When does patch 5.2 come out?

Please give priests mana burn back!
31/12/2012 04:17Posted by Cliper
Driuds needs to reroll class in pvp because of the huge nerf they gets in 5.2

Nerfs cant stop me!
any updates on 5.2 yet? woulod like to upgrade some gear but would rather valor cap and dont want to mess it up.

is it the 5th like many are saying or should be have had confirmation by now if the 5th is planned date
The arena season ends on the 5th and the patches tend to come a week after the end of the season from what I remember. Having said that it you're wanting to go into 5.2 with 3000 valor points keep an eye on the US side of things, they will get the patch the day before us, so if they haven't got the patch on Tuesday you know you can spend some valor Tuesday evening and still get to 3000 in the next week.

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