Guide for boosting pets - vs tamers (2v3)

Pet Battles

Attention. This thread was originally made during 5.2. Due to all the changes to Pet Battles in 5.3, some of them might not work any more (I'm sure some still do, but some others might not).
When I got some more time, and the right motivation, then I might update them again for 5.3 :)

Note: The following posts are going to be rather long. So feel free to scroll a bit through them :)

Ever since Blizzard announced that they would be nerfing the Fluxfire Feline pet in 5.2, I wanted to put together a new 2 versus 3 guide for all the end-game tamers. A working guide that is not only listing some pet suggestions but also clarify the ability-usage and rotations during the fight.

For some of you, this info may not be new. Some of you might perhaps even know better pets and tactics for the job. I'm merely trying to come up with a working guide on how it is possible to defeat each end-game tamer by only using 2 pets and at the same time making sure that the 3rd pet would gain all the experience - as that seems to be the fastest way to level up new pets by.
I have been purposely trying to only stick to a few pets which aren't unobtainable or which will cost you a fortune just to come by. However in order to make the guide smooth and not depend on too much RNG, I feel obligated to at least switch between a couple of pets.

These guides are not perfect. I will try my best to improve them too, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it or perhaps have their own guides on those tamers, then feel free to write it below.

Some of the inspiration, I have got is from a US thread too (so don't give me the full credit. I'm merely just trying to put it together)
(Thanks to the link above. I realized how amazing the Emerald Proto-Whelp can be. However this is a rather rare pet, so I will try not to use it too often)
And also this youtube video about a rabbit soloing the Thundering Pandaren Spirit:

The guide is not meant as a rule-book. And there are many places where you could do things differently. The point of the guide is to give an insight into how it is possible to do it.
When that is said, I'm sure you will be able to succeed with a different Moth than what I have been using, as well as a different Aquatic than Snarly and so on. - However, the pets mentioned can do the job!

Here is a great addon for keeping track of which tamers you have defeated/not defeated that exact day (+ it comes with coords for exact positions of the tamers):
I would also like to suggest this addon for the guide:
It makes it a lot easier to predict what move your opponent will use next (and overall, what each move does).

Concerning Elemental pets. A lot of the guides below rely on Anubisath's Sandstorm to protect the boosted pet from harm - however Elemental pets are immune to weather effects, so even though it might still be possible to boost them on those fights, it is slightly tougher. So I would suggest to level Elemental pets up to at least level 10 before boosting them against the end-game tamers with these guides.
For the other pet types it might not matter, but do note whatever the particularly fight includes 'backline damage' or not...

But enough talking! I will list the guide below :)
(Remember to equip your Safari Hat, if you have it)

I'm still working on a proper guide for the tamer in Twilight Highlands. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free write them below.

If anyone has any other alternatives, then feel free to write it below too.

I have made one for Dread Wastes, and a guide for all the tamers of Northrend can be found at post #28 (page 2).
VALE OF ETERNAL BLOSSOM - 68.41 - Difficulty: Easy
- No backline damage
Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - Yellow Moth (Slicing Wind/Cocoon Strike/Moth Balls) - random 3rd pet
Anubisath Idol vs Chirrup
1. Sandstorm - Swarm(1)
2. Crush - Swarm(2)
3. Crush - Swarm(3)
4. Switch to random - Inspiring Song (if you didn't get it to at least 50%, then it might continue with Swarm instead)
5. Random move - Swarm (1)
6. Switch to Anubisath Idol - Swarm (2)
7. Sandstorm - Swarm (3)
8. Crush - Inspiring Song
9. Crush - Nature's Touch
- Continue with Crush and Sandstorm until the critter dies (try to have Sandstorm ready for Stormlash too) -

Anubisath vs Stormlash
1. Sandstorm - Call lighting
2. Crush - Roar
- Finish off Stormlash with Crush -

Anubisath vs Whiskers
1. Crush (or pass) - Dive
2. Deflection - Dive
3. Sandstorm - Surge
4. Crush - Surge
- At this point, you just want to get it as low as possible. Use Sandstorm on cool-down. Use Deflection before Dive hits and Crush for the rest. When Anubisath dies, switch in the Moth -

Moth vs Whiskers
- Use Cocoon Strike on the turn Dive will hit you
- Use Slicing Strikes/Moth Balls etc on the rest

JADE FOREST - 48.54 - Difficulty: Easy
- No Backline damage
Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - Yellow Moth (Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Balls) - random 3rd pet
Anubisath vs Skyshaper (the flyer)
1. Sandstorm - Confusing Sting
2. Crush - Glowing Toxin
3. Crush - Slicing Wind
- continue using Crush and Sandstorm until Skyshaper is dead -

Anubisath vs Fangor (the snake)
1. Sandstorm (or Crush if Sandstorm is on cool-down) - Hiss
2. Crush/or pass - Burrow
3. Deflection - Burrow
- Continue using Sandstorm/Crush and use Deflection just when Burrow is about to hit. Try to time your Sandstorms, so you don't use them when the snake burrows -

Yellow Moth vs Fangor
- Use Alpha Strike/Moth Balls as much as possible
- When the snake burrows, use Cocoon Strike
- If the snake uses Hiss, try to use Moth Balls to apply the slow effect

Yellow Moth vs Dor the Wall (the Turtle)
1. Cocoon Strike (if on cool-down, use something else) - Headbutt
2. Switch to low level - Healing Wave
3. random attack - Shell Shield
4. Switch to Moth - Shell Shield
5. Cocoon Strike - Headbutt
- Now continue killing the turtle with your attacks and use Cocoon Strike on every cool-down (it has same cool-down as Headbutt) -

KUN-LAI SUMMIT - 36.74 - Difficulty: Easy
- No Backline damage
Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - A random pet for backup - random 3rd pet (If an Elemental pet, then it will have to be higher level)
(You could take a 2nd low level on this one (instead of the backup pet). But note, both of them will have to be switched in battle. Switch them during Flock or Stampede)
Anubisath vs Piqua (the bird)
1. Sandstorm - Squawk
2. Crush (or pass) - Lift-Off
3. Deflection - Lift-Off
4. Crush - Flock(1)
5. Sandstorm - Flock(2)
- continue with Crush/Sandstorm and use Deflection right before Lift-Off is about to hit. Try to time Sandstorm so you don't use it at the same time as it flys up (lift-Off) -

Anubisath vs Lapin (the rabbit)
1. Sandstorm/Crush - Adrenaline Rush
2. Crush (or pass) - Burrow
3. Deflection - Burrow
--- continue with Sandstorm/Crush and use Deflection right before Burrow is about to hit. Try to time Sandstorm so you don't use it at the same time as it burrows ---

Anubisath vs Bleat
1. Sandstorm/Crush - Chew
2. Deflection (if on cool-down, use Sandstorm/Crush) - Bleat
- If you missed your first attack. Bleat wont use Bleat but go directly to Stampede. Never mind it, just stay on the guide in that case.
3. Switch to low level - Stampede
4. Random attack - Stampede
5. Switch to Anubisath - Stampede/(Chew if you missed your attack in round (1) against Bleat)
- At this point you just use Sandstorm on cool-down, try to use Deflection the turn after it uses Chew and otherwise spam Crush -

TOWNLONG STEPPES - 36.52 - Difficulty: Easy
- Minimal backline damage from Diamond's Howling Blast
Snarly (Rip/Surge/Blood in the Water) - Yellow Moth (Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Balls) - random 3rd pet
Snarly vs Diamond (the elemental)
1. Rip - Frost Nova
2. Blood in the Water - Howling Blast
3. Surge - Frost Shock
4. Surge - Frost Shock
(this should hopefully have killed Diamond)

Snarly vs Mollus (the snail)
1. Rip - Acidic Goo
2. Surge - Dive
3. Blood in the Water - Dive
(You might die before using 'Blood in the Water', in which case send in the Moth.)
- If your Snarly survived then finish off the Snail with Surge

Moth vs Mollus (the snail)
- Try to finish it off with Alpha Strike -

Against Skimmer
1. Switch to low level - Cleansing Rain
2. random attack - Soothe
3. Switch back to moth - Pump (loading)
4. Cocoon Strike - Pump (hit)
- At this point. Try to finish it off with Alpha Strike -
VALLY OF THE FOUR WINDS - 46.44 - Difficulty: Easy
- A little bit backline damage from Siren
Harbringer of Flame (Burn/Immolate/Conflagrate) - Zeppelin (Missile/Decoy/Explode) --- random 3rd pet
- Make it use the flower first
-1x enemy uses Sunlight -- you Immolate
-2x enemy heals -- you Conflagrate
-3x you Burn
--- Burn until it's dead ---

- Toothbreaker
-1x enemy uses Sons of the Root -- you Immolate
Spam Immolate until it applies, then conflagrate and Burn until it dies...

- 3rd pet
-1x enemy uses random attack/dot --- you immolate
-2x enemy uses Dive --- you Burn
-3x enemy Dive hits --- you Conflagrate
-4x enemy heals --- you Burn (try not to kill it. Pass the turn if you think it would otherwise kill it)
At this point. Harbringer will probably be dead.
Use Zeppelin
- Missile until it's low and then Explode (try not to land the Explode when the enemy is Diving) -> kill

XP for 3rd pet!
(This is my old guide for Farmer Nishi. It still works, so I didn't bother changing it. If you don't have these pets, Anubisath can easily replace Harbinger with (Crush/Stoneskin/Deflection) and if you don't have a Darkmoon Zeppelin, or anything else with Explode, then use a random pet which can beat the last one (the beast) and switch in your low level in round 2 against the flower).

KRASARANG WILDS - 62.45 - Medium (random procs/misses can make it a pain)
- No backline damage
Nether Faerie Dragon (breed 5) (Arcane Blast/Evanescence/Cyclone) - Yellow Moth (Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Balls) - random 3rd pet (must be high enough level to survive one round against Needleback)
Nether Faerie Dragon vs Woodcarver (the worm)
1. Arcane Blast - Acidic Goo
2. Arcane Blast - Burrow
3. Evanescence - Burrow
4. Arcane Blast - Consume
--- Continue with Arcane Blast until it dies ---

Nether Faerie Dragon vs Lightstalker (the moth)
-- Use Arcane Blast until the Moth loses its flying passive, making you faster. Then use Evanescence and continue with Arcane Blast afterwards ---

Nether Faerie Dragon vs Needleback
1. Cyclone

Switch in your random pet when the Nether Faerie Dragon dies. Survive one round (do something random) and switch then to your Moth.

Moth vs Needleback
- Try to time your Cocoon Strike on Headbutt. (If you are slower, then use Cocoon Strike one round before the cool-down of Headbutt expires)
- If you are still fastest, then use Alpha Strike
- If you are slower, then begin with Moth Balls and hope for the slow debuff. Proceed with Alpha Strike after this regardless of outcome.

DREAD WASTES - 55.38 - Difficulty: Easy/Medium. Overall fully doable, but it seems a bit RNG depended
- Lots of backline damage from Pounder's Quake
Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile/Decoy/Explode) - random 3rd pet
Anubisath vs Crusher
1. Sandstorm - Renewing Mists
2. Crush - Whirlpool
3. Crush - Surge
4. Deflection - Surge
5. Sandstorm
- Use Deflection on the round Whirlpool is about to hit
- Use Sandstorm on cool-down
- Use Crush on the rest

Anubisath vs Pounder
- If there is still a Whirlpool up. Then use Deflection on that.
- Use Deflection on Rupture (if there isn't a Whirlpool up anymore)
- Use Sandstorm on cool-down and Crush for the rest
Pounder's attacks should be in this order:
1. Sandstorm
2. Rupture
3. Quake(1)
4. Quake(2)
5. Quake(3)
6. Rupture
7. Sandstorm
8. Quake

Anubisath vs Mutilator
- Just try damage it as much as possible

When Anubisath dies, send in the Zeppelin

Zeppelin vs Mutilator
- Use Decoy when Counterstrike is off cool-down
- Damage it low with Missile
- When it's below ~600 HP, use Explode
THUNDERING PANDAREN SPIRIT (KUN'LAI SUMMIT) - 65.94 - Medium. A bit RNG depended but otherwise a working guide
- No backline damage
Rabbit (breed 5) (Flurry/Dodge/Burrow) - Darkmoon Zeppelin (Missile/Decoy/Explode) - random 3rd pet
The Rabbit can solo this, but it requires some RNG. Combine it with the Zeppelin, and it should work out most of the time.

This is the attack order for soloing it. Use it for at least the first two.

Rabbit vs Pandaren Earth Spirit
1. Flurry - Crystal Prison (stun)
2. Dodge - Rupture
3. Flurry - Stone shot
4. Flurry - Stone shot
5. Flurry - Stone shot
6. Burrow - Rupture
7. Burrow - Crystal Prison (stun)
8. Flurry -> dead
If it doesn't die, try with another Flurry, but it will get risky later on in that case.

Rabbit vs Sludgy
1. Dodge - Expunge
2. Flurry - Creeping Ooze
3. Flurry - Ooze Touch
4. Burrow - Ooze Touch
5. Burrow - Expunge (without too much bad luck, the rabbit should just be able to survive after this round)
6. Dodge - Creeping Ooze
7. Flurry - Ooze Touch
8. Flurry - Ooze Touch
(If you are lucky. Sludgy should be dead by now. If you aren't, then it should hopefully be low by now)

If the Ooze dies, you can continue with the attacks below. However do note, if you kill the last one with your Rabbit, your low level will get NO experience. I suggest bringing it low and pass until the Rabbit feints, then switch to the Zeppelin.

1. Flurry
2*. Flurry
3. Dodge
4. Flurry
5. Flurry
6. Burrow
7. Burrow
Start from '*' again.

If your Rabbit died. Send in the Zeppelin:
Zeppelin vs Sludgy (should be low on health)
- Finish it off with Missile. It should hopefully die fast.

Zeppelin vs Darnak the Tunneler (the rat)
1. Decoy - Stoneskin
2. Missile - Burrow
3. Missile - Burrow
4. Missile - Stone Rush
5. Missile - the rat passes(?)
6. Missile - Stone Rush
--- Try to continue with Missile until it's below ~600 health. At this point, Explode should be able to kill it ---
When you kill the last pet with Explode, your low level will get all the experience, even though it wasn't used in Battle.

- Can be a bit backline damage from Crimson's Cyclone
Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - Shimmershell Snail (breed 3) (Ooze Touch/Shell Shield/Dive) - random 3rd pet (cannot be a low level Elemental. Higher level Elemental 'might' work)
Anubisath Idol vs Crimson (the drake)
1. Sandstorm - Cyclone
2. Crush - Lift-Off
3. Deflection - Lift-Off
4. Crush - Breath
5. Crush
6. Crush
7. Crush
8. Sandstorm - Lift-Off
9. Deflection - Lift-Off
10. Crush
--- Continue with Crush, until you either kill it or it uses Lift-Off again ---
- In case it uses Lift-Off again, use Deflection just before it is about to hit
(Do try to make sure that Deflection is off cool-down when you engage the Fire Spirit)

Anubisath vs Pandaren Fire Spirit
1. Deflection - Conflagrate
2. Sandstorm (or crush if Sandstorm is on cool-down) - Cauterize
- Try to keep Sandstorm on cool-down (spam Crush when it is on cool-down)
- Save Deflection for Conflagrate (it should use it on cool-down)
(Without too much bad luck. You might be able to kill the Elemental this way. Without Conflagrate, all it will do is apply Immolate and pass the turn when you got the Immolate debuff, which means you should get minimal damage from this opponent)
If Anubisath dies. Try to switch to the Snail and do a quick Dive attack. Hopefully that would finish off the Elemental.

Anubisath Idol vs Glowy
- Make sure Sandstorm is up at all time. This way, Glowy will do hardly any damage.
1. Sandstorm (or Crush if Sandstorm is on cool-down - Confusing Sting
2. Sandstorm (or Crush if Sandstorm is on cool-down - Glowing Toxin
3. Switch to low level - Swarm(1)
4. Random attack (don't change weather. If you low level has Sandstorm, use that) - Swarm(2)
5. Switch to the Snail - Swarm(3)

(If Anubisath died on the Elemental, then you need to make sure that Sandstorm is still up when switching in the low level. You can use 2 attacks with your Snail to avoid getting the dots on your low level (I recommend: Shell Shield and Ooze Touch)).

Snail vs Glowy
- Make sure you always have Shell Shield up (reuse it 1 round before it expires)
- Spam Ooze Touch to kill Glowy
FLOWING PANDAREN SPIRIT - DREAD WASTES - 61.88 - Difficulty: Easy. But if it takes too long for the Anubisath to kill the Elemental, then your low level might die
- Lots of backline damage from Tiptoe and the Pandaren Water Spirit's Tidal Wave
Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling (breed 4) (Peck/Adrenaline Rush/Lift-Off) - Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - random 3rd pet (I recommend not boosting an Elemental here)

Gryphon vs Marley (the fish)
1. Peck - Whirlpool
2. Peck - Dive
3. Lift-Off - Dive
4. Peck (if it survived the Lift-Off. It should be dead after this)

Gryphon vs Tiptoe (the strider)
- This enemy is rather random. Try to damage it as much as possible with Peck and Lift-Off (use Lift-Off on cool-down)
- Use Adraneline Rush when you get below 50%

When the Gryphon dies, send in Anubisath
(If the Gryphon kills Tiptoe. Send in your low level right when it switches to the Pandaren Water Spirit, do one random attack and switch to Anubisath)

Anubisath vs Tiptoe
1. Sandstorm
2. Crush
--- Continue this until Tiptoe dies ---

Anubisath vs Pandaren Water Spirit
1. Switch to low level - Geyser
2. Random attack - Whirlpool
3. Switch to Anubisath - Tidal Wave
4. Deflection - Tidal Wave
5. Sandstorm - Tidal Wave
6. Crush - Whirlpool
7. Crush - Geyser
--- At this point, you want to focus your Deflection on Geyser, not Whirlpool ---
8. Crush - Tidal Wave
9. Sandstorm - Tidal Wave
10. Deflection - Whirlpool
11. Crush - Tidal Wave
12. Crush - Tidal Wave

Other possibilities for beating this tamer: An Ooze like Jade Oozeling (preferable: breed 4) (or any other Ooze) stands strong against this tamer with (Absorb/Corrosion/Acidic Goo)

WHISPERING PANDAREN SPIRIT - JADE FOREST - 29.36 - Difficulty: Easy. The Moth Dust proc can be annoying and it does take a while with only the Emerald Proto-Whelp
- No backline damage
Emerald Proto-Whelp (breed 4 or 10 (I use 10)) (Emerald Bite/Emerald Presence/Emerald Dream) - Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) or Snarly (Rip/Surge/Blood in the Water) or any other Aquatic pet or a spider 'with Webbing' and 'Spiderling Swarm' for faster kills - random 3rd pet (can be risky if they can't survive 1x Moth Dust)
Random 3rd pet vs Dusty
1. Random attack - Moth Dust (must survive this)
2. Switch to Emerald Proto-Whelp - Cocoon Strike
3. Emerald Presence - Moth Balls
4. Emerald Bite - (got cool-down on everything)
5. Emerald Bite - Moth Dust
6. Emerald Bite - Cocoon Strike
--- Continue with Emerald Bite as much as possible and make sure to use Emerald Presence one round before it expires. If the enemy gets you around/below 50%, use Emerald Dream (make sure Emerald Presence is active long enough when using Emerald Dream) ---

You can continue with the same tactic against Whispertail (the drake) and against the Elemental too. However the elemental got a healing ability, so if you want to make it a bit quicker then I would suggest using an Aquatic or a spider with Brittle Webbing and Spiderling Swarm.

MOUNT HYJAL - Brok - 61.33 - Difficulty: Easy, but Kali's blinding can be annoying
- Some backline damage from Kali's Arcane Explosion
Infinite Whelpling (breed 4) (Tail Sweep/Healing Flame/Early Advantage) - Anubisath Idol (Crush/Sandstorm/Deflection) - random 3rd pet
Infinite Whelpling vs Kali (the red wisp)
1. Tail Sweep - Flash
2. Healing Flame - Light
3. Tail Sweep - Arcane Explosion
-- Continue using Healing Flame on the turn it uses Light (which is after Flash). Other than that, spam Tail Sweep --

Infinite Whelpling vs Ashtail
1. Early Advantage
-- This enemy is a bit random. Try to use your Healing Flame as much as possible to keep yourself alive. Other than that spam Tail Sweep --

If Infinite Whelpling dies, replace it with the Anubisath Idol and spam Sandstorm and Crush to kill Ashtail.
If you manage to kill Ashtail with Infinite Whelpling, then spam Tail Sweep/Healing Flame against Incinderous until your Infinite Whelpling dies. Then send in Anubisath Idol.

Anubisath Idol vs Incinderous
- Incinderous will use Swarm (which continues for 3 rounds), followed by several times of Scratch. You want to make sure Sandstorm is up first, then switch to your low level and do one attack when the enemy is still doing its Swarm. If your Infinite Whelpling died on the first Swarm, then don't switch to your low level immediately after Sandstorm, instead wait for the enemy to launch a new Swarm -> and then switch, do one attack and switch back.

1. Start off with Sandstorm (if it isn't up yet)
2. Only switch if the enemy is on its 1st or 2nd round of Swarm. If it's on its 3rd, then damage it slowly down with Crush while you wait for a new Swarm.
- When it's on its 1st or 2nd round of Swarm, switch to your low level. Do one random attack (don't change the weather) and switch back to Anubisath
3. Finish off Incinderous with Sandstorm/Crush and eventually use Deflection on its Scratch.
DEEPHOLM - Bordin Steadyfist - 50.57 - Difficulty: Easy
- No backline damage
Rabbit (breed 5) (Flurry/Dodge/Burrow) - Pandaren Water Spirit (Water Jet/Healing Wave/Dive) - random 3rd pet
Rabbit vs Ruby
- It's a bit random how it begins. However since both of Ruby's attacks are non-effective, then you might as well start off with a few Flurries until Ruby uses Crystal Overload.
- When Ruby uses Crystal Overload, use Dodge, as this would make it hit rather hard (Dodge will last for 2 rounds, which should disable the effect of Crystal Overload). Go back to using Flurry afterwards.

Rabbit vs Crystallus
1. Burrow - Hiss
2. Burrow - Apocalypse
3. Dodge (if it's off cool-down yet, otherwise use Flurry and Dodge whenever you can) - Flank
--- It seems a bit random when it will use Hiss again. So try use both Dodge and Burrow at this point as much as possible and Flurry in between to get it low ---
(If the Rabbit dies, switch to Pandaren Water Spirit and kill Crystallus with Water Jet (eventually heal if needed))

When Crystallus dies and Fracture comes in, immediately switch to your low level
Against Fracture
1. Switch to low level - Amplify Magic
2. Random attack - Elementium Bolt
3. Switch to Pandaren Water Spirit - Feedback
4. Dive
--- Continue with Water Jet and eventually heal yourself if need be ---
--- Note: If Apocalypse hits, then you will die. I recommend trying to save the next Dive for it if needed ---

ULDUM - Obalis - 57.42 - Difficulty: Medium. Overall pretty easy but there seems to be a lot of things that can go wrong
- No backline damage
Yellow Moth (Alpha Strike/Cocoon Strike/Moth Dust) - Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite/Emerald Presence/Emerald Dream) - random 3rd pet (must survive Clatter's Hiss)
Yellow Moth vs Pyth (the snake)
1. Moth Dust (if the Moth Dust procs the sleep effect, then switch to your Emerald Proto-Whelp as your enemy will switch out his pet with the Moth. Look further down for notes on what to do).
2. Cocoon Strike - Counterstrike (it might not use Counterstrike here as it is a bit random)
3. Alpha Strike
4. Alpha Strike
(If it isn't dead by then, continue with another Alpha Strike)
- If the Moth dies against Pyth, send in the Emerald Proto-Whelp and use Emerald Presence then finish off Pyth with Emerald Bite (it should be low on health by then)

Against Spring (the Moth)
Switch to your Emerald Proto-Whelp
- Make sure you always have Emerald Presence on you. Reuse it 1 round before it expires.
- Eventually use Emerald Dream when you get around/below 50% health, but make sure you have Emerald Presence active for enough rounds before it. Eventually use Emerald Presence right before using Emerald Dream
- Use Emerald Bite to kill the Moth when you are high on HP and got Emerald Presence active with more than 1 round left.

If the Snake is still alive when the Moth dies, then the tamer will switch back to that. I would suggest switching back to your Moth as fast as possible when the Snake comes back in.

Against Clatter
1. Switch to your low level - Apocalypse
2. Random attack - Hiss
3. Switch to your Emerald Proto-Whelp
4. Emerald Presence (if it isn't up with more than 1 stack). Always make sure you have this up.
- Use Emerald Dream if you are around 50% or lower on health
- Use Emerald Bite to kill the pet
This is awesome. Great guide, well written! This will surely help alot of people. ^^
This is awesome. Great guide, well written! This will surely help alot of people. ^^

I hope so :)
Me love you. I will be grinding the pets to do this asap.
clearly seems that you worked alot on it
couldnt read all coz its really too long
i tried to do the same before but as it would be so long, ppl sometimes cannot catch up or most of the time forgot where they were while reading and playing at the same time...
so i prepared below document...

the most important thing here is
A) if you dont remember check internet or any source about which class of pets the tamer have
B) get the stong class of pets againts the tamer
C) do not swap ur pets often
D) if ur levelling a pet while battling tamers use ur hat otherwise no meaning
E) try to level pets with tamers always as you can have at least 2+ pets to lvl-25 with tamers and also learn about abilities better coz you have to kill 3 pets with 2 basicly
F) if ur levelling a pet just one hit is enough so try to make the last move with that one
G) if ur levelling a pet do not use it before lvl-5... just make some battle with pets arround and make him lvl-5 min 1st
H) always check if ur pets have enough health from each fight... coz its so sad if you find a rare and cant catch him because of that
I) try to level all classes and use all classes coz all classes have advantage to another. this means there is no OP pet in game anymore... all classes have weakness to some classes...
J) always check the strong-weak chart before you start a game...

good luck...
Me love you. I will be grinding the pets to do this asap.

I hope it works out for you. And hopefully Blizzard wont nerf these pets too soon :)

A quick list of the pets I have used for this:

  • Anubisath Idol
    Yellow Moth (breed 4 (P/P))
    A speedy rabbit (breed 5 (S/S))
    Nether Faerie Dragon (breed 5 (S/S))
    Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling (breed 4 (P/P))
    Emerald Proto-Whelp (breed 10 but breed 4 should work too)
    Infinite Whelpling (breed 4)
    Pandaren Water Spirit
    Harbinger of Flame
    Darkmoon Zeppelin
    Shimmershell Snail (breed 3 (B/B)) (Not a great breed but it was what I had)
  • I believe that is it...
    Yawn, now that I list all those pets, I realize I have been using quite a few different pets for this... But nevertheless, the Anubisath Idol and Yellow Moth are those I have been using the most.
    You don't need the exact same pets though. Similar pets might work out just as well. But I know for sure that these work!
    F) if ur levelling a pet just one hit is enough so try to make the last move with that one

    FYI, the pet you want to boost doesn't have to do hit to get some XP. Hit or Getting hit once qualifies him : for instance, you swap to the boosted pet, he got hit, you can switch to the next one right away.
    About this guide, I respect the work but imo it's way too long.

    Detailing all the fights isn't really necessary. Writing down the pets with their used abilities should be more than enough.

    Also I have one small quibble : in this guide you haven't put the name of all the pet masters and in my case this's how I remember them.

    A couple of suggestions :

    For Wastewalker Shu, I use Onyxia Whelping (Tail sweep, Healing Flame, Lift-off)/ Random/ Colockwork Gnome (with Rocket).
    It's a bit RNG dependent. If Rupture of his elemental pet stun my dragon (25% chance), unless my random can make some good damage to the elemental I'm done.

    Also for Hyuna, I use quite a different combo : Onyxia Whelping (Tail seep, Lift-Off)/Random/a Flyer (pterrordax hatchling in my case )

    I think it'd be faster than your combo. The Idol is a nice pet but tends to drag the fight a bit since 5.2 so when I can do w/o it, I do.

    but yeah, in general, good job :)
    About this guide, I respect the work but imo it's way too long.

    Well, I agree it turned out to be rather long.
    Truth is. When I first started making a similar guide with Fluxfire, I wrote the moves and rotations in a word-file. Because that way I could take a break from it and come back, and still know exactly what to do on every tamer.
    When I realized some of my friends also were interested in pet battling, I shared my complete strategies with them. (At that time Blizzard had already said they would nerf Fluxfire, so I didn't bother to post here)

    But in 5.2, people asked me to put together a new guide, and that's why I wrote this (with inspiration from some of the links).

    This is mainly why it is this long. As a word-file, it is actually not that bad. It is easy to scroll through it, to get to the tamer you need :)
    As long as you don't feel you have to read it like a book :P

    For Wastewalker Shu, I use Onyxia Whelping (Tail sweep, Healing Flame, Lift-off)/ Random/ Colockwork Gnome (with Rocket).
    It's a bit RNG dependent. If Rupture of his elemental pet stun my dragon (25% chance), unless my random can make some good damage to the elemental I'm done.

    Interesting choice, and it's probably better than what I have so far.
    I was trying with a Magical Crawdad and the Yellow Moth. It turned out my random had to do the final hit, and that was with average luck :S

    I'm mainly trying to come up with guides that aren't heavily RNG based and which don't force your random to take unnecessary damage, or do the final hit. I even try to make sure that when you send the random in the fight, it will be protected from harm either by stuff like Sandstorm or because I know that the opponent wont attack during those rounds.

    Also for Hyuna, I use quite a different combo : Onyxia Whelping (Tail seep, Lift-Off)/Random/a Flyer (pterrordax hatchling in my case )

    I think it'd be faster than your combo. The Idol is a nice pet but tends to drag the fight a bit since 5.2 so when I can do w/o it, I do.

    I agree, the Onyxia Whelpling might make it faster. Especially since Anubisath's Crush is non-effective against the snake.
    The reason I actually picked Crush over Demolish, was because I thought Demolish would be too heavily depended on RNG, which is something I like to avoid in a guide like this.

    I would personally prefer a Moth's Cocoon Strike over Pterrordax's Lift-Off. Because the turtle has only one attack which is Headbutt (which it uses every cool-down).
    Headbutt has a 3 rounds cool-down just like Cocoon Strike, so with a Moth you can avoid getting any damage from it.
    But I know Pterrordax has a healing ability too, so that would still be a valid choice too.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your reply :). I appreciate it.
    (Just like I appreciate the other replies <3)
    This guide is good, but it might as well be called

    "Carrying your lowbie pets with the Anubisath Idol"

    Still, +rep
    "Carrying your lowbie pets with the Anubisath Idol"

    Haha, yeah :)
    The Anubisath Idol does make it quite smooth too. And its Sandstorm protects the lowbie from harm against 3-turn attacks like Stampede, Swarm etc - As long as there is no 'back-line damage', then you could boost a level 1 (non-elemental) pet against those tamers who use those 3-turn attacks.

    Glad you like it too :)
    this guide is awsome; going to level my Anubisath next...^^
    this guide is awsome; going to level my Anubisath next...^^

    I'm sure you will be happy with it :)
    Anubisath is a great pet!
    (Hopefully they wont nerf it any time soon)
    Detailing all the fights isn't really necessary. Writing down the pets with their used abilities should be more than enough.

    I disagree. The trainers have a fixed script. Rayzan has given anyone the exact guide to copying his 2vs3 kills. If people do not understand the pet, or use their abilities differently they might lose. It is an awesome guide.

    OP could add an index that would allow people to easily ctrl-F their specific trainer for convenience sake I guess.

    [000002] JADE FOREST
    [000003] KUN-LAI SUMMIT
    [000006] KRASARANG WILDS
    [000007] DREAD WASTES-to be added-
    [000012] MOUNT HYJAL
    [000013] DEEPHOLM
    [000014] ULDUM

    People could just search for those numbers. I am however pretty sure that a ctrl-f of the location/spirit would work as well, because these terms aren't referred to anywhere else. So this index system (and post) would be moot.
    OP could add an index that would allow people to easily ctrl-F their specific trainer for convenience sake I guess.

    That's actually a pretty nice idea.

    I have added coordinates to all the tamers, so you should be able to find them easily with 'ctrl+F' and then typing the coordinates of the tamers.

    To give a full list of the coordinates here:

    Vale of Eternal Blossom - 68.41
    Jade Forest - 48.54
    Kun'Lai Summit - 36.74
    Townlong Steppes - 36.52
    Valley of the Four Winds - 46.44
    Krasarang Wilds - 62.45

    The Spirit Tamers:
    Whispering Pandaren Spirit - Air - Jade Forest - 29.36
    Thundering Pandaren Spirit - Earth - Kun'Lai Summit - 65.94
    Burning Pandaren Spirit - Fire - Townlong Steppes - 57.42
    Flowing Pandaren Spirit - Water - Dread Wastes - 61.88

    Mount Hyjal - 61.33
    Deepholm - 50.57
    Uldum - 57.42

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