Will we see Siege of Orgrimmar before the end of 2013?

This is the question I'm asking today.

As we already know, Blizzard promised us to release patches more frequently than in the past. Indeed, patch 5.1 was released very soon after launch. But after that they've failed to keep up to their promise. Patch 5.2 PTR started in early January, they're still testing it and and according to the WOW insider a release date is expected no earlier than in March :( Which puts World of Warcraft releases back into the sluggish way...

So are we going to see Siege of Orgrimmar this year? We already know that before that and between patch 5.2 there will be another patch without a raid - Patch 5.3. So Siege of Orgrimmar will come as early as patch 5.4.

This is a radical department from what we've seen in Wrath of the Lich King and in Cataclysm. In Wrath of the Lich King we got the final raid a year after the initial release - in the third major patch (3.3). In Cataclysm it was the same. We got Deathwing a year after the initial release and in the third major patch (patch 4.3). But since in Mists of Pandaria we won't see Siege of Orgrimmar in the third major patch (patch 5.3) and Blizzard continues doing things sluggishly, I wonder if we're going to see the final raid in the end of 2013...

Just how are Blizzard going to make people interested in playing the game if they're releasing content so slow? Just a hint: dailies don't work for me.
11/02/2013 17:07Posted by Koshayam
Patch 5.2 PTR started in early January, they're still testing it and and according to the WOW insider a release date is expected no earlier than in March

What are you expecting, a new patch every two months? :s

What are you expecting, a new patch every two months? :s

Blizzard promised us patches coming more frequently than before and a shorter time limit between expansions.
I wouldn't say they failed on their promise for 5.2, as what you consider "fast delivery of content" is different to what others might. Furthermore, did Blizzard promise, or did they say "we're trying our best to get content out"? Two different things.

I'm expecting this will be out by the end of the year, but let's not forget how long this expansion has to last - if players suck the content dry too quickly, they will expect more and end up running each expansion's lifespan down considerably more. This then means that content has to be delivered even faster, with half-baked attempts at "extending the life". In fact, Landfall was a pretty good example of what happens when they're rushed - a lot of controversy popped up because of what little it offered besides quests (not complaining myself, I've never been so glad to see the next part of a questchain before the Landfall series). Let's not forget that there's several raids in development, and scenarios. Given the time they've had to develop it (excluding the PTR), and I think they're doing a great job from what I'm hearing.

This "Seige" of Orgrimmar I'd expect to take a lot of time too. This is, after all, the Horde capital, the new home of the Orcs. To squander what we think is the finale to the expansion so easily would be stupid. I'd rather it take a year to be made than a day, as if it is to happen, I'd like to see it done properly.

Either way, I'm sure Blizzard have many tricks up their sleeves - as long as it's worth the wait, that's all that matters to me.
I can only hope this would be a end of expansion type of raid. I would be disappointed if otherwise. Unless they have something else up their pant legs for a grand finale event.
Keep in mind 5.1 was not a raid patch but 5.2 is, and raid testing/tuning is going to take up a lot of time. For all we know if there's a raidless content patch coming up after 5.2 it'll take less time to arrive than 5.2.

Also there's the fact that people consume content at a different rate, heroic raiders not in cutting edge guilds are going to take longer than world first guilds, and casual players might take even longer. I think 3-4 months between patches isn't that long, if you haven't got anything to do you can just unsub temporarily and come back on a new patch :p
5.1 was a disaster because they tried to get content out fast. Look at what came in 5.1.

- a legendary questline
- 3 scenarios
- Brawlers Guild
- 3 rare spawns
- 4 new pet battles
- One reputation faction
- One long quest chain

The legendary questline is essentially "wait 6 weeks, then do 2 bgs and a group quest".
The scenarios were heavily story based which makes them only fun the first time.
The faction was essentially 4 rotating sets of daily quests
The brawlers guild can go from rank 1-rank 8 in a day but queues and invites slowed people
The quest chain could be done in a day but was gated by faction rep

Basically 5.1 was one weeks worth of content dragged out for months with arbitary caps and invites and limitations. They may as well had took longer and thrown a raid and some heroics in and it would have been better. Lots of content spread over months is better than little content stretched out to make it seem more than it is.
Unless they give a freaking insane amount of patches then it will most definitely be in 2013 considering they said they're pushing content faster in MoP and Dragon Soul was released just under a year of Cataclysms release i'm going to say yes.

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