Killing Kanrethad for Dummies 101, or easy tips :P

So I killed Kanrethad last night and got Greenfire...
It took me 19 attempts with my 488 ilvl, but I have finally done it. Before I managed to do that, I was one of the warlocks who complained about it. You see, I played lock since beta on Bloodfeather, and I remember every single detail from then till now. How taurens had plainsrunning ability which was removed after first patch, how no one would duel locks cause dots could kill people in duels, how fear never ended, the pvp lvl 70 with SL/SL (for those who don't know, soul link/siphon life spec) spec and me having 18k hp full brutal ( the fun to kill ppl 5v1 in bgs with dots, fear, etc ) and more.
So for me, getting greenfire was not a choice, it was a must. I was really excited when I first read about it. Then i got busy with my DK and I kinda forgot about it. Last week, I visited the warlock forum, and I remembered everything. I decided it was time to get greenfire. After reading about quest, how to start it, where, etc. I decide to get the tome. It was up on AH for 25k and I decided nope, im gonna farm it. I haven't really done any quests of Isle of Thunder, so I didn’t know anything about the rares there etc, so I decided to kill them on my DK since he has decent tank gear and blood spec. Then I read that it only drops for locks, so that was no longer an option. I looked up the map of rares and their spawn points. I was aff back then. Bloodfeather is a low pop server, and since I started about 2 am, I managed to find and kill 4 rares with no problem, but no tome dropped. I went to bed logging out near 1 of the rare spawns. I came back next morning and checked the rare next to me, the one that drops BS things I think. He was up, so I killed him and bam! Tome! I was happy of course, I bound the tome to me and I started the chain quest. After doing the initial part, I ended up at the BT scenario. At this point I decided to read on how to do it, watch vids, etc.
After doing that, I realized that I am better off going dest. Problem was that I hated dest. I was aff./demo. most of the time, thus, I had to go to iceyveins, read everything about dest, stats, tips, tricks, etc. I reforged and resocketed all my gear, changed glyphs and talents, and then, I decided to do a couple of LFR to put my new spec into test. I wasn’t really happy since I wasn’t used to it but I didn’t have much of a choice. Once I was done, I headed up to BT, and started the fight, I did fine till imps where I was 1 shot by a chaos bolt I didn’t notice. I started again, was more careful and reached fel hunter phase, when enslave got dispelled and I was gang raped by boss, pit lord, and fel puppies. I got stuck in this phase for a while since I couldn’t manage to deal with fel puppies and always lost enslave and got killed. I watched vids on how to do it but it didn’t help much since watching is one thing and applying is a totally different story. I had to learn it myself. After some trial and error I found out a few things:
1- Fearing puppies is useless as these !@#$ers will devour enslave the very moment fear ends regardless, and same goes for banish.
2- I had to keep boss directly behind puppies cause if they just turned their heads, bye bye enslave.
3- I had to position boss behind portal and ROF on it to get puppies agro.
How did I deal with it? Simple. I found a fail proof tactic.
1- Collect 3-4 embers, and save 2 charges of conflag.
2- ROF portal after hiding pit behind it.
3- When first puppy comes, havoc him, pop cds and trinkets, target second one, and double chaos bolt him. He should be dead and first 1 will be 17-35% depending on procs etc.
4- If first puppy not dead and above 20%, double conflag + shadowburn if needed.
5- If bellow 20%, shadowburn.
6- Turn to last puppy and double chaos.
7- Puppies can kiss your %^- goodbye at this point
I did face some difficulties here however:
1- If you are not fast enough to kill them, boss will start cast chaos. Form my experience, I do not recommend teleporting since it will reset agro and send puppies right to the pit bastard, so you have to soak it. I suggest you turn up sounds and get spell alert addon to know about chaos cast. When you hear/see it, pop sac shield (make sure u are near full hp since shield strength depend on your hp) and pop demonic shield thingy (red icon, can't recall name, the one that reduce damage taken). This should allow you to survive. Ah I remembered name, unending resolve.
2- If puppies die and boss is casting chaos, tele away, or if demonic gate is far from you, just soak it as explained above.
3- If you are even slower than that in killing puppies, boss will cast cataclysm and you are pretty much *!@#ed, but with tactic explained earlier, you should be able to kill puppies fast.
4- If he start cast cataclysm, and u have 1 puppy on you, you can banish him, charge boss with pit, dismiss pit and fear him, unbanish puppy and kill him while pit is feared, renslave pit, soul shatter to reset and portal. You may ask why renslave and fear? The thing is 90% chance the puppy will devour enslave when you unbanish so this way u have pit under control just in case. Note: fear lasts quite a while, so you have to dispel it with imp ability from sacrifice.
5- Why not fear pit when killing puppies? Cause if you renslave him when boss starts cast cataclysm, the chance are you won't have time to dispel fear in time to interrupt boss.
6- Another reason for renslave here is to renew enslave buff which lasts 5 min. I do it twice in the fight here and later after second doom, I will explain later.
So you are done with puppies, next? Things are easy till doom pops. Target him and make pit do a couple of swings on him + fire and he should have agro, don’t forget to portal away to drop agro as well. Repeat the whole thing till second puppy wave. Deal with it as described earlier. When boss summons second doom, dismiss pit and renslave. Use pit to agro second doom and first doom, soul shatter and portal away.
At the point, boss only spawns imps which are not hard to deal with. Proceed to nuke boss till u get him around 21-22% to burn him down.
1- Make sure your cds (darksoul)/trinkets are ready, and you have 3-4 embers.
2- Use charge to stun him for 100% damage buff.
3- Pop doom guard and nuke him away with shadow burns, conflag, incin, etc. until he is dead.
4- Finish quest, talk to the npcs and absorb greenfire from boss, viola! You are done.
That was pretty much how I got my greenfire on my 19th attempt with 488 ilvl, if you check my armory I have blue hcs weps…not even epics, so boss is definitely doable, even though he is a major pain in the a$$ cause any lag mistake or delay will probably result in your death. Be prepared to die a lot especially first several trials as you get a grip of things, and yes you will get pissed a lot, so I suggest trying to relax (drink coffee, smoke, whatever works for you), oh and make sure you have gold to pay repair bills. Here are some additional helpful tips:
1- When dealing with imps, make sure u have 2 embers or so. Spam ROF on gate and imps, wait till a bunch of the spawns, use pit fire on them, stun them with shadowfury, fire & brim. with immo and then fire & brim. with conflag x2. Portal away and sue pit breath again. ROF some more if not dead.
2- Position 1 end of demo. gate in middle of circle behind where boss come and other end behind pillar to the right of the portal summoned by boss.
3- Teleport away as often as possible to drop agro
4- Use imp ability to remove dots from you, esp seed cause it can spawn a gay imp to sit on your head and stun you in worst possible times, and also it can spawn the aoe slow thing which kinda roots you in place making escape really hard, which is also very gay. Avoid this can make your life much much easier.
5- When you nuke the boss, position him between yourself and the pit lord so you can cast the flames on boss and it will hit you too. This will make your life a lot easier since the flame dispels the dots on you.
6- Use unbound will to remove dots on you if they stack too much, or if seed is about to explode and you are near demo. gate, you don't want that gay aoe slow to trap you there do ya?
7- Pit lord charge is a really useful tool, you can use it quite often to stun boss and increase damage 100%. Since boss cast cataclysm every 20 or 30 sec if I remember correctly, and charge has 7or 9 sec cd, u can use it perhaps 2-3 time to give yourself a damage burst. Make sure you have a few cds/trinkets ready and 2-3 embers when you charge him to maximize efficiency.
8- Ah, one more thing, the gayass curse of infinite gay doom O.o
It's basic an enrage timer of 7 minutes. The gayest thing about it is that it one-shots you hitting for like 20 million or so and that boss 90% of time casts it at the very start and you can't avoid it with LOS. You can delay it with a charge. Sometimes boss bugs and casts it twice in a row resulting in a 14 min debuff instead of 7. Don't be fooled, it will still hit you after 7 minutes and after 14 minutes as well should you live that long. Killing the boss in 7 minutes is hard keeping in mind everything said above. You can't use imp ability to remove gay doom as it is a curse and you are !@#$ed. What you can do is buy purification potion ( I removes 1 curse, disease, and poison from you. If you can't find it on AH like what happened to me as I'm on a very low pop server, get an alchemist to craft it (I used my DK as he has alchemy). You need 2x icecaps + 2x sorrowmoss per potion. For those you prefer to farm mats, icecaps can be found in winterspring southern part of the map, and sorrowmoss can be farmed in swamp of sorrows. I made 2 stacks of potions but only used 1 since I killed boss on my first attempt yesterday, so if anyone on bloodfeather needs pots, /w me and I will give them to you, horde though. So ya, about the pot, keep an eye on the gay doom and when it has about 1 minute left, use pot to dispel it. That should basically give you more than enough time to kill boss. I'm not sure if he will recast it as it didn’t happen to me, but 14 min seem more than enough to kill boss.
9- A final piece of advice would be to display all health bars to make it easier to analyze your situation, and set cam to max distance and put it in the angle above the battlefield. This will also help you spot things faster and understand your positioning better.
10- Just remember dispel yourself often with imp ability or pit fire, use twilight ward to soak some damage, portal a lot, soul shatter if needed, heal yourself with ember tap, healthstone, and pit lord ability (I almost forgot, he has a heal for 200k on a 15 sec cd if I remember right, used it as often as possible), and most importantly, don't panic and watch for gay doom and gay seed aoe slow as well as random gay chaos bolts, as not paying attentions to these last 3 things can %^-* you up badly.

Ya about what talents to use,]^|mz0qza

Basically, Soul leech, Shadowfury, Sacrificial Pit, Unbound Will, Grimoire of Sacrifice, Kil'jaeden Cunning.

Glyphs: Healthstone, Siphon life, Conflagrate for major glyphs
Minor glyphs: enslave demon is a must for faster enslave, and eye of kilrogg is useful to set demonic gate as well as fly over traps eariler in BT at the start.

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask here or in game, I'll be glad to help.

Good Luck

P.S. Dear blizzard, at least make an achievement of a feat of strength for doing this at least before nerf, and yes we want a greenfire mount or demon flight form!
on felhunter phase just use soul shatter before they come out and once boss cast chaos bolt Pit lord will take it
Yes you can soul shatter then, but I prefer to save for more crucial situations.
The felhunter phase IS the most crucial situation. Not only does it prevent you from eating a chaos bolt but I NEVER once had my enslave eaten when Kan was aggroed to my pitlord. I'm not sure if this was pure coincidence or not but still.

Alternatively to all those people who are trully stuck and can't wait to outgear it. I'm sure there are plenty of Chinese willing to take your gold/money to do it for you
What a messy post WALL o text -.-
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