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Well I tried to look it up on google or on this forum, but for some reason I just can not find how, where and when to cage a pet to sell it on the AH. I've got a couple of good rare high level pets that I have two of and some I would like to sell.

Can someone explain to me how I can do this and what the restrictions are?
Thanks in advance.
cannot sell wild pets
only boe ones and drops
Go to your pet journal, right click on the pet, and the option to cage your pet should be there, unless the pet is marked as not tradeable in its tooltip.

Wild caught pets for instance cannot be traded or caged. Achievement reward pets can't be traded either, nor can certain special pets like those that come from the guild vendor, or Argent Squires/Gruntlings. Blizzard Store and promotional pets, same story.

TCG pets can be traded, though, as can most drops and vendor pets.

Also, make sure you have room in your bags, because that is where your pet is going to end up.

And also, when trading a high level pet to someone else, keep in mind that they can only uncage a pet that has a level equal or lower to the highest level pet currently in their own pet journal. If their highest pet is level 23, they can't uncage a level 24.

Ooh, I still remember the tale of a forum goer who wanted to sell their only 25, failed and tried to relearn the pet, only to find out that he couldn't because he no longer had a pet of matching level in his journal.

(It was kind of funny.) :D
^Well sh*t
can u buy a cage?
You dont need one - just select to cage the pet and one appears from nowhere.
11/01/2016 20:48Posted by Exris
You dont need one - just select to cage the pet and one appears from nowhere.

Just like hunter's ammo.
How do you release a pet from a cage back to your petlist?
Double click it to activate it...
You can cage pretty much anything that isn't caught in the wild by right clicking the desired pet in the journal and clicking 'cage pet'.

There are a few exceptions, but that's how it's done. If you don't see 'cage pet', you can't trade it.

Also, almost 20k views..? wow..

Something tells me people Google this a lot..
I was just about to and thought I'd check on here first ...... grinding bones for pets
So lagan is not able to be caged?
No, Lagan can't be caged.
This thread is almost 4 years old guys :D
Some questions are timeless. :P
New Timewalking feature confirmed.

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