Persistant Racism in WoW

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Let's ignore the character name thing for a moment. The OP has said the name bit was just part of it, he's also talking about the tone some conversations take, not names alone. The thread is leaning towards the name thing (I'm guilty of that too :p) but he's talking about chat as a whole.

Can't he just block whispers from unknown players?

This has nothing to do with WoW in particular, it is happening everywhere on the net, and just like AFK. Walking down the street you could here the same things.

EDIT: I still find it puzzling how some people allow others to get to them. Just /ignore and move on with your life like nothing has happened.
this thread is meaningless nothing can be said against the outrage of the op unless its construed as racism itself catch 22. don't come here looking for debate you will only get liberal dopes preaching. hippy love for everyone man!!

i have never once encountered racism in Warcraft against any race and i have played for years.
the only time i have whispered someone and complained is when they have made jokes about rape witch is sickening to have to read in chat.
Are people really that offended or are they just making a statement because they can because of their religion or skin colour?

If you're that easily offended either put on the language filter or play a game where you aren't exposed to what nasty kids are saying.

I'm not saying that racism is cool, because it ain't and legitimate racism needs to be tackled, but seriously whining on because of an inappropriate name or someone mucking around in chat???

Complaining about minor things because you can builds apathy against real racism.
Can't he just block whispers from unknown players?

Sure, but ignore list has a limit and that is beside the point. You play a game, you live in a particular place, you adhere to the rules. The problem the OP is posing is that the rules are there but they don't seem to be enforced. I personally will report if I think someone's crossing the line, but I wouldn't feed them trolls or bother telling them they're being reported or chastise them personally.

I know it happens elsewhere, but in this case it's about this game and his point of view on the rules not being applied.

25/03/2013 12:47Posted by Elenna
I still find it puzzling how some people allow others to get to them.

Not everyone is the same, people feel things differently to others. I'm puzzled by many things but such is the diversity of humankind :p

Edit: either way, this type of thread sadly tends to go nowhere nice so I think it's time to step out and go for lunch.
I don't know about pressing charges to ppls having offensive names. But i know that Swifty has gone to the police a couple of times when ppls threatens him to life etc. I mean if someone calls him "bi**h." he doesn't care but when they go overboard he goes to the police with it and they contact blizzard.

But again i don't know about offensive names. But i assume when ppls go overboard with insults or life threats ppls do go to the police with it.

You're black? Be blue if you want, who gives a crap. Its a !@#$ing skin colour, not a death or life question.

EDIT: Stop considering yourself a special snowflake because of your skin colour. You're not. We're all the same.
What's funny is, I once made a ticket about a player named cracker and the GM told me it's not racist and closed the ticket. Just like that.
I've also seen countless !@#$%^ and Whitey. All of them reported, not taken action against.

Since cracker is not racist, n*gger isnt racist either. Pure logic here. I'll bet cracker isnt even censored, whereas -*!@#$ is.

BUT someone will call me out on this now, because obviously n*gger is racist because it's aimed at a minority, and cracker isnt because it's aimed a majority. Because that's how racism works, right?

tl;dr: blizzard doesnt do any more about racism aimed at blacks than racism aimed at other people.
using a bad word shouldnt be ban worthy simply because someone got offended.

People who use those words are either trolls or just plain stupid racists so they are unimportant
if you are so weak that you cant handle such tiny stuff i would suggest getting out of the internet...
the problem is the people who cant handle such small things like insults from random strangers
Reporting and hating them only feeds them. The only thing that works on these people is to ignore them and see them as the pitiful ugly things they are. Not awesomely ugly, mind you, but pitiful.
Hello Wuffajoo,

24/03/2013 21:25Posted by Dottie
I can guess "we take this kind of breach of the naming rules very seriously, please report anyone you see with names like these and we will deal with them appropriately."

Exactly this, if a name violates our policies and it's reported, action will be taken on the account. If a player decides to violate the policies, again, further action will be taken. To quote our Account Penalties support article:

Though taking disciplinary action is never pleasant, we must take action against certain individuals in order to maintain the quality of service for all. Keep in mind that even if our penalty system is a cumulative one, some penalties may incur more severe actions at the first occurrence.

If you have any questions regarding the naming policy, or the account penalties we can apply, check the respective links:

Naming Policy
Account Penalties

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