Incantation of Vu/Deng/Haqin

Why does the HP increase on these 3 mobs when they dont even share the loot. Several times have someone ran in and started to attack MY summoned one and the hp goes up by 50% times over. Some people do it to grief others by just throwing 1 attack every now and then just to keep the HP up.

Fix this already.
Had it happen to me once in a while too.. expecially loved the attempt a low geared caster tried with my Nelf druid... I've never seen someone die so fast after I shadowmelded......... taunted back and killed without a problem.

needless to say the person was quite angry with me for "pulling such a douche action".

I don't mind sharing a tag, hell, even the loot is not what I care about, but IF you want the tag to be shared,
1- you can ask.
2- you can help with the kill if you want the shiny stuff from the bag they drop.
had this happen on my pali, a hunter and priest started nuking it, it's health rose, i offered to invite them to the group and they declined, then they backed off, i died, they took over the kill and they got the loot.

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