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I had my game saved to an external hard drive which sadly passed away :(

When trying to download the game now I get two problems:-

1. I need 8GB of free space or

2. Blizzard Launcher: Failed to resolve install data URL from http://<locale> Please check your internet connection

I followed the advice on the 1119 error from the forums but I still can't point the game to save to my new hard drive which has 2 TB of free space.

Any ideas please guys?


Well as everyone has been so helpful and after 5 hours of searching re-booting and uninstalling programs etc etc, I eventually found the aqnswer on the Diablo forums.

Copied and pasted here just in case anyone has the same issue as me,

This happens when the Blizzard Launcher "ProgramData\Client" is extracted from the SetupWin.mpq by an old version of the Setup. (Early in the beta each locale had its own version of the SetupWin.mpq file)

If your game is up-to-date, just delete the folder (C:\ProgramData\ and launch the Launcher.

Another option is to delete the folder and then run the Setup until the Install window comes up. Then just close it and start the launcher.

If want, you can also fix it by editing a file.

1. Go in C:\ProgramData\\Client
2. Open .agent.db on notepad. (This file may be hidden)
3. Replace <locale> with the correct locale (enUS) save the file and close it.

•Incorrect patchurl
"patch_url" : "http://<locale>",•Correct patchurl
"patch_url" : "",
4. Now delete the Agent folder in the folder. (C:\ProgramData\\Agent) and it should work.

On Windows XP the folder is located in:
C:\Document and settings\All Users\Application Data\

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