WTS Challenge mode boost runs!!


As the title says, we've began offering spots in our Challenge Mode Group (Specificly Gold) We've done lots of succesfully Gold Conqueror runs and more are yet to be done. We are accepting the Gold on Silvermoon/RavenCrest/Sylvanas/Auchindoun
Additionally we also offer package deals, see below:

Challenge Conqueror Gold

A total of 430 Achievement Points
Class Specific Transmogrifiable Armor
The Unduanted Title & Ancestral Phoenix Egg

- 22K Gold each Medal
- 200K Gold for the Gold Conqueror Achievement

463ilvl on every piece of Gear (Gemmed and Enchanted)
Flasks and Potions (Including Invisibility Potions)
If you wish to get more information please contact either
In game: Bluewidow/Rorfimir/Draemii
Battletag: josh#2484 or Bluewidow#2193
Skype: Julianlivre

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