Quests That Turn Grey Means?

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the little yellow question mark turns grey I'm assuming these are timed however as there is so much to do with professions ect
No, they're not timed.

It means that you are too high a level to get XP from them. (You will still get money, and armour, however)
09/01/2013 19:57Posted by Bushybear
the little yellow question mark turns grey I'm assuming these are timed however as there is so much to do with professions ect

don't listen to Grainne because he's talking about the color it shows up in your quest log.

if there's a grey question mark above someones head it means you're too low level to be able to get the quest.
Holypalladin, I think you're talking about when it is a grey exclamation mark.
A grey question mark means that you have accepted the quest but have not yet completed it.
Sorry if i'm wrong :)
What Gráinne says is correct.

Might be handy to know: by default, quests that are too low-level for you will not be shown on the map anymore. But you can still accept them (even though you won't get xp for them anymore) and complete them. If you would like for them to show on the minimap just like normal quests of your level, you can track low level quests thru the magnifying glass next to the mini map.
Come on guys, don't confuse him! :) He is asking about the litte question mark over NPC's head.

1. If a question mark (?) over a NPC is grey, you have accepted it but not yet finished it. (To me it looks like it often happends the first time you do dayiles, before that turn blue. Not sure of this.)

2. if a exclamation mark (!) is grey over a NPC, then you are just to low to get the quest. Normally 1-2 levels to low.

3. If a accepted quest in you QUESTLOG is grey, then your level is to high to get XP from it. But you can still do it for the reward.
What Zirtux says, a grey question mark means you did not perform the necessary steps to be able to turn in the quest. Once you have, the questionmark will turn yellow, indicating you have completed all necessary steps.
Hello all, below there is a short description of the meaning with the different color of the questionmark.

Gray: U wont recieve any experience from it; you are to high level.

Green: You are to high level and the quest will be easy, i recommend you to do it anyway.

Yellow: Good for you, you are the right level.

Orange: Quest is slightly to high for you

Red: You don't want to do this, you are to low level. Even tho you can probably make it.

WOW is life...
Really, a four and a half year necro?

Oh and gray quests do give you a small amount of XP. Your green and yellow are wrong too.

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