why do people rp?

why do people start a thread with bashing others???

seriously its so nerdy, i dont get how people can have fun with that.

hurr durr, i hatez everything excepts what I likez, and this is my threads, and according to forumz all peoplez here are too easily offended, yo.

seriously grow up, stupid trolls, no one likes you, its just childish.

I can't see the fun in it neither, but at least I'm mature enough to not berate people who do like it.
You killed the OP.

28/12/2012 04:32Posted by Jonní
Well, like it or not you are role playing one way or another, your role is predetermind the moment you roll your character, you are a Tauren Druid, loyal member of the Horde and aspiring adventurer and by doing any quest, dungeon, battleground or any interaction with anything in the game you play the role of the hero doing his heroic deeds (Even if you dont pay any attencion to the details around your adventures). Now you may not do any in depth RP but still you are forced to RP in the end because that is the essence of the game, the lore, thats the link that connects everything and the only diffrence between the "nerds" and you is that while you are simply served your adventures like a mindless cow they have the imagination to form their own and enrich their gaming experience.

You just killed the OP.

This. A thousand times this. "RP" in MMORPGs is commonly known as acting the full part, giving an emphasis to what the character normally does and how they go about it.

Yet despite hating RP, you're actually RPing at all times, but you're not putting that much of an emphasis on your character. All you're doing is following what the Horde tells you to do, how to do it and why you are doing it. Every quest, dungeon, battleground and raid (particularly the first and the last) contribute the most to RP, as this is what you are: A Tauren Druid stopping the forces of evil because you can't think for yourself.

RP allows characters to explore themselves and understand their world for the better. RPGs are meant to be played for the story. Believe it or not, RPers add far more to the Warcraft universe than questers, raiders and dungeoneers, as rather than tell the already existing story, they in fact just add more to the cast list.

Whether you like it or not isn't important - people do it because they enjoy it. They may be nerds, but who isn't? Football fans are nerds, raiders and battleground players are nerds, video gamers are nerds, Tolkein readers are nerds - you're summarizing a whole genre here, when in fact there's more to ERP and the like. As long as someone is an enthusiast of something, they are a nerd. I'm getting into RP myself and it's the most social activity I've seen in a while, so if you need likeminded friends, and by the sounds of things you do, I'd reocmmend it.
It is so nerdy!??? Playing wow and doing raids or pvp every day is nerdy too. What is nerdy ? Everything that is odd is nerdy?

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons when it came out many years ago, actually a board game, Ive done some real life roleplaying too and for some years i have played roleplaying on a RP server. Its a type of game that some people enjoys, so nerdy or not. It gives the game another level. Even those who plays ERP in LOLShire gets something out of it. But I dont call them nerds or stupid names. I respect that people can do anything in the game they like to do, thats what RP is about. You like doing dailies every day, I wont call you weird and a nerd. You don't like it don't join a roleplay server. If you really want to understand what roleplaying is and why some players like to do RP, then I should suggest you read more about it first.

I suppose you dont like to be called a nerd yourself, by your family because you play wow?

Roleplay is a state of mind, you can play what ever you want to be, in any time, any story, any place. Actually lots of expensive sales and managements courses are using roleplay to simulate specific situations and how to act accordingly to it.

I do beleave we all do all kinds of roleplay real life, most of us don't notise it. But when you have a "leader hat" on, you will act like one to control your people. When you sell stuff, you want to please your customers, so thereforth you do specific actions according to the role you are playing.

We just take WOW to be our platform, and make our own stories, some just stand on a corner in Stormwind and chit chat, others doing epic wars in the north etc.

Yeah, you need to understand the concept before you will play RP. Beleave me its fun, educating and also boring most of the time, like standing as a PVE char just hopping arround doing nothing constructive the hole day, just being bored and need the daily fix of opening WOW. Nerdy or not. I like RP when im bored with the PVP (because of botters), PVE endless dailies, and boring raids, then i can go on my RP chars and maybe try to have some fun with others descent RPers.

So you call us retarded and nerds? I think I should drag you down on your own level and tell you the same, because you play WOW. You see, its so easy to insult people for being weird, but you could have been so polite and asked us in another nicer way.
While it is fine to ask why people RP, it is not fine insulting them while doing so!

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