Fury vs Arms PvE in 5.2

I am interested in other warriors opinion regarding arms vs fury in 5.2 .

Got fast 10ilvl higher with new items in 5.2, currently in 507 ilvl, and along with the arms changes i wanted to test arms dps spec.

On dummie i do about 9-10 k more dps selfbuffed as arms. Tested it in one raid, doing council and tortos, and was pretty pleased with arms. My problem is that with current gear i have 2% more hit than needed and there is no way to lower it. This extra hit could be usefull as fury though. Still on paper I do more dps as arms than as fury , at least on single target.

For sure arms dps has way easier rotation and it seems to do if not more at least equal dps to fury.

Have you tested Arms dps recently and what do you think of it? you prefer it for both aoe and single target? how much crit you going for as arms? what talent do you prefer as aoe in arms spec?
With my current gear (un-gemmed, no enchants and some blue gear) I did 43k dps as 1h fury on the heroic dummy and as arms I did 54k. My fury weapons were the axe and sword from LFR. My current 2h weapon is a higher ilvl than the fury weapons I used but I don't think the extra 11k dps was from changing weapons. Fury is too reliant on crits to do high damage where as arms can just keep smashing out high numbers with minimal crit rating. That's what I experience with my gear anyway.
fury needs a higher ilvl before you can do any good numbers in it and is slightly better than arms in higher gear lvls however they are pretty close to each other so in my opinion play what you like to play the most

and sitenote dont rely too much on numbers from dummies since you lack alot of buffs aswell as debuffs from other classes on the target
5% less crit for fury is what hurt on dummy runs :p

Arms and TG Fury are roughly the same and SMF slightly ahead from 500-510 ilvl. Once you get past that both SMF and TG will be greater than Arms due to scaling. However the difference is not that much - only about 3-4%. So play what you like - Arms rotation is easier but suffers from robotic repetitiveness, Fury rotation is dynamic and fun but suffers from some RNG dependency.
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Do you like my weapon :)
I'd say fury scales way better, and will propably be far superior to arms as we get more and more crit. Arms however is far more stable, that's why i prefer it, also right now there is preety easy to get ranked in WoL ;). Only thing that hurt me is when boss turn around and i got parry with mortal strike...no damage for 6 s...They should make Taste for blood proc someway similiar to blood shield from death strike.

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