WoW Blue Screen Crash Errors! HELP!

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So this is been happening A LOT. I recently came back to WoW when I brought a new PC off of my friend. It's an NVIDIA GForce 9500, he recommended it very much for me, so I brought it. Nice look to it, looks really neat, nice and fast, can handle anything, right? That's what I thought, until I downloaded WoW, left it overnight to do the downloads only to find that my computer had restarted. This confused me very much, because I set it not to go onto screensaver or switch onto standby.

So I decided to leave the WoW Launcher open in the background when I was doing other things on my PC. When it had got to about halfway, I decided to play. I signed up for some dungeons to get my regular JP and Gold, when all of a sudden a crash occurred. It popped up with a blue screen ''memory dump'', it read: ''A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer''. Hmm? Probably just a usual crash, so I thought.

It had been happening so much! I was ready to throw my computer out the window. The blue screen error would not go away until I hit the power button, which I know it's not good to turn it off that way, or the switch on the back of the PC itself. This only happens when I'm playing WoW, I have tried many things, disabled out of date addons, repaired the game via the launcher, and even tried re-installing the game, but nothing seems to work.

I read some other questions that people have asked online, with the same problem as me. Most of them said: ''RAM problems, might be best to wipe your computer'', ''Overheating problems'' e.t.c.

I have no idea what is happening!
Someone give me any ideas what to do!

Put simply, this means that an error occured and Windows was unable to recover from it. When a blue screen happens, the computer will display an error message. We can't help you without seeing what this.

The next time this happens, please either write down what the blue screen says, or take a photo of it (a camera phone will do just fine so long as we can read the text). If you either copy the message into a post, or upload a photo of it somewhere and link us to it, then we'll be able to determine what the problem is.

Your blue screen crashes are either faulty hardware or driver related.

The quickest way to find whats causing your BSOD is to use Blue Screen View program by Nirsoft. Its designed to read your minidump files after a blue screen crash.
The program can be found here

If you run this program and do not understand it, please post what it says under the caused by driver and caused by address boxes, the codes there basically pinpoint what caused your computer to BSOD

As you have said the screen didn't go away until you turned it off via the power switch I assume you have a mechanical HDD as your main drive, on an SSD the BOSD is over so fast you wont have time to write down the info so the above mentioned program is needed.

A BSOD will write a file to disk when it occurs, on a normal hdd this can take quite a while especially if its old and quite full. It is not advisable to turn it off during this unless you are sure the computer has crashed on the blue screen.

Just to clarify what Doom has asked you for is a specific code that will show on your blue screen.
You only need to take note of the STOP code, it will be something like:
STOP Error 0x00000061 there may or may not be writing at the end of the same line, like the code I just used will sometimes have "HAL1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" at the end. Everything else that's on screen can be ignored.

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