IS this what this once great game has come to.

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You should expect bad game-play in any random dungeon or heroic and there is no need to bash and kick people who are under-performing because they are new . Nowadays everything is so easy , that if you are as good as you think you are you can easily carry the group alone forward and it is quite fun as-well because it adds a challenge .

However i think raid finder is no place for new players , and the reason for this is that you will not learn anything from it . It is basically a rush forward towards the goal and no-one cares for anyone else . All a new player would get from raid finder is hate/bashing .

There is no way to learn unless you have someone to help you out and have the patience to play with you and that is why it is best to find a friendly guild with people like you to push forward .

Ps :
Do not mix gerks/greefers and afkers with new players . It is quite easy to distinguish between them and the former should and must be punished .
It is sad that new players get the short end of the stick because of people who don`t care to make this difference .
Since scenarios are he new "fast" content make them drop the same ilvl gear as the current heroic dungeons and have the dungeons be longer and feel a little more... I don't know... epic? LFR should drop no gear and be, as blizzard said a "way to view and experience raid content"

Just my lowly Nubish opinion :)
Huge agree from me, this happens all to much in game, I am lucky in that I am not too bothered by what other people think of me, I play WoW for fun, as a little escape from reality, and I want to get as good as I can get. but I am in my 30s i have 2 children and i dont have time to be "hardcore" I enjoy the lore, I enjoy playing , I enjoy the interaction with other players. what i dont enjoy is being kicked from a LFR, which lets be honest, isn't particularly challenging, for not having amazing gear. i picked myself up dusted myself off and queued again and quite happily got through the next raid.
Why do people have to put so much emphasis on numbers, all of the time, i would not be doing LFR if i had amazing gear, i would be in a hardcore raiding guild.
There has to be room for everyone, or whats the point, it will become an ever diminishing population spurred on by nothing more than who can do the most dps in a raid. I play a few hours a week as thats all i can spare these days and i want it to be fun and constructive, not abusive and dull because nobody wants to play with a casual player. water off a ducks back with me though, I play for fun.
I dont agree there is anything wrong with our community, the grass is just greener on the other side. I'll give you an example:

Today while doing dailies in Tillers I fell off the mountain, as you would know, you can not get up for your corpse without ressurection sickness, being the tight !@# that I am I raged at my keyboard and started yelling in /1 with all sorts of obscenities like if that was going to help. Well some people told me to shut up and that I was a retard but 1 person, added me to their group of the blue and went and rezed my character. Now if we have bad community why would any one do that?

But then again, I played LoL for almost a year so , this community has a long way to go before I can call it bad :P
One thing that isnt mentioned much.
Is the climate.a lot of MMO's have gone Free to play
loads of people are having such a hard time with money being short I think its utterly amazing Blizz are keeping the amount of people they are when its pay for play.

theres a huge upsurge in the free to play market for that very reason.

If the Dev's stop messing around with this notion true balance is ever going to happen in WOW that would be a major weakness solved.the more they pull at the threads it just keeps making matters worse.

They need also to drop the shame of a level 90 having too much power or whats the point of raising the level cap? its totally defeating the purpose of the time players invest in a character.

the solutions to a lot of the woes people currently feel are all over the net and the forums when someone at blizzard listens to the Sensible and core feedback over issues its going to make things a lot better.They knew Cata was a turkey waiting to happen they ignored the feedback and IMHO it was start to the breakdown in the relations between players and devs.
10/02/2013 19:53Posted by Neuxi
Lol are you kidding me? Able to do anything in practice as long as you've read the theory? xD We're talking about pressing 5 - 6 buttons here in an order of priority, not fly an effing plane.

And driving a car is just pressing 3 pedals, working a stick and spinning a wheel. But reading about it won't get you a license, and there's sure as hell lots of people who drive like sh1t.

Point being, not everyone understands and learns everything at the same speed.
Nice read. Our community could do a lot better.
we all were noobs once and we all received help...
since when was this game great ?
Wow... :/
This issue, cyberbullying, is something Blizzard really should look in to and I am sure the do.

I think they lose quite a lot of money from players quitting and players avoiding this game.

I've told people that this is a extraordinary game and there's is no other game that even come close to it's standard, (imho) but if you are planning to join the game as a new player I've got something to tell you; "It's not worth it!"

The risk of being bullied or missthreated is to big and you WILL be told that you suck and should die if you play with random people. That is a fact.

All of us WoW players are used to this behavior or we have grown us a thick skin, so we don't really care anymore, which is sad itself.

I would really love a friendlier playerbase and I am willing to be a part of building it.

I know that this guy wasn't by definition "bullied", but he was pushed out as a hyena from it's pack, left to die alone.
Very touching thread and it shows that it is worth offering help to players that are struggling. I try to help new players on the right track by giving them basic advise on gear etc.

We were all new once to the game and we can't all be pros at it. I for sure am not a pro but I do remember what it was like to be new to the game. If people remembered that a bit more it would make this game a lot more newcomer friendly.
Hmm its got me thinking, i know they hated this guy but the fact that the whole server knew him stands out to me.

Where have the "characters" in this game gone, i know on my server i would struggle to name anyone outside my guild or people i have played with over a period of time.

Where are the trade spammers, the "ninja's", the guy in trade who always talks a load of rubbish, the people forming PUG raid (yeh i know killed off by LFR). The point is i just dont see them around anymore and it takes just a little bit more away from wow imo.
Really... really this guy is appologising to a bunch of geeks, namely the server comunity, who behave like moronic children, for not being able to play up to the elitist standards they have... in a stupid game... Mind... blown! I better quit while I still have a bit of life... and I'm still sane.
A damned good read thankyou
I played WC3 over battle net once, with a korean (was about a month before they held the world cup). We lost because we were both prety newbish to playing against other players. And he actually apologized to me for not being very good and took the blame for the loss >.<

I told him I wasn't any better than he was, and we talked back and forth a few weeks over mail and MSN, but kind of lost touch over time. But it was fun to get a "look" into their culture. And as someone said the way they perceive the world differs a lot from us westerners
I'd rather have one friendly noob in my guild than ten arrogant pros that forgot they were noobs once too.
We should all wonder and admit that this incidents are more often than we think and to european, us and other servers even if they are not known to us.
This post all touched us cause we all forgot at least the old players that world of warcraft after all is A GAME we all play to have some fun to escape from the suck up reality world,from stress from our daily problems,from friend problems from girlfriend problems from family problems and the list goes on.
Its not only blizzard's fault cause incidents like this happens its also our fault cause we have become an unfriendly community ,every man for himself.
But where is blizzard's help to the new players?
Blizzard "throws them" to a reccomended new player server and thats it?!
Old players will help them but heres the story of our korean fellow player to prove otherwise and believe me hes not the only one.
Instead throwing responsibilities id like to recommend to blizzard to give some "push" to some old players volunteers ofc to be in game guides which will help new players in everything.
Help them with reccomended wow sites ,gems ,enchants and trying to make them understand how this game works.
I myself volunteer happily for this kind of task and for new players to know which players are guides blizzard can add a title "guide"next to their name.
I hope we have a blue response about in game "player guides".

good players left, this is what ghostcrawler recruited whit this way of thinking
And driving a car is just pressing 3 pedals, working a stick and spinning a wheel. But reading about it won't get you a license, and there's sure as hell lots of people who drive like sh1t.

Point being, not everyone understands and learns everything at the same speed.

+1 Sir. Very well put.

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