Best PVE pet for survival hunter.

Hey, i was just arround the net looking for the best dps pet for raiding in 5.1
and i cant seem to find any good threads from this patch / only from cata.

As far as i can see its ferocity thats best.

But what kind of pet? Cat, EvilSaur's , Dogs etc.

Looking forward to you're replie guys.

And Happy Newyears from Norwaty :)
Your best bet would be on the Hunter forums rather than here on General. I don't think it's the pet that matters rather than the ability. I'd assume something that grants critical strike or mastery would be the best shot, however any kind of animal, maybe one with stealth would do the trick? ^^
I basic most of for dps Cats is any form also i good dps/tank pet is Spirit Beast the have healing and by that the are good tanks to but is hard to get and you need to BM to use them.

This video answers your question perfectly.
I am using Turtle for great AoE taunt and tanking abilities and the serpent for nice DPS boost 2 min party buff. I use Turtle when doing some dailies that have huge mob crowds in them and Serpent the rest of the time.
The answer: depends on your raid composition.
If you 25 man raid then most likely you won't be missing buffs and so the choice is entirely yours. I'd take a spirit beast and have the heal on auto-cast ( can be helpful ).

If you raid 10 man then make sure you bring a pet that gives any buff you might be missing. The 8/8 buffs is very important for your team. Here's a picture that shows all pets and their buffs:

*note: again if you have all 8 buffs without the need for your pet in 10 man then bring your preferred pet ( i take a cat for survival spec and spirit beast in beast mastery ).

There is no "best" pet as such because they have all been made equal in mop with the introduction of pet spec choice.

**Edit: just saw that video and it reminded me of this exact forum post LOL.
I don't know about you guys but sometimes I feel like the Hunter class is being played mostly by !@#$% and douches ....
totally agree ashroot
05/01/2013 02:48Posted by Ashroot
I don't know about you guys but sometimes I feel like the Hunter class is being played mostly by !@#$% and douches ....

Only sometimes ?
Well, evilsaur is an exotic pet, so u cant use him in survival spec. As others already mentioned, if u already have all 8 buffs, u can pick whatever. Im no raider, but in dungeons when none of my exotic pets can contribute buffs, im calling GregStreet, ehm, my carrion bird for his Demoralizing Screech (
If on your own:

Wolf > Cat > Hyena > Wind Serpent

If in a raid with all buffs:

Whatever you think looks best.
There is no best pet out there for non BM hunters.

Each pet brings something that you can use in any given circumstance, which is why we can have 5 pets with us at a time and summon the right one for the right situation.

Soloing I find wolf (ferocity spec) is great for regular mobs with its 5% crit buff.
For elite mobs and large groups I find Bear (Tenacity spec) great for Tanking.
In dungeons and raids I use whatever pet provides a buff that is missing (wolf-5% crit, cat-2000 mastery etc) If every buff is accounted for I either use a raptor (ferocity) for its shred armour or a dragonhawk (ferocity) for increased magic damage taken by mobs (works well with survival) depending on the raid compostion.

If you want to know what each pet family can do Petopia is a great resource.
I'm using Dragonhawk for the 5% more magical damage debuff.
/\ This
Raptor is pretty good in raids with its tear armor ability. :P
@ Kellevra

Isn't that just about the same as the +magic damage you get from 3k mastery? As far as I know that's 5% increased magic damage dealt.

Perhaps the damage calculated for "increased damage taken" and "increased damage dealt" is different, in this case I apologize, but otherwise I can't see any major difference except for looks.

Moreover, while we deal mostly magic damage and if we say that 3k mastery is the same as 5% increased magic damage taken by target, wouldn't crit be better for simple solo-buffed DPS as that's for the most part our most desired stat?

I'm not trying to insult anyone here, I'm just genuinely interested in what pet that would boost your "solo dps" most. Personally if solo-dpsing or if I'm in a 5man I use either Mastery or Crit because it has benefits for other classes too, if the group already has this then of course the +5% magic damage taken is great, unless +10% attack speed wins which I am honestly not sure of either.
Assuming you're in a raid group with others covering every single buff, the ONLY pet that brings something that means anything to the raid (Don't even try and say Spirit heal is noticeable in a 25 man raid) is a Tallstrider. There special ability, Dust Cloud, is an AoE, instant 3 stack sunder armour, incredibly useful for fast burn AoE fights, which we have quite a few of this tier.
. I'd take a spirit beast and have the heal on auto-cast ( can be helpful ).

this is BM only, OP is survival.

on topic, have cat for mastery, wolf for crit, dragonhawk for spell damage taken debuff, and a snake for attackspeed. and use whichever your current party or raid is missing out on. selffbuffed with none of the above buffs, 5% crit is probably the best.

edit: forgot about the tallstrider. Like the above poster mentioned if your party has all the buffs, use the tallstrider for the aoe armor reduction.
I agree
Just use sporebat.

<Video removed> ( Noticed that someone alredy posted it )

This video answers your question perfectly.

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