Can't pick up Onyx eggs

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Have these been disabled as I cant pick them up to hand in for the rep.

I restarted the game, turned off addon ons etc but no joy, is there a bug or are these no longer useable please?
Are you sure you're looking at the proper egg? They're rather rare, could be one that looks like it but is just scenary.
Definitely the right egg I farmed this on an alt before
I had this before and I had to restart WoW. A /reload did not cut it and do not know what derped out that moment.
Hey Zhuna,
Should this happen again try simply relogging or Resetting Your UI . If neither helps then you'll need to submit a bug report in-game.
As i was trying to look for the onyx eggs, to get the cloud serpent i realised i cant pick the eggs up, did they remove this way to get rep or is i just bugged? Please reply!
cant pick up eggs ive reloged loads of times?
@Ghandy: Hmmm necro. Try this as suggested by Tiogaradh first;

Reset UI - WTF, Cache, and Interface folders
just go outside the isle (until you get a title of another sub-zone) and re-enter, it worked for me right now
This is a thread from a long time ago. I am sure they're fine now :)

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