Codex of Xerath

I know its a rare drop but do they just drop from rares or is it all mobs? Any guides for this?
I'd like to know this as well. Can anyone confirm that they've obtained it from normal enemies?
Nope, it only drops from rares from the Isle Of Thunder...
And that's a certainty? Nothing from isle of giants or the zandari rares in pandaria? Gonna be tougher than I thought xD
Rare is the word, been farming for hours and nothing. The patch notes say it drops from normal or elite mobs on the Isle of Thunder. Really this looks like it going to be a long wait or by luck. Another annoying thing is that when I pull an elite raptor and spend time taking it down it does not tag the mod. A few times people have stood and watched and then at the last second someone hits it once and loots. that was well thought off in the design.

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