Goblin Engineering VS. Gnomish Engineering


I was comparing with my friend our two engineer's toys/gadgets...
He has Gnomish Engineering and I Goblin Engineering.
To my surprise I lost in the "Fun Toys" show and tell Q_Q

Gnomish Engineer Only (Fun) Items:
Gnomish Gravity Well
Gnomish X-Ray Specs
World Enlarger

Goblin Engineer Only (Fun) Items:

NOTE that I did not take into count items such as these;
Dimensional Ripper - Everlook and Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan.

For some odd reason, Gnomish Engineers have 3 Items that do not need to be equip'd to be used and ofcourse can only be used by them.

I could not find any similar type of items from the Goblin Engineering at all.
What I did find was some items that were consumed on use and some old trinkets that used to be quite OP at one time in TBC when you were still leveling Goblin Rocket Launcher <3

We Goblin Engineers want toys too... We don't care if they go *BOOOM* when we attempt to use 'em to show off O_-__b

Why all the favor for gnomish engineers?
Will this unbalance be fixed soon?
I would like to hear some sort of anwers from Blizzard, if possible.

If anyone has any suggestions for some Goblin Engineer "toys" I would love to hear 'em as well.
A jet pack?

Made a thread suggesting this as a mount idea, but a vanity item could work :P
Isnt it the whole point though?
Goblins get explosives and gnomes get fun items?
Isnt it the whole point though?
Goblins get explosives and gnomes get fun items?

The thing is that gnomish toys from classic, tbc, wotlk and cata are just as fun in mop. Where as the goblin bombs are quite useless now. Imo they should scrap the specializations but keep the names 'gnomish world enlarger' and 'goblin jumper cables XL'
Until mop, goblin engineers had explosives that stuns the enemies. Big Daddy is the cata version of goblin explosives. Engineers can make G91 Landshark in mop but that does not stuns the targets and can be used by anyone (even if you don't have engineering).

The point is, gnomish engineers do some useless fun stuff and goblin engineers do explosives that's usable for PvP but i think its gone with mop.
Gnomes > Goblins at engineering + being short.

Basic maths.
Its always been a "things that go boom" vs "fun things", its your choice. Though i accept that it doesnt feel right for a goblin not to take goblin engineering, just like it doesnt feel right for a gnome not to take gnomish engineering.

Dont get too het up about the gravity well, its pretty much rubbish (it basically allows you to jump), and for quite a while wasnt even usable by gnomish engineers, because the requirement was mis-spelt.

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