Casual Non-Trash Raiding PvP Guild

With PvE trinkets looking extremely overpowered next seasson, I'm going to try to make a very casual (1-2 raiding days/week) pve guild that will ONLY focus on getting everyone in the guild their BiS PvP gear.

I raided "hardcore" this tier, got 15/16 heroic over a month ago, and I'm not going to expect people to raid 3-5 days/week like we did back then, we will slowly but surely get down content with a little effort, the only thing i require for you is to either be a good player and willing to do what the guild require.

Mostly only interested in good PvPers who understand that after we're all done getting our bis trinkets we're not gonna raid more this tier, or PvE'ers who can cope with that. I really can't be arsed farming the same content over and over again. (we will obviously go for achivements etc if we got enough people online that wants to do that.)

Req to join:

2200+ arena experience (s9 doesnt count)
or high end PvE experience.

If you're interested you can pm me ingame, or add "Hyu#2719" on battetag.

- Hyuru
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