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Hi I'm toying with the idea of setting up a Masonic guild. I my self am a genuine fee paying Freemason in rl so know a thing or two about how lodges work. And before anyone goes off on conspiracy rants if ya think that Freemasons rule the world you have never sat on a lodge house committee trying to organise somthing as simple as a Christmas party.... I hope to found a lodge based on the true tenets of masonry ie brotherly love, relief and truth and borrow heavily from lodge ritual. Charitable causes and comradship being our central purpose. Not to be a secret society as it isnt in rl. Im Just looking for some feedback and see if anyone about would be interested in joining such a guild Don't let the anti Masonic propaganda put you off..let me leave you with one true fact about masons. In the uk our organisation is the largest contributor to charities after the national lottery with all money's raised or given by masons rich and poor......

I'm not going to respond to posts about illuminati, new world order or any such fairy tales. Please keep replys to feasibility of a Masonic guild..
OWF represent here <3

Something like this would probably do better as a channel, rather than a guild. I would love the opportunity to connect with other freemasons and have masonic-themed discussions, but I don't really believe it would work as guild-glue (for lack of a better term). IRL things normally don't.
I think it will be difficult to introduce as a guild concept as well. Most guild concepts revolve around trying to achieve something, while what you describe serves more as a platform for more casual and social roleplay. If you want to keep it open to more serious roleplayers (who are often involved in a guild and have already pledged themselves to some purpose) you would indeed fare better, as Mairen suggested, with a channel-based approach.
Yeah do it as an inter-guild thing, could be fun and very interesting from a guild politics pov. Unless this is a Masonic front for mind control via RP in which case all hail our lizard overlords.

(Would prob be up for it, good idea best of luck)
Also first conspiracy... Dampierre is clearly Demoley with a wig and false beard!

(Sorry, no more off topic from me <3)
Ashamed to say I had to google owf but glad I did. Of course if I were to form a guild it would be non gender specific. I don't intend to go to deep into Masonic ritual I think it would bore the average person to tears. Playing with the idea of meeting in a pub but with lodge officers and progression to the chair or guild leadership role on a quarterly rotation....everyone gets ago should they wish to work up the ladder. Seems to me that masonry in rl is the nearest thing left in the real world to a guild as that's how it was founded and has stuck to old school tradition. I'd love to fill it with rl masons but think that's way to optimistic but maybe a mock masonry with its own mysteries and secrets could be viable.
Think il try to set up a guild to try and get the word out there is an active lodge about. Advertising I guess then See about going down the channel route. Love to go down inter guild path but don't have the contacts as yet.
Don't worry I'm aware of the obligation. And don't even plan to letter or halve any of the true mysteries.
Don't worry I'm aware of the obligation. And don't even plan to letter or halve any of the true mysteries.

Then I would recommend leaving much to the imagination and making clever use of bait and switch tactics to avoid touching upon any of the truths.

Taking inspiration from something which has inspired this person to have a good idea is hardly revealing any secrets. [Censored] you better be trolling.

Please do not deem me a 'troll' simply because I posted something you happen to dislike. This is a delicate matter for a fair number of inhabitants of this world, though as with all beliefs and philosophies it is difficult for the uninitiated to understand and sympathise with, I suppose.
17/03/2013 16:16Posted by Demoley
Ashamed to say I had to google owf but glad I did.

I am shocked, shocked! :)

maybe a mock masonry with its own mysteries and secrets could be viable.

This is also a problem, in itself. I certainly wouldn't want to participate in anything that I thought might risk me being an oathbreaker, nor would any other brother. Which means the mysteries you were using would have to be so wildly changed as to not be masonic anyway?

There are certainly Azeroth-friendly ways to get the general feel of a fraternity into the game - paladins/priests who took on a more esoteric approach to the Light, for starters.

Edit: Saw your response to Sol about avoiding the use of things that should be kept to ourselves!
To be honest the secrets of freemasonry are already out there on the web for anyone to find. But I'm not intending this to be a real world lodge I have one of those to go to. It would be based on wow lore as I doubt a night elf or dwarf would know many characters from real world Masonic lore.
Less borrowing more creating is what I'm getting from this feedback. Look out for me in game and see what I come up with. Thinking rl lodge structure and pure fiction lore.
Hello, this just got interesting.
Spent last coue of hours with some lore ideas but wouldn't mind chatting in game with any masons to see if you would also consider them viable if any want to in game contact me.
I know you don't want to talk about secret societies and illuminati but imo a version like that would be cooler that's what I think well bye
I won't pretend to know much about Freemasonry, but the idea you present here, of a sort of benevolent and social society, is quite a unique and interesting one. Certainly a fun sounding change from the standard guild tropes out there.

As others have pointed out, indeed as have you, you may have to be careful to avoid contravening your RL obligations to your Lodge, but there is certainly a lot of scope for that sort of society in the game, as well as the assumed mystique surrounding it.

I hope you don't mind, but will post a few questions here.

1) Are you looking for members to be RL members of a Lodge? Similar to that, would this be a guild/concept that anyone can get the fullest out of?

2) Have you given any thoughts to how the recruitment process would work? I'm assuming there will be some form of initiation and taking an oath, so wondering how far along those are.

3) Are you looking at any restrictions on race and class for the concept?

Hope I'm not coming across as critical there, just looking to spark some interest and see what can be gleaned. Either way, I wish you all the best with it.
If this was a group and not a guild, I might be interested.
The more consideration I give to this the less Masonic it becomes which from some perspectives an more and more mine also is probably a good thing. So I'm thinking the best way forward would probably be to try for what I could best describe as a benevolent secret sOciety. A concept I'm working towards wouldn't now be Masonic by any stretch although there would be some similarities such as an oath to keep the secrets of the society, a charitable or benevolent goal. Be a place for all classes and races to meet under one banner. Plus the rules no talk of religion or politics. I'm figuring on a place where everyone can mix a watchman may mix quite happily with shadier characters a noble with a commoner etc etc I'd love it to become a forum whereby say guildleAders could use the lodge as a place to discuss in character possible rp plots and stories with other leaders and could provide some secret society style sub plots crossing between guilds. I'd like members to remain anOnymous to non members. I'd like to make it a place where all members are on the level. No ranks higher than others all are equal and come together for a good cause even warlocks and rogues. Ooc that cause could be added depth and structure to rp. Of course a certain anonymity is needed to set this up so prob won't be using demoley.

Excuse typos etc typing this on Phone.

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