doctor weveils revenge on the emerald dream.
13/12/2012 12:04Posted by Izzyfurious
World Of Warcraft: Rise Of The Burning Legion.

this ^^
World of warcraft: Gangnam style

World of Warcraft: It's a Trap!
World of Warcraft : Lol You Muppets Keep Coming Back
World of Warcraft:Burning Legion
World of Warcraft: Return of the Jedi
oh wait...
or possibly World of Warcraft: Fall of mages
no that won't happen either
or it will just be the Emerald Dream
World of Warcraft: Even more Merchandise
Indecisive Panda people, oh wait thats this one!
World of Warcraft; We're genuinely surprised we're still going.
World of Warcraft: Metzen Strikes Back.

God-shaman has been out of the spotlight for far to long.
world of warcrat: Ghostcrawler`s end.
WOW: Reign of the Lighthouse Gnome.
World of Warcraft: Blizzard World Domination
World of Warcraft: Mage still op
World of Warcraft: The Nightmare
World of Warcarft: oh dear god we have no idea what were doing?
I bet 10 silvers it's this:

World of Warcraft: Shadow of Argus
World of Warcraft: Emerald dream
World of Warcraft: The Legion's Final Conquest

Assuming it is the legion.. and assuming we break them.

I would love something Emerald Dreamish too.

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