3 wishes to combatlog fairy (+2 wishes more)

There are few wishes to devs about wow combatlog system and recent changes:

1) In the patch 5.2 combatlog been changed. Except dispel bug, there is additional information in some spell events. Would be nice to document this additional information.

2) Would be nice to strip/increase restrictions of combatlog visibility range in raids. I understand, why combatlog visibility is limited in open world, but there is no sense to limit it in raids/dungeons. Number of participants in raid is already limited, so no sence to limit visibility range.

3) Would be nice to extend information on on _AURA_REFRESH event for better shielding analysis. At the moment in refresh event we can see only new shield capacity, but there is no information about shield capacity before refreshing. Considering fact, that there is no log entries for shield reductions, we can't say how much of the shield value been used before renewal, and now much - not, without full modelling of all absorbs of all shields on every unit. But it's really hard and inaccurate, because log entries sometimes are in wrong order, because of network lagging. So, we just need to see 1 more field in aura refresh event: value before renewal.

Thanks for your consideration.


Almost forgot about 2 more things:

4) Phasing limitation. The same way as range limitation. Make sense in open world, but totally pain in certain place for dungeons/raids.

5) Shields stacking on absorbtion. Great example: Tortos heroic. When we are getting shields, in log we can see only initial capacity. But there is no event's on shields growing on healing absorption. Not really comfy. Would be nice to add here smth. like APPLY_DOSE event.
It should be very nice if Blizzard could keep an official pubblication on parsing combatlog.
Also agree in no limitation of combatlog in raids and dungeons.
I fully agree - in battles with the bosses on the similarity of "Ji Kun" or "Garajal" log is not informative. This leads to the fact that, if necessary, the log have to write several players, and it is very uncomfortable.
And the problem with shields complicates the assessment of the usefulness of healing.
totally agree. this would make everything better
One more questions to devs: why there is no log entries on Durumu and Primordius healing?

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