What is solo-able in icc 25 ?

Hi fellow warriors,

Anyone been trying out icc 25 and can give me an idea what is soloable on 25 with some decent gear?
In my gear i did:
Marrowgar 25 (prot)
Deathwhisper 10 (fury)
Gunship 10 (fury)
Saurfang 10 (prot)

Any idea if these above are doable on 25 in better gear? and what about the bosses further on? my realm is pretty low pop and cba spamming for hours to get a decent group going so rather solo some when i have the time (for shadowfrost shards) and not are "forced" to go ask during peak time to have a chance for decent group.

Thanks in advance.
Marrowgar, rotface, council on 25.
Whould that be prot or fury for rotface and counsil?
Most of it in Prot with DPS gear, 25man Normal (and a few HCs) gets completely outhealed by Second Wind :)
Everything (except for Valithria) is doable in ICC 10HM.
The only problem you could encounter in 25 are enrage timers (and Marrowgar's bug in 25HM.)

Gunship/Festergut/Lana'thel are probably not doable. (Don't know for Gunship, never tried, may be doable.)
I may underestimate Saurfang and LK, don't know how much hp they have in 25NM.

In 25HM, Marrowgar is doable if you're a worgen/goblin/pandaren. Deathwhisper is doable. I don't know if Rotface/Putricide/Council/Sindragosa are possible. The other bosses have probably too much health.
Gunship is doable, the encounter no longer resets when you enter a gun, but I only managed 10man HM
Yeah but I'm not sure you'll be able to kill the other shp before it kills yours. As I said, never tried. It's easy in 10HM so it may be possible in 25NM.
14/01/2013 01:17Posted by Grothendieck
The only problem you could encounter in 25 are enrage timers

Ye that what my guess was to deathbringer wasnt a problem on 10 with survivabilty but dont think i can beat the enrage in my current gear on 25.
My best bet to solo more on 25 is to get some decent dps gear and go prot spec i assume?

Edit: this switch back and forth between 10 25 is a pain makes trash respawn :S
I think you can ever kill some 25man bosses in dps spec (everything is doable in dps spec in 10HM, except for Saurfang and Lich King. Well, I never tried Lich King in dps spec, but I don't think it's possible.)
But yeah, if you can't survive in dps spec, use dps gear in prot spec. And make sure you have 7.5% Hit/15% Expertise, or as close as possible depending on your gear. With a low ilvl gear, I recommend the Ghost Iron Dragonling and the dps trinket from Scholomance.

As I said above, I never tried ICC 25 (except for Marrowgar), but I know some people killed Deathwhipser 25HM, so 25NM is definitely doable.

Edit: Damn, you said "Deathbringer", not "Deathwhisper". Sorry, not used to english names of these encounters. :p
Well, I don't know if his enrage timer is doable in 25NM (and I'm pretty sure it is not doable in 25HM currently.) Be sure to get your Hit/Exp cap and try to maximize the uptime of SBar, he won't heal if you absorb his attacks. Use your defensive Demoralizing Shout/Demoralizing Banner/Shield Wall as often as possible, the less it deals damage the less he will heal.
And, last but not the least, if you can manage to get 2p T13 (yes, T13, not T14) it will help you a lot. Each Revenge triggers an absorb, so Saurfang will heal less.
15/01/2013 01:04Posted by Grothendieck
And, last but not the least, if you can manage to get 2p T13 (yes, T13, not T14) it will help you a lot. Each Revenge triggers an absorb, so Saurfang will heal less.

Actually have full set in bank still :) so will give that a try, thanks.

Anyone done the plagueworks trash (especially stinky and precious) on 25 man solo? it was a pain on 10 but when i switched to 25 after it all respawned.
I though by killing fester on 10 it whould not respawn again but i didnt have the dps to kill him on 10 before 10 stacks of that debuff wich is instant kill so im stuck with having to kill the trash on 25 if i wanna go for rotface 25.
I soloed Plague Quarter and KT/SAPP in arms, my HP got to 36% quite fast but it stayed there most of the time because of the healing I recieve, I tried as fury first time and I died very fast. Maybe arms works much better when soloing? Arms in defensive stance = worked out very good for me.
Fury is better than arme for solo purpose (BT provides selfheal), except maybe for some very specific encounters (I can't think of any such encounter, but maybe.)

For the plagueworks trash, I don't know.
Try to be in a raid group, that will prevent the trash to respwan if you die.
The trashpacks before stinky/precious shouldn't be a problem (well, you may die because of the plague scientist+zombie patrol, but eventually you will kill everything after some deaths.) But Stinky/Precious... Dunno. In 10-man I pop everything to kill them before their big aoe. In 25-man it shouldn't be possible, especially with a low gear. So you have to find a way to survive. Probably tank spec/dps gear, but with their healing debuff... I don't know.
If nothing else works, you should be able to skip them with an invisibility potion.
16/01/2013 07:00Posted by Woxniak
Can you solo stuff with that gear? You go girl!

If you not got anything constructive to say then say nothing, and most soloing stuff is tactics > gear, if you whould have cchecked my mount tab you could see i have plenty of xp with soloing.

Back on topic.
On 10 man the trash there is no problem even decimates are fine with good timing on some cds just switching from 10 > 25 respawns the trash, ill just get a friend help me put this warrior with my warlock in group and kill fester 10 on warlock that should prevent trash from respawning when switching 10 > 25.
Don't know for Festergut, but trash can respawn after you kill Rotface. So I wouldn't be surprise if they respawn afeter Festergut death too.
been trying ICC solo casually over the last couple of days (seeing how possible solo farming shadowmourne would be tbh) usually in blood spec with DPS gear - haven't tried 25man heroic but a DK called mione (iirc) has managed to solo most of ICC25man heroic (including the lich king) so it is doable.

ofc this is as a blood dk but don't see why prot warriors couldn't do it too...

everything is a joke in 10man normal mode apart from valithria due to the healing mechanic.

Lord Marrowgar - completely doable in 10hc and 25nm, would be doable 25hc if it weren't for the spike bug... apparently post-wotlk races (worgen, panda, possibly goblin) don't have an animation for the bonespike so they can't be spiked, all the other classic races will get spiked, making it impossible to solo.

Lady Deathwhisper - doable 10hc or 25nm, just take care of the adds occasionally so you don't take too much damage

Gunship - easy on 10nm, should be possible 10man heroic (but haven't tried it yet) - just use the gun while you can and, once it's frozen take care of the adds on your ship then jump over, deal with the mage and any remaining adds, jump back and repeat... Ship was at about 60% health when theirs went down. Not sure whether this would be possible solo on 25man as the ship might just take too much damage.

Deathbringer Saurfang - doable 10hc or 25nm without issue.

Festergut - easy 10hc, doable 25nm as a dk by using AMS to reset the stacks of Gastric Bloat... not sure what mechanics a warrior would have do deal with the stacks.

Rotface - easy as 10hc, doable 25nm

Putricide - I kept hitting enrage (and then getting roflstomped) on 25nm, don't know if there's a mechanic I should be using to up my DPS. It's pretty easy 10hc, just avoid the malleable goo thrown at you and DPS him down.

Blood Prince Council - doable 10hc, nothing special... not tried 25nm.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel - 10hc you basically have to pop your cooldowns and kill her before Essence of the Blood Queen falls off (75 seconds iirc). You passively heal yourself through attacks anyway with the buff so just use dps gear/spec and pop everything. Not tried 25nm, a DK can mind control an add that grants 100% DPS boost IIRC so might be possible, otherwise just burn her down on 10hc

Valithria Dreamwalker - you need a healer with you for this one

Sindragosa - nothing special on 10hc, you don't take much damage (the most you'll get is during the frost bomb stage)... don't see why it wouldn't be possible on 25nm

The Lich King - 10hc has some funky mechanics to deal with but as long as you stand around by his throne during the remorseless winter phase you should be fine. You could likely just stand in the remorseless winter for added dps time but those frost orbs throw you for miles otherwise. Take care of any remaining adds during the remorseless winter phase, avoid the shadow traps, the defile and, if you're alone/have threat I don't think the val'kyrs actually pick you up. 25nm should be doable... 25hc has been done by mione in ilvl 500+ gear.
am i the only one who got buttkicked by marrowgar 25 man normal in this gear as arms?

edit: i only want bryntroll. so i am only going for marrowgar but he killed me within a minute :p
There's many people that can solo LK25 hc. 2DKs on my realm are selling mount runs on him. Wish warriors would be able to solo him.
(Even a enh shammy can solo it)
There's many people that can solo LK25 hc. 2DKs on my realm are selling mount runs on him. Wish warriors would be able to solo him.
(Even a enh shammy can solo it)

I' solo'd LK25HC

2set T15 2set T16 (prot) rest dps gear with a shield+sword

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