Tauren Priests!

wat up

Once Pandas happened, people could be fuzzy priests without using a dated model.
Blame us pandas.

Point given.
I'd like a tauren model update too :c Will blizz share some luv?
Druid and shaman just fit the tauren race better for healing!
You are only jealous cos we are so sexah!!

Seriously, I adore the Tauren. Their looks, their habitat, their lore and backstory. They are just an amazing race that deserve undying respect and admiration.
However, Tauren priests just don't fit well with the Tauren in general. Paladins, in my opinion are okay as they at least wear plate. Taurens should not wear cloth, though.
It doesn't go well with what they are. They are a deeply religious race of shamanistic beings that were based on the Native American tribes. Leather just works with them, and their culture of hunting.
Cloth, though? Not so much. Some cloth, okay. But tight robes on a creature such as a Tauren doesn't look right at all.
Also, Priests use arcane magic (I believe, to an extent) and Tauren used to be the only race that didn't use magic in an arcane fashion.
I absolutely love Tauren, and my Tauren. But Tauren priests don't work well with the culture.
Just my opinion.
I tried to level one the other day but they just feel so big and slow.
I'm used to gnomes and goblins.
Respect to anyone that has one at 90 :)
"Taurens" and "Priests" just don't mix, really.
That would be like making Chuck Norris a ballet-dancer.
It's just plain wrong.

Also, Priests use arcane magic


Also, Priests use arcane magic


I think its just meaning that priests dont use natural magic. If you divide magic between "nature originated" and "something else originated" - only shamans, druids and mistweavers wield "natural" powers, while everybody else is using non-natural magic.

Then again, boomkins use both nature and arcane magic.

I agree with the guy, holy magic does not fit tauren. There is 0 reasons for them to learn a way that is completely strange for their culture, when they have perfectly good ways to heal traditionally, using nature. It's like a muslim insisting to eat pork.
I agree with the guy, holy magic does not fit tauren

The thing is, it is not the Light as the Alliance or blood elves usually mean it.

quoting from wowpedia:

"Tauren priests (known as Seers), and paladins (known as Sunwalkers) aim to revere the light of hope that the Earth Mother shines upon the world, through the use of An’she’s power.[3] Tahu Sagewind implies that such a focus on An'she, as opposed to the power of Mu’sha used by druids and night elves, could achieve the balance of the Earth Mother, granting the tauren another blessing from her.
In Cataclysm, the power of An’she can appear either as red flames emerging from a while-hot source or as golden magic similar to other divine magic.[4] Tauren seem to use the terms “Sun”, “Light” or both as synonyms for An’she."

it suits them, imho. Just like Mu'sha.

(An'she and Mu'sha -or Elune as you wish- are the right and left eye of the Earth Mother, and they represent the sun and the moon)
I know the explanation they gave but it still feels forced. Boomkins use sunfire and its not holy magic. There are no reasons why druids could not use the power of the sun (boomkins already use it, and technically when night elves druids appeared they were day creatures, in opposition to the other nightelves, that were strong in the night time and very weak in the day time, druidism was exactly meant to make them less dependent on Elune and less vulnerable in the day time).

If you allow tauren to "use the power of the sun" and become priests and paladins, you might as well teach blood elves and humans the "power of the moon" and make them druids. It's just forced. Priests and paladins use the holy light as a source, be it normally or in a twisted way like blood elves did, the holy light has nothing to do with the sun or the moon or any other natural normal element, all those are shamans and druids elements.

So yes, I know there is an explanation. It just doesn't feel natural to me. As I said before, when their civilization could heal just fine using the elements of the nature that are part of their being, why would they want to learn a completely different set of spells that do the same thing basically.
You just have to delete the concept of "holy magic" from your mind when talking about taurens, that's it. It's just for game mechanics after all, I mean.. people made such a fuss about tauren paladins at start of cataclysm, while we always had undead holy and discipline priests in game. Undeads wielding light? Hell, no.
But they couldn't make dark healers spec, with spells such as dark mendings, too much of an effort for bringing the same thing with different names.

Even alliance shadow priest makes me giggle, they could be associated to the cult of the forgotten shadow... a Forsaken thing.

Same goes with trolls. They are not proper priest, just witch doctors.

On a side note: seers were already in the lore, just not playable.
Tbh I'd rather delete the concept of tauren "priests" and "paladins" from my mind :P. Game mechanics or not, the classes need something solid to identify themselves. As stretched the whole forsaken use of the holy light is, the whole thing can somehow be accepted by the fact that forsaken used to be human, and did use the holy light once, it would not be something completely strange to their culture like the use of holy magic is for tauren. It's a stretch, but has some credibility.

If tauren do no use holy magic, then they are not paladins and priests. They can be sunwalkers and seers all they like, though personally, I dont see why they needed it. They had perfectly good healers and melee classes, suitable to their culture, and shadow doesn't suit them at all. The whole tauren priests and paladins only exist for players fancy, otherwise no major lore event requires or explains them (I dont count the "I've been thinking and you know, we could be paladins and worship the sun" story as a major lore event).
Some undead used to be Paladins too, but you don't see them (luckly) except from some Scarlet crusade npc because, well, they're so zealous that undeath won't stop them.
In every fantasy game / storyline the holy light burns the undead, and warcraft was no exception (talking about wc3). It's all about game mechanics again, just like Turn Evil has no effect on my Molekh, even though it would be fun and realistc :p, it's just there to make the game more even.

Getting back to the taurens, yeah they are not paladins and priest. That was my point somewhat.
They may not need the power of the sun, but why not? It's more resource available to them, it's not something they should disregard just because it can be done in another way. Especially in a war environment.
Just by comparison: Draenei are all about the Naaru and the Light, but the Broken learnt shamanism and they consider it just another facet of the Light

Anyway I'd like to make clear that I'm not forcing my point of view on you, I'm just sharing it :P

(on a side note: I do agree that Tauren in cloth are hideous. But I'd hug them anyway cause they are so cute even when hideous :3)
Anyway I'd like to make clear that I'm not forcing my point of view on you, I'm just sharing it :P

Very well put, same here. I dont hate tauren priests/paladins, I just wouldn't play one because they simply dont fit in my lore ideas - and I do like lore stuff to fit. As you mentioned, there are a lot of illogical things about wow classes/lore - like forsaken being able to be holy priests - but not paladins (it does have some sort of sense, paladins are a lot more zealous, while priests have a duality by being able to be shadow) or draenei being able to be warlocks. But while those situations feel mostly conflictual, the tauren being priests/paladins feels mostly without a point, which is why I find it less credible.

09/07/2013 16:00Posted by Molekh
I'd hug them anyway

me too!


Best race on Horde side and best class in the game (at least for me:p ).
most are in their stable during the winter months i presume.
taurenz for tha win

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