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There are several dailies missing for me in my game experience for the pet battle thing.

I have completed all the mandatory quests up to Major Payne.

I have the dailies for Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Northrend. But I'm not getting the daily from Outland.

Though I haven't checked all, I can say that I also don't get the daily for Sporeggar.

Also, I do not get the option to fight the Darkmoon Faire trainer.

Today I bullied a GM into checking out for me whether he got the quest as he logged into one of my chars, and big surprise, he did! He went to Bloodknight Antari and said "I have the quest right here!"

Then I logged back in to that char and still didn't get the quest, nor have I ever gotten the quest. After finishing the Bloodknight Antari quest for Outland I did not and never did get a daily from him.

Now I wiped my WoW install and reinstalled from scratch and I am still not getting any daily.

It doesn't matter what char I go with.

I don't know what's going on here, and I also don't know what else I can do.

I'm very sorry, but Technical Support cannot assist with issues such as this. The only thing which I can suggest is that you file another ticket and ask a GM to further investigate this for you.
Thanks I was already on the road to doing that. I asked a GM to get the daily for me to see what happens when s/he does. Unfortunately GMs are lazy bums who always try to send you into the thicket with non-help ("if you file a bug, the devs will look into it.... maybe") instead of actually researching the problem, but I might get far enough to get some answers.
Well I wrote a ticket to ask for them to help me research the problem. My request was for a GM to get the daily for me while logged into my game.

This was the very helpful reply:

We are unable to directly assist with game bugs- or mechanics-related issues. However, we do have a handy in-game bug report system which will direct your report to the team responsible for addressing it.

To report a bug in-game:
1. Open the Customer Support window (the red question mark on your action bar)
2. Click Report a Bug
3. Enter the details of the bug. Be sure to follow the submission form guidelines.
4. Click Submit.

Of course it's an outright lie. They are perfectly able to assist me. They just won't. And then they feel the need to explain to me step by step to use the bug report form, which will not result in any tangible result, and probably not in any result for the coming 5 years.

Thanks Blizzard!
I'm going to flag this thread to be moved to Customer Support. It's more likely that you'll get a useful response there, as it's a bit off-topic in Technical Support, and there isn't a blue poster here who deals with this kind of issue. In the meantime, I would encourage you to e-mail

The people who monitor that e-mail account are senior GMs. They'll be able to review the incident and they have the authority to override decisions made if they believe there has been a mistake. I'm afraid that's the best that can be done for the moment, so let's see what comes from that.

Edit: Asked a blue and removed a paragraph which was inaccurate.
Hey Lestele,
I would second Doomsinger's advice to email, I would actually also suggest that you make the bug report and reopen your ticket, explain how the quest was visible to the Game Master while in control of your character but not to you, it could possibly be a phasing issue.

I hope you can get it resolved.

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