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World of Castcraft:Thunder and Lightning

this I like : " The revenge of the Banhammer "
Err... Invasion of Blackstone!
14/12/2012 18:46Posted by Sourabaya
Err... Invasion of Blackstone!

Invasion of BoB the Botter!

(AV is know for the graveyard been taking by the most famouse botter of them all

BOB the Botter - The one we gonna hang everytime we enter the battleground. But sadly BoB don't listning so the battleground is lost and BoB the botter is the winner!

0-10 to BoB!
World of Warcraft: Path of the Titans
World of Warcraft: Conquest for Argus

hope that good ol' Brox is around.
greatest warrior and hero that ever walked on Azeroth!

or simply:
World of Warcraft: {◕ ◡ ◕}
World of Warcraft : Return of the Queen

Azshara returns for retribution.

World of Warcraft : You give the name

Sargeras tries to strike on Azeroth again and we help Medivh to stop Sargeras.

World of Warcraft : Skyfall

Its Slyvanas. Queen Sylvanas. Banshee Queen Sylvanas. 005 Banshee Queen Sylvanas

Totally i would like to see Medivh or Azshara instead of Chen Stormstout in this expansion. Garrosh will die, we all know it and i think Sha thingie will cause that but there would be any other way to kill Garrosh like dying with honor while fighting against Queen Azshara or Sargeras. Now bunch of gnomes will kill him, what a waste.
14/12/2012 19:44Posted by Azula
World of Warcraft: Path of the Titans


I will agree on getting the TITAN LORE back, so more Ulduar and Dwarf lore. We still have to figure how to the Titans ruled and created the world in the first place, letting the dragons protect it, the betrayal of Deathwing that showed, the dragons got to much powers from the Titans to rule the world. Now the drakes are mortals, the Titans should be awaken by a more devastating evil Titan, that going to scatter the world again, according to a dwarf myth!! Yeah lets get some titan lore and big stuff back.

"Path of the Titans" good idea.
World of Dailies : Warcraft
New Features:
-more then 100 new dailies to do every day!
-new level of reputation: Our beloved slave.Do dailies everyday and earn recoloured kite!
-New cool mounts and pets available on blizzard store for only 20euros.
-There is no magenta drake :( .Nothing lost! Super uber difficult boss will drop it until next expansion.Hard to get it? Or maybe you already own barn of every RGB coloured drake and you want to feel unique.Visit blizzard store for something really cool!
-No we don't want players buy gold.Lets make more incredible expensive mounts!We know that you own treasury full of gold!You can't not afford.That is sad!Stop slacking and do dailies!!!:D

-Too many classes and you don't know which one you want to play.No problem! Since now we introduce universal hero class :Farmer.
Farmer class overview:
-Unlimited quest log! Do even more dailies!
-Game is too complicated?Too many stats and abilities?. No problem. Since now there is only 1 ability "do damage" .Its rises with dailies done!!

Since most of classes don't benefit from int. They are all going to be converted to farmer class.
Patch 6.0 will introduce caste system.Check your new role!
-Mages will be converted to "Gods walking amount mare mortals". More info Soon(TM)
-All DK will be turned into LK to rule all farmers and fight for the throne!
-Priests :Good priests
-Warlock:Bad priests

New Raid and dungeon mode!
-Tourist mode:Are you bored by LFR and you demand loot!. Here we go! Guided tours by experienced lore keepers! For small fee they will guide you through cleared content.
Oh somebody left some gear around dead bosses bodies! Loot shouldn't rust! Put it on and feel epic!
To sum up:No wipes,no frustration,no other competitors for yours precious loot!

Since the world is so cruel and we want to encourage 3+ to play our game.There will be no warcraft but love and fair competition.All pvp and pve skirmishes will be solved by "Rock,papers,scissors". For heroic encounters:"Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard"

Become real farmer:
-The whole field for planting is awaiting just you!
Milk goats and brag about it on a facebook or send a tweet.Yes that right Facebook and Tweeter are now integrated part of World of Dailies.What can be better then a picture of yours thriving farm on fb wall?

Pvp changes:
Mages says that thye are not godclass anymore. Meh it can't not be that way.Since patch 6.0 mages are godlike class again.
World of Warcraft: Night Terror
World of Warcraft: The Creeping Crusade
World of Warcraft: Setback of Kael'thas
World of warcraft : The Rise of the Banshee Queen
World of Warcraft: The Return of Non-linear Questing
World of Warcraft: Fire and Shadow Unleashed

(Exp. pack around the Burning Legion)
(2 new races: Ogres - High Efls)
(PVP Challange mode)
World of Warcraft: The Looming Depths.

"Things that are buried have to stay buried."

But well, Dwarves and Gnomes never listen, do they?
World of Warcraft: The new game engine
i know i know..... wait for it

World of warcraft cataclysm... wait wa
World of Warcraft: The quest for thralls lost shoe
World of Warcraft: Wrath of Epicus Maximus


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