Prospecting - looting takes ages

Has anyone else noticed that it take AGES to loot the stuff after you have done prospecting?
Is it the same on other professions aswell ?
If i end up getting a few item its like COME ON !!! Loot it dammit I dont have all day.
Its as if the game has to really think about it before it takes the gems.
Yep, prospecting and milling has this issue according to the people who posted here. U are definitelly not alone, many others have the very same problem, yours truly included. I hope it wont take up to the next content patch to fix it.
Its the same with disenchanting. I guess its some fix for the lag exploits, so it wont be patched.
Yea, I wanted to prospect 100 stacks yesterday and it seems that it's 1 sec per item. Realy annoying. Looting in raids (example:Karazhan) is same way. I hope so this is not intended.
if blizzard doesn't fix this then prices on the ah for gems enchants ect... will go up in price from people not willing to put up with the problem, that means that they will have to make it even easier to make gold or make more boring dailies.

this is not a accident because it would have been hot fixed and the reason they have done it is because of the gold farmers but everyone knows that they use bots to mine the ore and not do what we do.

if they are thinking about removing them so we will buy player ore then they should realize that no one mines because of the money you can get from doing almost anything is more than mining.

do you see the pattern?

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