Sha and Galleon!!

One thing me and my guildies are missing is a "built in" recorder to keep track of weekly kills of the 2 world bosses... And higher spawn rate on that damn Galleon!! Is there any "plan" on making that happen yet?
I think I saw a tracker for the world boss kills in 5.2. No idea about respawn timer though.
From the 5.2 patch notes:

Galleon now respawns much more frequently, but players can only receive loot from him once per week.
I have a serious problem in tracking world bosses kills since I have 11 chars and I can't always remember which of my chars killed sha or galleon or both . Please blizzard helps us with this , I have job and kids and I don't play as much time as I wanted in order to enjoy this beautiful expansion of yours :)
/run for k, v in pairs({ Galleon = 32098, Sha = 32099, Nalak = 32518, Oondasta = 32519}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Yes\124r" or "\124cffff0000No\124r")) end

turn this into a macro
Its not just world bosses.

We also have weekly quests, such as the treasure trove run and the lesser charms of fortune turn ins to keep track of.

For a long time we have had a tracker for raids (type in /raidinfo) and I think we need some help with weekly reset quests and bosses too.
When I click on my clock in the corner with elvui, I am told that I haven't killed either this week, then when I do, it changes to let me know I have.

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