LW / Skinning needs to be changed...

On the one hand, I'd like to agree because it can take an awful lot of mats to level LW.

On the other hand, I'm making a killing from my skinning profession :D
20/02/2013 10:00Posted by Mashivefarm
leave the proffessions as they are. why make it easier? we all grinded and let the rest grind as well. on another note, proffessions today is only for gearing your alts, nothing else.

It's not about making them all easier, its about making LW / Skinning less tedius in comparison to others.

Also, at the end of Cataclysm I had something around 13 level 85 characters. I never used any profession to gear them since it's already expensive to level and there's often recipes you need to get from raids. Not to mention LFR etc just makes it way easier to gear. Professions today are for gold, convenience and min / maxing your character. On your main it may be for gear if you are keeping up to date with content and recipes.

it's not even about leatherworking only , it's about every damn professions.

the grind for ALL the pre-TBC content is horrible , power leveling is a true nightmare for each single crafting profession , i like the step blizz has taken with blacksmithing but i'd love the same thing to be applied to every profession tbh.

I've leveled all professions except Alch / Inscribtion... LW / Skinning is the most tedius. I've leveled Enchanting and Tailoring on multiple characters and while it's not quick and cheap, there are mats readily available and if you don't want to spend gold it's far less annoying to grind. For any old mats you just farm old dungeons.

The ore professions aren't bad either since there is an abundance of ore on the AH. Not to mention flying around with gatherer addon and mining a few nodes isn't as annoying as killing a mob and having to loot it before you can skin it. Doing that over and over again is just mind numbingly boring and time consuming.

Easy enough, I did LW from scratch in 3 days. Skinned all the leather myself.
Some people just need to learn that this is an rpg and not some shooter where you get everything just handed out.

With all due respect going by your achievements you've just started the game really. I've been doing it for 8 years. This post has nothing to do with getting things handed out, it has to do with LW / Skinning being of old and tedius design. For instance you used to have to click a mine 3-6 times depending on weather it was a normal or rich deposit. People could ninja inbetween your mining. It was changed to how it is today where you simply mine once to deplete a node.

Skinning should be updated so that you shouldn't have to loot tons of worthless junk before you can skin a beast - which is both time consuming and annoying. Leather should be more readily available so that there is a better market for it on the AH - just like there currently is with other gathering professions.

If not then Leatherworking should have mat nerfs so that you don't end up grinding in an extremely annoying and painful way by comparison to any other profession and there is more room for people to shed their excess onto the AH. Personally I just think Skinning should be updated.

20/02/2013 16:55Posted by Hèjira
Tbh JC is far worse. Got a toon around JC400. Only yellow recipes that only proc 25-50%. Mats inexistant on ah and gathering the ore on my miner is pure horror.

I leveled both LW and JC on my Shaman, stupidly dropping LW for JC. I'll have to beg to differ with you there. Besides the fact that I found farming up JC quite easy apart from the WOTLK content, the mats are readily available and affordable on the AH. You can't say the same for LW.

Trying to level Leather Working with my Monk atm, it's sould destroying. I have a Leather Worker which I levelled over the course of the life of the game. Farming up leather was a lot easier, now it is seemingly taking around an hour to get very little in the way of leather and hides then the cost of each item made is snatching away all the leather for only a few skill points.

ATM I am in need of heavy leather, but the AH is empty, there is very little in the way of medium leather to convert to Heavy, it's geting to the point where I am dreading the switch to thick leather for the same reasons.

Yes it is my fault for not levelling the profession while I levelled the character but with XP rates as they are + heirlooms I was out pacing the areas I needed to get leather from.

The other thing that bother me about all armour trade skills is the <Random Enchant> rubbish, it's a complete waste of materials, especially for a leather worker trying to make mail items as the drop rate for scales is far too low. I tried making caster mail items for my Elemental shaman the rate at which the scales dropped meant my original LW went from level 85 to 86 just grinding the turtle in the Jade Forest and I never got more than 20 scales in a hour. 20 scales is about 2 maybe 3 items. Of the few items I made only 2 of them was of any use to my Shaman unless I switched to Enhancement.

I don't think you are at fault for not leveling your profession while leveling your character. Quite the opposite. All of the other professions are faster to level at max level due to flying mount + gold + being able to solo dungeons with mass pulling and aoe looting. Skinning is the only profession that actually goes slower at max level. Since you 1 shot mobs it ends up with more running around and you end up looting crap in most cases you really don't need or want to loot... While leveling you generally loot said mobs anyway and skin them at the cost of your leveling speed.
I agree that being unable to skin without looting first can be a pain when youre running short on bag space, but dont understand why you would take lw without skinning and then complain its too expensive to level?

I try and keep them together:
Druid - LW and Skinning
Warrior - BS and Mining,
DK - Inscription and Herbalism
Priest - Alchemy and Herbalism
Pally - Enchanting and Mining
Warlock - JC and Tayloring (main alt)
Priest - Herbalism and Mining
Shaman - Mining and Skinning

I prefer mining as the second prof as the JC and BS make the most gp and both need ore.
I never said my intention was to level them apart, however you can level pretty much any of the other professions with relative ease without having the gathering professions. For example this character has BS / Enchanting.

For LW there's simply a lack of materials on the AH and when there are materials they are usually unreasonably expensive due to skinning being a pain in the butt for everyone that does it...
I agree actually, but I think the problem is more with skinning than leatherworking.

Whilst I do not think it's that hard to skin all the leathers you need to level (as said above, 3 days is about right and will save a ton of gold), you will soon hit problems when you hit max proficiency.

If you are also crafting for alts for example, then it's an absolute pain to craft the right gear for each alt, especially if you are on a low pop server and you can't just buy your gear. Rare quality misthide gear is good up until very nearly level 90 and can be equipped right away so it makes quite a good choice for gearing alts immediately when they hit 85. The problem is that the randomness of the item variations means that a ton of your leathers are wasted, and the drop rates aren't nearly enough now that Blizzard seem intent on waving the nerfstick on all the great farming spots.

Contrast this with mining / blacksmithing. When you know where all the node clusters are, you can easily mine 500 or so ore per hour. This makes crafting the blue 85 gear really simple. Node gathering in Pandaria is far far quicker than any mob based material grind. Try skinning 500 leathers in an hour. It doesn't even come close as a comparison.

Skinning definitely needs to be looked at imo.

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