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1: No im not scared cus it wont happen

2: if it did happen i still wouldnt be scared, cus im not gona be the only one to die that day, everyone will
18/12/2012 03:20Posted by Korgak
lol anyone here who is actually scared ? honest answers.

I am because it's my wifes birthday and her present hasn't turned up yet :-(
nooooo worries

USA will save the world as always..
lol no idea how toruture, killing and stealing our land will help the rest of the world? :)

but anyways why scared for something beautiful (if it will happen)? will be disappointed if nothing happenes so scared if nothing happens ;-)
Could some1 tell me whats so special with mayans? why would we believe in their toughts wich they invented when they were really high?
The world had better not end until I've had my Christmas dinner.
"oh hey the world will end in a few days"

"lol we just miscalculated it sorry friends it will happen next year instead"

This, ill be watching tv all day the 22th to lol at people explaining how they were wrong
@Mayans: Why do you say the things that you say? Sometimes I wonder how you ever came to be. So I got Spaniards to kill all of you.
I'm a bit worried. Not that the world will actually end, but by how many people believe this kind of nonsense. That doesn't bode well for the human race.
If this so called "THE APOCALYPSE" would actually happen, I bet it wouldn't be instant just like that. Maybe it would take some time to reach it's critical mass (IT= don't really know which is the closest possibility here :p)

Mayans are just pulling world record troll for Guinness World Records.
18/12/2012 04:17Posted by Sevronen
Nah when the Mayans designed their calender they probably ran out of space and thought "that's gonna scare the crap outta someone someday"

cleanup disk was not invented yet
The World may go into maintenance, restart, and on extremely rare occasions, it can have the space-time continuum turned upside down and make everyone travel backwards in time for a few hours, but the world of Azeroth will never end.

Glad to see most Azerothians choose not to believe in this non-sense, unfortunately this kind of topic (or off-topic) usually brings up religious talk and we all know that that is usually prone to disaster on the forums. So I’m closing shop on this one, but since I hate to spoil all the fun, you can continue to laugh a bit more by watching some silly “preppers” on the National Geographic youtube channel.

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