Thunder Forge and blacksmiths

Hey guys, i did'nt play on ptr but i read that blacksmith's will be able to make new Lightning steel ingots and during the process they will learn new plans which can be pvp or new 522 plans.

Now i have been doing Magnificence of leather research on my LW daily and making Imperial silk on my tailor daily and getting new recipes.

Does anyone know when the forge will unlock? My realm has just completed the first stage and i have no clue about forge yet. Also do you have to do something special to get the plans for lightning steel ingots? I got the magnificence of scale pattern drop on my LW day one of 5.2 release with first 15 minutes, however i have still not got any plans on my BS.

I would be glad if someone can explain it in detail.
Thanks for reading
I already know what the changes are and how we will learn the new plans. If you actually read my post thoroughy i asked when we will be able to learn it?

As i said my realm completed the first stage yesterday and i have no clue how long will it take before we can get to that npc. My other question was is there any prerequisite to get that drop?
Like some reputation required? Currently i am not doing any quests in Isle of Thunder on this toon but if we need to be say x reputation with x faction to kill that mini-boss or have that drop i want to know before-hand rather then learn it later and in the process fall behind other BS on my realm.

Thanks for the reply anyway.
NPC should spawn when your realm unlocks stage 3.
Kill the NPC and hope he drops
You can get to Thunderforge quite easily in stage 1, but Itoka doesn't spawn yet. So, wait.

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