Is it allowed to wintrade RBGs.

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I know entire guilds who are doing it together. One of those guilds are rank 1 atm on one of the biggets EU servers.

Since nothing is done about it...Does that mean its condoned and am i allowed to wintrade my alts to 3k for easy conq caps?
How do you know nothing is done? Once you report it, it is dealt with. They won't tell you how, because its nothing to do with you.

And no, it is not allowed.
09/01/2013 19:07Posted by Amarielle
How do you know nothing is done?

Well... although this might apply to botting... the fact that a team is still rank 1 on the ladder should be enough prove that they haven't been banned yet :P

Sure, perhaps they will be banned before the end of the season, but that doesn't mean anything has been done yet.

Anyway, naturally, wintrading is not officially allowed or condoned. More interesting for you, however, is that the Customer Support forums are not the right place to complain about things like this. Not only are the forums not meant for it, but posting here actually has no effect, just like posting on the Arena forums about this has, unfortunately, no effect.

The only thing you can do is report these players, as the GMs reading these forums don't have any control over who gets banned and who doesn't. So even in a practical way, posting here doesn't work. I guess you'd have more luck back on the Arena forums, if only to convince the CMs to get this mentioned to the developers a bit more prominently.

That sort of info might be useful for you, knowing that, as far as I can remember, you are quite a regular poster on the Arena forums.
wot is wintrading?
Its basicly that someone pays you gold for you to let them win in any PvP match
Without going into too much detail Vegorr, wintrading is basically where a team exploits their way up the ladder by playing against certain teams to boost their rating without losing. It is not something that is allowed and we do take action against players who participate in it.

If you suspect a team of wintrading, then as Dalrian points out, you'll need to raise an in-game petition reporting the team (including the names of the players) and it will be investigated further.

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