Selling challenge mode gold.

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We are selling Challenge Mode Gold Boost 9/9 Gold
Rewards From 9/9 Gold= Transmogrifiable Armor Set+ Phoenix mount + Title: The Undanted.

Prices are 90k for 9/9gold and 10k for one dungeon.


Invisibility Potions
And also the ability to listen to directives, We are using skype and we need you to understand English.
All 9 dungeons cleared on heroic mode(Needed to enter Challenge mode)
+2hours free(for all 9)

For any questions or information, Add battletag: Trumpet#2554, Sjokolade#2629. Or skype: Falafelgoeselit

Our thread on Ragnaros:
Bumping myself!!!

Healers with a proper DPS off spec currently have a 5% discount!!!
I have currently have Scholomance and Scarlet halls, Ret Paladin. I will pay 200k if you accept. also how long will it take to get the last 7?
For any further questioning. add Trumpet#2554
yo kazzak!
Free bump
Bump it up!
bumping for you guys! :p
Bump! :)
Not interested.
Updated price , back after a shorter break!!!! Get your gold CMs today.
Bump it up for the nice guy hunter
Would you accept a Tabard of the lightbringer for 3? If not then sorry for bothering you
Bump bump bump bump I am the bumper man.
yes we are still selling boost.
had a nice run very helpfull and social ppl feels like i know them now lol.Bump it

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