Updated Onyxian Drake 3D hand made sculpture :-)

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I created an Onyxia craft a while back and recently wanted to create a new and smaller version, it's crafted after the mount version of Onyxia, the Onyxian Drake of course.

Here it is;


The wings aren't fully attached in the picture so may look a little odd, got to fix that sometime, I hope you like :-)

Thanks for looking, have a nice day

Looks amazingly detailed for such a small size, especially the horns O_O

....Or you could just have a massively big finger which makes the sculpture look small by comparison, when in fact it is super giant big!!... (jk) :P

Very nice^^
wow.. just wow..
Very great! Art indeed!

For anybody who is wondering, the Onyxian Drake looks like this ingame:

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