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A rare race/gender/class combination!

(Copied from US forums)
Are there many female dwarf locks? Haven't seen any :P
Start posting! :)
Do I count?

Yes, it's the same Dottie.
I am rare, I assure you.
24/02/2013 19:43Posted by Xavast
I am rare, I assure you.

LOL xD Probably the most common rogue/gender/race combo..
I declare this thread be repurposed to Dwarf Appreciation.
24/02/2013 19:49Posted by Roote
I declare this thread be repurposed to Dwarf Appreciation.

We are best!
Do I count?
I've never seen a Draenei hunter, atleast not female!
I bite ankles. Best taunt in game!
imagine me as a dwarf and i would be rarer then a difficult heroic :D
You can't see it because if the helm but I'm a male night elf with a pony tail!

Panda Monks are rare, riiiight?
My class is probably the most common but how many are there willing to roll as female Worgen? I mean... what is there not to love about our broken posture, beer gut, crane neck, bulging eyes and permanent rabid facial expression?

*lowers her voice to a whisper* I actually think it looks good though.
24/02/2013 21:10Posted by Kupondria
Panda Monks are rare, riiiight?

Wild fat stealthy ninja rare panda appeared
I may be a Human Death Knight, but I'm the most awesome Human Death Knight.

First of all, unlike other lame humans, I'm from Gilneas. Not all the Gilneans are howling! I may be a proud Gilnean; But I have the spirit of a Bronzebeard! I can fight like a true Wildhammer but I have the skills of a Gnomish Engineer and ofcourse Gnomish means the "true" engineering!

Yet I *love* Blood Elf, Kaldorei and Dreanei gir- ehem.. I love RUM!

Edit: Yarrr!
Wild fat stealthy ninja rare panda appeared

I love panda rogues!! :* And priests, but rogues a bit more. Whenever i see one, my heart gets warm with jelly. I have a rogue, and id change it to panda and play it... But i suck hard at rogue. Seriously, i cant understand how i have able to even level it thus far. But really i wanted panda female, so i changed this hunter, even tho panda + hunter doesnt fit to me that much.

And as the OP, do i count as well? :) I have seen only one panda female hunter thus far. I enjoyed ganking her in Krasarang (female pandas have so adorable dying animation xD)

Read my name backwards and you'll see who I am. =)
Haha, Treeroy ;D

I haven't seen many female tauren DK's around so.. here's one :-)


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