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Hey there :)

I'm just gonna ask Blizzard if there's a chance if they can implend more Character Specific macro slots? - You can easily fill out all the macro slots with focus macros and target macros and then you barely got space to simple ability macros :) What does the folks out there think :)?
Make proper macros and you wont need more than the limit..
You can get 4 spells in 1 macro..
Hi there Ímaginarygf,

Devs are looking into revamping the whole macro system at some point, meanwhile, simply increasing the number of slots would probably be good enough. They were having some discussions about doing just that but we still don’t have any concrete plans on the way, if anything changes we’ll let you know.
Okay thanks for the feedback Taepsilum :)

@Vayne, just having target / focus arena 1-5 take out 10/18 slots :)
I'd love it as well. there's no way 18 macros is enough for my rogue, especially not after i created a new UI to track CDs better using macros like this one:

#showtooltip shadowstep
/cast slice and dice

You can get 4 spells in 1 macro if you are up for using shift, ctrl and alt binds, and for obvious reasons that's impossible to do on nearly every bind.

And yes, i am using stuff like "Q = shadowstep, Shift+Q = focus shadowstep, Ctrl+Q = mouseover shadowstep" in one macro.

Putting 2 abilities with a CD on the same macro makes it harder to see the CD though, for instance i have evasion on R, combat readiness on ctrl R and cloak of shadows on shift R. luckily neither of these require a macro, but that's a decent example to having different spells with a CD on the same bind.
@Vayne, just having target / focus arena 1-5 take out 10/18 slots :)

Well, this is nothing you need to have as Character Specific macros, since you use the same on all chars..
I have to say I strongly support adding additional character specific macro slots. I often have macros for different specs and talent choices that I do not want to rewrite every time I change specs/talents.
04/02/2013 13:31Posted by Taepsilum
revamping the whole macro system
I'm scared now.
More macro slots would be great, as I got half the slots taken up by mouseover macros for utility/healing :(
Very curious what
revamping the whole macro system
holds for us.

But anyway, I've seen the request for more slots more then once on the forums. I can only say that I welcome more slots too! Especially when you use @arena123 and/or focus macro's, you run out of slots pretty fast.
The addon Macrobank can save your macros for later use, so that you can swap between macros in the macros pane between which you need and which you don't.

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