Armory for Windows Phone 8

Hi would like to ask how are the plans to release the WoW Armory for Windows Phone 8, and if there is any estimate date for it's release.
I know WP8 doesnt have the numbers of iOS or Droid yet but the fact is that it's growing much faster than it's predecessor (WP7), almost 6% market share as of now in UK and Europe and growing.
Plus, the new tools provided by WP8 allow a relatively simple conversion from other versions and this could also be made available and compatible with the RT and normal versions of Windows 8.

It would be really nice to get it Blizzard. Thank you
Yeah, I would like to know that to. Im gonna switch from Android to WP8 very soon.
unlikely since almost no one uses that cr$p and never will
unlikely since almost no one uses that cr$p and never will

Actually there are plenty of people who use Windows Phone 8, you must be thinking of Blackberry which has nearly zero users.
I for one use the windows phone and there epic and it would be so much better if the armory gets added to the list of apps for WP8 please blizzard even if you charge for it id buy it
Don't switch from Android to WP8, honestly, you'll be so disappointed. It's badly supported, badly implemented, the whole thing's a complete mess. It's an utter failure.
Stay away from it and stick with Android.
As of lst week the 4 biggest phone retailers in Russia have all ceased to sell/advertise for the Iphone.... Since Windows Phone 8 is gaining quite alot of market share there aswell...
So would rly like to see a Windows Phone 8 app soon!

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