all my Addon profiles ... Gone

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Hi, i just logged on tonight to a heart attack.....

All my addons i use have reset to default. And all my saved profiles, for each addon, for each character/spec have been deleted. I`m left with the default setups....

No idea what`s caused it. I logged off after the raid last night. no issues. Logged on tonight. All change.

Man alive is that some MAJOR ball ache sorting that...... dunno if i can be arsed, that`s too much.

Any ideas what`s caused it? or if it can be saved?
Did you delete your WTF Folder in your WoW Directory?
Do you share your computer with someone that could have done this?
Hello Fnar,

Don't lose hope just yet, first check these folders:
- WoW/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/SavedVariables
- WoW/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/ServerName/CharacterName/SavedVariables

Each addon should have a file named after it with the extension “.lua” .
Each file typically also has a backup version of itself (.bak), called “AddonName.lua.bak".

Before you do anything else, the first thing I’d recommend would be doing a complete backup of the full WTF folder somewhere else on your hard drive (or any other media).
After you’ve done the backup, you can try to find the saved variables corresponding to the addons that seem to have reset their configurations.

When you find those files, try to:
-Rename the “.lua” file to “.lua.old”
-Rename the “.lua.bak” to “.lua”

After you’ve done that for the all the addons that you need, you can try to enter the game and if you’re lucky, the backups won’t be too old.
I wish you good luck, hope you didn’t lose everything. (Remember that if you have WoW installed on any other computer or directory you can also go there and grab the “.lua” files and copy them over to your local WTF folder.)

If you did lose everything, remember that there are pre-configured addon packs that are pretty popular and might save you the trouble of configuring everything all over again, it might not be exactly what you wanted, but maybe you end up with an even better UI and like it more, who knows?
and thats why is good to have Curse client Sync aviable. Or just enabled File History in Windows for the WTF folder..
Ok, Had a look at that, and managed to change a couple of filenames the way you sugeested.
Problem is. The main addons i was concerend about were addons like Pitbull , Bartender and Ice Hud, amongst others, and there isn`t even a file for thses addons in my saved variable file.

I do have a copy of my Warcraft on an old hdd i saved from aan old PC. I could copy my WTF folder acrrss from them there. It`s a few months old now, but i guess it`1s better then starting fresh if theres no other suggestins viable.

Arrow. Nah pal, noone had access to it, and like i said, i literally logged off after a raid, powered pc down, went to bed. Came back next day, and WHAM all gone
I know How you feel man. This happened to me too, after a bluescreen midraid. Restarted pc, logged in again, and ALL addon data was gone. Same as you, no saved files anywhere, so all was completely lost. Now I usually backup my addon folder andsavedvariables folder now and then.

I just ended up reinstalling everything, but please let me know if you fix it.

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