Discrimination of Religions by Players go unpunished.

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There is no god. Simple as. People can believe what they want but if they try to impose on me with their beliefs I will shatter them.
10/01/2013 01:36Posted by Poirin
In the name of your atheistic faith (because atheism is your God)

You can't be serious...

Me and my fellow Atheists don't believe in a deity (that's the whole point of Atheism), that's like me saying that Christiniaty/Judaism whatever is your god.

As for the topic, sod them, ignore them. Let them insult eachover of their faiths. All non-jewish Abrahamic Religions are just Jews who punish Jews for not accepting the new pages that they made up. The other religions have more logic but it's still just ideology accepted as fact by the people who have a sliver of a belief in it.

I don't mind religous people, but I hate relig-t*rds.
10/01/2013 01:36Posted by Poirin
any other "belief" that does not reflect your faith.
many atheists have done this for example mao pol pot stalin and hitler
10/01/2013 08:30Posted by Sinste
many atheists have done this for example mao pol pot stalin and hitler

technically speaking, Hitler was a Jew
10/01/2013 07:32Posted by Essea
Don't need to report it on general, where people already know this is happening, send tickets instead.

Last time I put up a ticket about two players abusing each other in a dungeon run I was told to use the Report feature instead - supposedly they're not acting on tickets anymore for cases where Report is available.

I misworded myself there, apologies. What I meant was "use the report feature", though if you do send tickets, I think they'll send it on to the report-case team, but the point is, the General forums aren't the appropriate place for this kind of discussion. I'm not saying that because it's not just unrelated to WoW, but because it's a very sensitive topic and can lead to flaming, like pretty much every thread about this topic has before.
10/01/2013 09:24Posted by Gaija
technically speaking, Hitler was a Jew

Hitler was christian.

But OP, exactly how do these people "Discriminate people of X religion"?
Because if I'm not wrong, disciminate=taking away oppurtunities/priviliges X group.
This seems more like making fun of/insulting people of religion
Personally I hate religion

Im from Northern Ireland and know first hand what people will do do defend some 2000 year old idea

The world would be a happier place if it were irradicated from our lives once and for all

Funniest thing I saw was a bunch of fanatical islamists protesting in Luton demanding Sharia Law be brought to the UK..... Ironically protesting against their right to protest (Logic)
"just look at all the wars started by those Atheists and Agnostics"

said no one ever.
Ooh, a debate on religion on the WOW general board !

These always end well....
10/01/2013 11:04Posted by Coriandra
WOW general board

Not sure why it's been moved to CS instead of received a lock, it isn't exactly civil already though I guess it could involve stronger words ;)
Hello Hurrém,

All harassment should be reported in-game, regardless if it's religious or not. We take harassment very seriously - to think nothing is done would be unwise. We thank you for reporting any unpleasant situation you encounter in-game, and for helping us make Azeroth a better place.

@Everyone else:
These forums are not the place to discuss this type of topic.

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