Storm earth and fire ????????

im using it wrong or that ability is damn useless ???
Probably using it wrong. Don't target a target which your copy targets. It won't copy your hits then.

If there is 3 mobs. A,B and C. You use it on A and B. Then you attack C. This should net you 45% dmg increase.
If there is 3 mobs. A,B and C. You use it on A and B. Then you attack C. This should net you 45% dmg increase.

They have really low hp though so you wanna get some aggro on the mobs beforehand or use taunts.
yeah i finde out they are getting 1-2 hitted
They die to most raid abilties which is annoying with how awkward the ability is to reapply
I don't use it, there are so few occasion when it is useful and even in these occasion the gain is so small that is not worth
good to use on fights like Sha of Fear, when you've got to swap to the adds, can just sit on boss while adds do all the hard work :)
About only time I have found it useful for my monk is for aoe situations, as they always copy spinning crane kick, no matter who you target.
They're not useless, just not nearly as good as they appear on a first glance at the tooltip. Notably, they do not benefit from the 10% stance modifier, and instead of 100/120/135% damage as the tooltip suggests, it's actually 100/114/127%.

There's a superb WeakAuras script on MMO-Champion that will give you pseudo unit frames to help you see whether you're attacking the same target - which is easy to do and difficult to notice. The original thread is here:

Due to the overhead time needed to bring them up to speed (targeting, casting, getting into position, TP, RSK), the clones need to be active for a decent length of time before they make up the DPS you lose by getting them out - I usually figure on about 30s. That means that if they die every 15-20s, it's a DPS loss to keep getting them out.** If they last a little bit longer than that, it's probably not worth the hassle. If they last a lot longer than that, excellent.

The fight I've found them most useful on so far is Council of Elders (although, I note, we have not yet killed them). In particular, on the Troll that charges all over the place - if you stick a clone on him during the Empowered phase, you can completely ignore the damage reflection, since the pet appears to be immune. Depending on how fast you break the Empower, this may or may not be a damage boost (it is for me), but it is a mechanical advantage.

The ability has a lot of pitfalls and design flaws, but it's not useless.

**Note: 30s is an estimate, don't take it as fundamental.
They are really great as long you know how to use them which I find almost impossible or not worth the effort without two things:
1) addon: Storm, Earth, and Fire - really simple addon but how usefull! It always shows the target of your clone/clones and hp of the target. Also it has a sound option which will be played when you target the same target which your clone is targeting. You can make it very loud, unpleasant sound so you will never do that. It also shows your clone target in red when you have the same target.
2) addon: Tidy Plates - very nice enemy nameplates. Why this? Read next point.
3) 2 x macros:
a) /cast [@mouseover,harm][]Storm, Earth, and Fire - it will cast your clone at mouseover trget, that is why you need nice nameplates display for this to work effectivelly. If you have no target over your mose it will cats clone at the target you are curentlly targeting. This makes setting up your clones very fast and very easy but needs a bit of practice.
b) /cancelaura storm, earth, and fire - cancels both clones. It becomes very usefull when you need to change target to the one your clone is curentlly attacking or in other situations you would like to cancel your clones.

With this 3 things I find Storm, Earth, and Fire very very usefull and there are soo many fights that it becomes handy and makes your dps very high, not mentioning the trash where I personally use it on every single trash there is which makes me top in dps. Even when there is a ele shammy there is very little situations where he can beat me. It's like in first 5 seconds my dps is like 50k where shammy is 300k and then my clones are up, my TEB is used, EB is used and just spam spining crane kick. In few situations I can make like 400k+ dps (bat trash before the turtle bos in ToT).
So yes, basically this ability is great.
@Lolczyslaf - thank you (again :P) for the great info:)
it did help me in increasing dps of my newest lvl 90 alt -->
for Arenas:
I go on the Healer and my mirror on the DD. Sometimes the healer forget to heal his mate and the mate dies because my mirror is beaten him down xD

good for dmg on multitargets and the enemys healer loses his mana faster.
keep healer in combat so they don't can drink but watch out, if the mirror is in CC or a Priest uses Spectral Guise or similar abilitys, the mirror will disappear.

don't use them, they die in the first 5 sec. Its a wasted GCD.
you can try to pressure the healer with one mirror per healer

You can give your mirror Ring of peace.
ex. hunterduels: Try to kill the hunterpet and CC the hunter (Ring of peace on the Mirror) until the pet dies.
You can try this in duels with every petclass.

the active mirror roots the target in place for 2 sec when you use spinning fire blossom and you dont hit the target, your mirror will do it for you.

Mirrors also disappear when you use your Paralysis, the targes is polymorphed and so on

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