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hello i just stared playing wow agian and i just got a month and im on a new pc and i downloaded wow but i can log in it keelps saying
There was a problem logging in with this acc you may not have a world of warcraft game attached to your acc or you may be logging into a region deifferent from the one you created the acc in plz can u help me
What does it say in the bottom corner, ESRB or PEGI?
srry pegi
Stick to this thread, don't answer in the old one. Are you 100% sure it says PEGI on the bottom left when you open the client and that you're using the correct login when logging in? Remember you have to use your email address to log into the game (please don't post it here, it's a public forum).
Ah I forgot the other thread since it was marked with a Blue tag and greyed out still due the forum bug >_<
The reason they are asking is that the error you give is usually when you download the American version of the game by mistake instead of the EU version.

PEGI is the EU version of the rating system and ESRB is the American.

Also when you log into using "Account" at the top of the page what region is in the bottom right?

It should say "Europe - English (EU)"
ya it says pegi im doing it right and it still says it cant idk what to do
and in
i can log into but not the game itself
Hi Saisire,

Please change the password associated with your account from Account Management. You can change it back if you want to, I just reckon that this will help you log in (Blizzard works in mysterious ways).

If you could respond letting us know if that's helped or not, it would be appreciated. :)

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