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Sup folks!!
I am maybe going to play with my disc priest in 5.2. I just want to know what they get in.5.2, buffs/nerffs? I don't care much about arena, so are they good in RBG..? Tell me everything what you know about their future.
Hi Mate,

Don't do it. Priests are easily the worst healers atm. I am levelling a holy pally as we speak. Priests are getting a small buff in 5.2, but it won't be enough to make them viable. In pve yes, in pvp no way. The same problems will continue to exist.....>

1. Worst Armor type, so take the most damage.
2. Weakest heals compared to every other healer.
3. Less instant heals that other classes, meaning you get interrupted more than other healers.
4. Stunned to death as mobility is terrible.

Seriously if you want my advice roll a Resto Shammy, a Holy Pally or a Monk.

Druids are having the same issues as priests at the moment. Heals are too weak to pick people up through damage and hard switches are too hard to deal with in arena with the burst as it is.

Just my opinion of course. I'm sure there will be others. I am a very average player and at best have gone 1950 rated. I don't claim to be the best, just an average priest. I'm sure they are viable if you are amazing with key binds. Personally my priest is my hardest to bind out of my 10 characters.
Reading the PTR patch notes i beleive disc will be even weaker in pvp then it is now. The phantasm nerf is way too painful, i don't really understand why was it even neccessary. Also nerfing the talent makes the class much less fun. As for me, if this change goes live or stays on PTR while my subscription is active i definately won't renew it.
kinda lame but if I have understood it correctly phantasm is only getting nerfed cause of spriests :/
thou with the new glyphs that we can use (2 of our must have glyphs getting baseline) there might be some glyph to help mabye dunno have not even checked the glyphs for Dpriest they r so stale.
I doubt it was phantasm that made shadow so good in pvp. It's a really good utility but the kind that should be kept. Or at least kept for disc.
Phantasm was very important for discs so we could at least get 1 cast off with getting interrupted. It might be good for shadow but its a massive nerf for Discs.
you can easily stack a 240k spirit shell during the inner focus immunity period, and in 5.2 it will be undispellable. the flash heals cast to stack it will also cost 50% less mana.

2 glyphs also going baseline so we can always run SWD / mass dispel / POM or penance glyphs.

buff to focused will.

buff to penance.

large buff (40%) to shield, with a reduced mana cost.

(?) binding heal healing a third low-health ally (?) i read this first as a glyph and again as baseline, so i don't know

(?) buff to divine star (?) not sure on this one, i think i read something about it.

yes, the nerf to phantasm is quite hefty but i seriously doubt it will make us worse than we already are, and i cannot understand why some priests on this forum are saying they will cancel their sub if it goes live.
Im going to play both my Disc and Destrol characters, i have a little hope for disc but i dont want to endup having to reroll after a few weeks
At least read the patch notes before you start arguing. Yes, disc priests will get some nice buffs, unfortunately not as many as you say. My main problem with the phantasm changes aren't just about surviving but to avoid CC's. At the moment in arenas as soon as you step out of line of sight you get some (mostly instant) CC before you can finish a cast to save your teammate. Because you know, we can't just throw !@#$loads of hot's on our teammates or CC the dps to have time to throw a heal. You might say that we can get SWD glyph for CC breaking but there are much more instant CC's and interrupts in today's pvp than it used to be. Also the damage is way higher and you can't be sure you'll have time to spend a GCD for landing a SWD. It's like fake casting, you might fake cast and laugh as a warrior misses the pummel just to realize you lost precious time to heal yourself and you'll die anyway.

Some Blizzard guy said this when discussing phantasm: 'PvP works better, in our opinions, when you have to be smart and react to what other players are doing. That means trying to guess what they're going to do next or deciding the right time for a crutch dispel or CC.'
Well phantasm is exactly that type of ability. You had to be smart about it and you could react to what other player's are doing. A priest can still be countered in so many ways even with this i still don't see the reason to take that away from us as well.

Also with the phantasm nerf the priest's skill cap will be lowered and it'll become less fun. The phantasm nerf is not the single reason why i'm seriously thinking about quitting the game but the last drop in the glass. I didn't really play in cataclysm so I don't know when pvp changed that much but it's not the same anymore. Bursts are skyrocketing, instant, unavoidable cc's everywhere, even healers can chain CC now. Disc priest is in the bottom of the food chain, lost ALL distinguishable strenghtes, we can't mana burn, we aren't the best offensive dispeller anymore, lost our damage completely. We got the worst CCs of all classes and im pretty sure disc priests are the only one left without an interrupt. I don't want to reroll so that leaves one option for me: quitting. I'm not saying this because i want to be dramatic, that's just how i feel at the moment.
you can easily stack a 240k spirit shell during the inner focus immunity period, and in 5.2 it will be undispellable. the flash heals cast to stack it will also cost 50% less mana.

Inner Focus is great but super easy to counter.. Deep Freeze, Shockwave, Gouge etc.. so many abilities that all have lower CD than Inner Focus which counter it so easily.

This is where Phantasm was great, which seems to be why they're nerfing it. I.e., it's uncounterable (not exactly, but mostly yes). While I can agree that it was certainly powerful and hardly countered, so is counterspell silence, and yet they're reverting that nerf.

I will still play disc, it's disc or bust for me, I'm not the re-rolling type. But I am annoyed about the Phantasm nerf.
Why is the Spirit shell buff and the Phantasm nerf not noted in the 30 th of January 5,2 Update.
Everyone is talking about but i cant see it in the patch notes.
So whats more official now a Blue post or the Official Patch updates?

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