Warlocks vs. Warriors - any tips?

Hello fellow warlocks.

I'm here to ask for some advice concerning warriors and if anyone has any tips.

The sort of encounter I am on about is when a warrior charges you and there is no time to have portal/gateways set up. Fear -> Berserker Rage, Shadowfury -> trinket, and then I feel like a fish out of water and have to start blowing defensive CDs. Warriors just seem to stick to you with an unending supply of charges/leap/stuns and ways of intertupting making it very hard to cast much.

Any advice? :)

EDIT: I play Destruction
Warriors are a pain in the !@#.

Try and keep rain of fire above u at all time for the slow damage and the ember generation.
Right after shadowfury try get a chaos bolt off, i know its difficult
i personally sacrifice voidy for the health increase buff (also use battlemaster trinket for uber hp) which helps ur selfheals.
Apart from that im spamming fel flame and any other instants that proc and ember tapping, suprising how much damage fel flame can do(mana heavy though)

But with warriors still hitting me hard, i struggle alot, there are probably some beta ppl to give advice as i personally play more defencive in general with the health increases and extra healing from alchemy.

just try and learn the warrior class so you get to know which abilities are gunna hit next.
A warrior is essentially a counter class to a warlock so you will struggle but a few things that may help:

Firstly your gemming is wrong, pvp power is not nearly as strong as pvp resilience, I would advise you to try something along the lines of wehat I use or alternatively, avoid socket bonuses and gem pure resilience except where the bonus is resi.

Keep him slowed with Conflagrate

Fake cast. If you can't do it. Learn. That said it can be hard vs a warrior with charge, pummel, disrupting shout, spell reflect etc.

If you can get his spell reflect and shockwave on CD, pop all offensive CDs and Unending Resolve and pump as many Chaos Bolts into him as you can.

Most of this you probably know, as I said its a counter and there is no trick that will suddenly make them easy.
Thanks guys, good advice :)
Both Demonage and Roax had good points against warriors. I also like to use VW against warrior, because of disarm + sacrifice. And when warrior burst i'll use shadow bulwark + dark regen + glyphed HS. But one thing you really need is that portal somewhere. Like someone adviced me already, don't hesitate put teleport down. There is usually some point when you can put tele down. In arena try to get to the place where you want that tele, but before that put tele somewhere safe first, and while going to place where you actually want that teleport,use defencive CD and spam conflag and fel flame to gain embers. Like in dalaran arena, i usually try to get behind boxes, and usually warrior charges at me right away, but eventually i get my tele down.

When you out of sight from warrior use conflag to slow him ect. I really don't use fake cast that much, because there is so meny ways that warrior can interup you or spell reflect, and by the time you've fake casted 2 times, you would have done more dmg with conflag and fel flame. Ofcourse with fake cast you force warrior to waste interups, but i usually just spam fel flame + conflag to gain embers and use ember tap if needed, and only use CB with shadowfury or fear. I also like to use silence immune offencively, like havoc + dps CDs + UR + CB.

But most important thing is that teleport, unfortunately there is only dalaran arena and the one with bridge that is really good with teleport against warrior. And undercity Arena is only one that you can get gateway up, and benefit fromt that, since you can put teleport in base and summon gateway right when game begins, then you can tele in base and gateway out, if needed.

I'm no pro, but to me, only way against warriors is to get away from him :p I rather sacrifice my dps than my life :) Tbh I do that against most classes, as a warlock, getting out of sight works best, and when it's time to go for kill, I go all in.
In 1v1 99 % of all douchbag reroll warriors are freeloot.

Tips :

Try to bloodfear their charge, it has the exact the same range. If he has specced into warbringer, he's pretty f*cked cuz he got just jump left as gapcloser, and you have port.

Bloodfear to force berserker rage. Bloodfear later to a half fear for effective kiting. It's all about forcing a trinket, cuz second wind + Deff cd's will make killing that warrior like killing godzilla.

When he's without trinket, blow him up with all cooldowns in a shadowfury or a full/half fear if you he has no berserk rage up.

But i agree that GOOD warriors, are actually pretty damn hard to beat.
Cobrak did a vid about destro duels on warriors.
On next 5.2 patch warrriors healing when low is as follows :

"Second Wind will no longer regenerate health while the Warrior is stunned."

Shadowfury and get the chaosboltshadowburn!@#$ out of him :D
Fear ==> berserk ==> seduction ==> trinket or die. Not that hard? :D
well we all know locks struggle against warrs...... wait till we lose blood fear (how it is now) then we will be complaining a hell of alot more.
Fear -> Berserker Rage, Shadowfury -> trinket

EDIT: I play Destruction

Really depends, I do not have troubles with wars around my gear, the problem is if they are full-geared and I am not, howerver it's not only fear/shadowfury.

You still have Demonic Circle - most op crap eva. Plus, instead of soul link get a Dark Bargain - OP life saver, so by the time he bursts you down, you pop out Dark Bargain, healing yourself simultaneously and just waiting for their OP fear nut-shell to fade away. Wars and DKs are a massive pain to us, the locks. So you gotta prove that your brawn is bigger than your brain!
I don't know how it works at 90 but at 60 Dark apotheosis is the bane of all warriors, combined with sacrificial pact they can't seem to break the shields
23/01/2013 12:19Posted by Thorkaa
I don't know how it works at 90 but at 60 Dark apotheosis is the bane of all warriors, combined with sacrificial pact they can't seem to break the shields

We would talk after you hit level 90, would be quite funny after 5.2, wars getting increased dmg, we are getting kinda more tanky, but still, wars are bloody keystroke spammers.
Yes but in DA i never lose to rogue or warrior, just let your imps and pet nuke him down with corruption and hand of gul dan,spam your Ward, its 100 k dmg absorb , use pet with soul link, when he hit 25% go Meta + 5 imps (imp swam that will generate you fury) and just spam him with 1 chaos wave and 3 Washes. Problem solved.
Playing Destruction against a Warrior will make you want to throw your monitor out the window.

My advice is go Demo and destroy him (you don't need DA glyph either).
22/01/2013 22:21Posted by Roksharoo
Cobrak did a vid about destro duels on warriors.

Why... why are u naked?
23/01/2013 18:23Posted by Fever
Cobrak did a vid about destro duels on warriors.

Why... why are u naked?

hehehe u got me! :) , working on some naked duels vid :)
23/01/2013 13:01Posted by Blitzcrankop
I don't know how it works at 90 but at 60 Dark apotheosis is the bane of all warriors, combined with sacrificial pact they can't seem to break the shields

We would talk after you hit level 90



You seriously think I'm ever gonna level? :p
the only way to reliably stand a chance against an equally geared and competent warrior in a 1on1 situation is with the succubus at your side.

If you dont have gateway and portal set up in advance a good thing to do is pray to whatever deity you might worship or prepare some insults you can throw at your monitor.
Most wars after they fear u they continue to attack u breacking fear but some wise wariors fear u and wait for second wind to heal them back to 35% and they can repeat this forever till u dont have cds and u cant do nothing except maybe in demo poping imp swarm to build u demonic fury and go for the kill when u get that small dps window.
Good thing hard headed wars dont think like locks when using fear(a good lock only starts to dps a feared target after he gets some distance between and stays alert for a posible trinket or beserker rage in case of wars.

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