Delays since 5.2 ?


I noticed several times an issue when playing my rogue. It seems that my skills are being delayed each time I use them and it's very difficult to play precisely. This is most notable with cheap shot/garrote when I open, I have to wait 0.5-1.5sec before it actually lands. It is very hard to hit somebody who is on his mount since 5.2.

The worse thing is when I vanish-cheap shot immediately, it doesn't cheap shot at all and I use hemorrhage instead (my non-stealth keybind). It uses vanish, I see I turn invisible, but I just get out of it using hemorrhage instead of cheap shot while I don't even have hemorrhage on my stealth bar.

I'd like to know if any of you also have this issue and if there is a possible fix.
I have the exact same issue, I made a ticket about it and a GM told me the delay was caused by out-of-date add0ns.

Which is not the case, I'm only using an updated version of Battleground Targets/OmniCC and the delay remains.

(15ms home, 10-20ms world)
I am getting this also, from time to time I find myself running after ppl to land something (Garrote/CheapShot).

And it isn't just about PvP but PvE too, tho in PvE it is less crucial since mobs stand still most of time.

Apart from this, I am experiencing heavy FPS drops at start of raid encounters, each fight for a duration of 10-15 seconds. I tought it was addons, yet it didn't go away after updating everything, just got better.

Maybe it is about Video Card drivers/OS, (I am using 10.6.8 MacOsX) but I am not prepared to change OS on this machine due to work. And Blizzard openly stated they dropped support for it.

I hope it goes away or at least doesn't get any worse...
The thing is that I don't have any of these problems with my warrior, and he has the exact same addons. I have 21ms world and home.

To be sure it wasn't due to opponents lag, I have tested it on target dummies. When I cheap shot, it isn't instant. I can see the combopoints being put on almost instantly then some time later it finally cheap shots the target. This was tested with the premed cheap shot macro as well as the basic skill.
On the other hand, all my warrior abilities hit at the same time I press the key.
Having some issues too.
dismantling when I want to vanish garrote more than ever ><
Still not fixed
I did start to wonder if it was just me going crazy...glad to see I'm not the only one in a way!
having to waste a shadowstep to land an opener is thick
Since 5.2 I seem to have a delay on my abilities. My FPS and MS remain the same. However once I press an ability button it takes from -0.5 to a second to register, and getting worse in 25 mans.

I updated all addons - no change.
I tried without addons - no change.
I set everything to Low - no change.
I checked and unchecked the "Optimize for Connectivity" thing - no change.
I deleted my Cache, WTF, Interface folders - no change.
I tried it from a different PC - no change.
I called my ISP and they changed my modem - no change.
I tried it with a different connection - no change.
I updated the drivers - no change.
I checked if the option "Cast action keybinds on key down" is ticked - no change. That couldn't be the problem anyway since I have absolutely no delay in certain places.

I am starting to lose hope, GMs can't seem to be able to assist me, and I can't see how this is a problem on my end. This needs to be looked into and resolved. =/
I have the same very issue, and I'ts annoying, 0.5 sec is along time. Not to mention the having to chase ppl around... This is AS annoying as when I was feral and had to run infront of my target to pounce. Issues since been fixed. Hopefully rogue bug will too.... .... pls

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